Are you someone who is all set to step into the enchanting world of the Greek Island? We are here to help you find the best ways to explore this mesmerizing land where the clear blue sea meets the rocky cliffs. This journey into a destination will for sure be one of a kind for you. 

A land that Mother Nature has gifted has one of the most scenic routes waiting for you to explore, and among them, Athens to Santorini stands out for its breathtaking beauty and rich culture. 

With the crystal blue seas kissing the rocky shores, this place will be a visual treat for your eyes and mind. Taking a ferry to explore the route from Athens to Santorini would be the right option if you want to experience this scenic beauty at its best. In this article, we will be discussing how to take Athens to Santorini Ferry. 


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Athens is known to be the place of origin of the Western Civilization. This is the reason why the place is known for exhibiting wonders of ancient marvels and lively modern life at the same time.

While exploring the city, one can scroll through the historical Plaka area, quaint tavernas, ancient ruins, and charming shops, which contribute to the rich culture of the place, where every corner has a story to share. 


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Now, let’s hop over to Santorini, another true gem in the Aegean Sea. This is an island that is known for attracting tourists and travelers from different corners of the world. This tiny island is known for its breathtaking views and romantic charm.

With architectural beauties painted in white across the place and blue domes facing the crystal blue sea, it is a must-see for every explorer. Villages like Fira and Oia offer the visitors breathtaking sunset scenes painted in warm hues. Apart from the scenic beauty, the place is known for treating its visitors with ancient wonders, mouthwatering cuisine, and more. 

Setting Sail from Athens 

The adventurous journey you are about to join kicks off from Athens, known as the heart of Greece. You will be boarding the ferry from Athens port, where you will bid goodbye to the iconic landmarks of Athens like the Acropolis and the Plaka district.  

Choosing the Right Athens to Santorini Ferry

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Selecting a ferry that is right for your travel and can provide you with the best experience is always important. You have a wide range of options to choose from, including the speed of the voyage, and there are high-speed ferries that offer a quicker voyage; on the other hand, traditional ferries can provide a more relaxed experience.

Ferry Companies Operating the Route 

You will be starting your ferry journey from the Athens port, but before that, it is important to have a good knowledge of the ferry companies that operate on the Athens to Santorini route. 

There are several ferry companies operating this route, and each offers unique services and amenities that are enough to make your journey comfortable and convenient. Hellenic Seaways, Blue Star Ferries, and SeaJets are some of the prominent options that are available to you. 

To explore more ferry options, visit websites like Ferryscanner, where you can find a wide range of ferry options operating in the Athens to Santorini route to choose from. Compare the price, date, and time to find the one that suits you and schedule your travel accordingly. 

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Starting from Athens Port

Understanding the ferry schedules is the most essential step in your planning. Ferries will be departing from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. The scheduling of the ferries can vary across the operators and the port from which you are departing. 

Piraeus Port 

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Piraeus Port is often called the Gateway to the Aegean. The largest port in Athens is one of the busiest and 10 kilometers southwest of the city center. This port is also known for having an extensive ferry network that connects Athens to various Greek Islands.

If you book a ferry from Piraeus Port to Santorini, you will get a chance to immerse yourself in this port, a bustling hub of various maritime activities. 

Rafina Port 

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Rafina is another port on the eastern coast of Attica, approximately 30 kilometers from Athens. Rafina is a port that is well known for its serene setting. This is a comparatively smaller port, and it caters to visitors who are looking for a calm and peaceful departure.

Being closer to the Athens International Airport, Rafina is a convenient choice for travelers, and while you wait for your ferry from Rafina, you can explore the waterfront and treat your tastebuds with some delightful meals in the local tavernas. 

Booking Your Tickets  

It is always advised to book your ferry ticket from Athens to Santorini in advance. This is to ensure that you get a ticket according to your convenience, and since this route is in high demand among travelers, the seats are likely to be filled soon. Always keep a check on the peak tourist seasons.

Online platforms and travel agencies make bookings an easy task. Consider going for flexible ticket options so that they can be modified or changed if any obstacle occurs in between. 

The Journey Across the Aegean 

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You are about to embark on the ferry trip through the waves of the Aegean. Along the way, this voyage will give you one of the most stunning views of seascapes and glimpses of other Greek islands. If available, grab your seat on the deck for an uninterrupted view.  


Sailing through the Aegean is one of the highlights of taking a ferry to travel from Athens to Santorini, and the Aegean is one of the most beautiful seas, which expands between Greece and Turkey. It carries breathtaking beauty and is a cradle of ancient mythology. The crystal clear waters attract travelers from across the globe. 

With a rich range of mesmerizing islands, including iconic Santorini and the Mykonos, the Agean invites travelers to explore its shores drenched in the sun. With vibrant coastal cities in its hand, the Aegean embodies the true essence of Mediterranean charm. 

Ferry Accommodation and Amenities 

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Ferries offer travelers a wide range of options for accommodation. Right from standard economy seats to more luxurious cabins, these ferries have a lot for you. You will also get a few amenities, including cafes, restaurants, and duty-free shops.

Some ferries even provide you with featured entertainment options and ensure that you are engaged throughout the journey. 

Santorini on the Horizon 

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As your ferry starts to approach Santorini, you will start to feel the anticipation getting built up. The iconic jaw-dropping architecture of the island’s villages pops into view. Once you notice Santorini popping out of the horizon, get ready with your cameras to capture this memory, which you will cherish for the rest of your life. The first glimpse will always remain special. 

Arriving in Athinios Port 

The ferry reaches the Athinios Port, one of Santorini’s main harbors. Once the ferry decks are in the port, various transportation options will be available for the travelers to reach their final destination on the island. Once you reach the Athinios port, you will have easy access to rental cars, buses, and taxis to travel across the island. 

Why Santorini?

From the vibrant capital of Fira to the elegant Oia, the island is rich in beauty, heritage, and culture. The island is known for its beautiful sunset views, which are irreplaceable, and you will explore the archaeological wonders, indulge in local cuisine, and relax on the pristine beaches.

Return Journey

While you enjoy and relax in the sands of Santorini, never forget to book your tickets for the return. Take the same care and precautions you took while booking your trip for the return as well. Always check the ferry timings and schedules and book your ticket in advance. Choose a ferry time that aligns with your schedule. This helps you plan a stress-free departure. 

Tip for a Seamless Journey 

Here are some key tips to keep in mind while you plan your trip,

  • Make sure to reach the port at least an hour before the ferry’s departure. 
  • Pack your essential items like water, medicines, sunscreen, etc. 
  • Keep all the necessary documents, identification as well as ferry tickets ready. 
  • Always check the weather forecasts to make any changes in the ferry schedules. 
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The Athens to Santorini ferry route is a transportation route that will gift you some of the most beautiful memories and scenic beauty like no other, and this journey will be the best choice for those looking to spend some time away from all the chaos of the cities.

With careful planning and a mind for adventure, hop on this journey through the waves of the Aegean and explore the hidden gems in the Greek islands.

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