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Tips on Getting a Fair Settlement After a Motorcycle Accident

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Choosing the right form of transportation is a difficult process. With the many options available to people, you may have a hard time making the right selection without some thorough research. If you are a single person looking for a fun and affordable way to get around, investing in a new motorcycle might be a good idea.

One of the main things you need to realize about motorcycles, however, is that they can be dangerous. Many people are injured each year while riding a motorcycle. Consulting with a motorcycle accident attorney is crucial when trying to pick up the pieces after one of these accidents. Attorneys can offer you some guidance regarding how to maximize the amount of money you get for your pain and suffering. The following are some things you need to focus on when trying to receive a fair settlement after your motorcycle accident.

Tips on Getting a Fair Settlement After a Motorcycle Accident 1

You Must Preserve Evidence

More than eight million people in the United States own a motorcycle. For most people, riding a motorcycle is something they do to unwind and relax. If you are involved in an accident, however, your relaxing ride can quickly turn into a nightmare. In the moments following your accident, you will likely feel confused and anxious. Composing yourself and starting the process of collecting and documenting evidence is crucial.

Be sure you take pictures and talk to anyone who may have witnessed the accident immediately. Once you get a feel for the scene of the accident, you should contact members of law enforcement to attend. The officers working the scene of your accident will document what happened in an accident report. This report will be used by your lawyer to assess whether or not you have a case. If your lawyer feels like you do have a case, they will talk with you about what your injuries are worth.

Don’t Be Too Quick to Settle

One of the biggest mistakes motorcycle accident victims make is settling with the insurance company early on. Generally, insurance companies will offer a low amount of money initially, to assess the accident victim’s willingness to settle. If the accident victim does settle, the insurance company stands to save a lot of money. Before you sign off on a particular settlement, you need to first consult with your attorney.

An attorney will be able to look at the settlement being offered and let you know if you can do better. Settling too early can lead to you losing out on potential compensation. Attempting to negotiate a settlement on your own can also result in mistakes being made. This is why allowing legal professionals to handle these negotiations is so important.

Get Medical Treatment Immediately

Another mistake you need to avoid when trying to get a good settlement from your motorcycle accident is refusing medical treatment. Even if you feel like you are not injured, you still need to let an EMT look at you. Getting their professional opinion can put your mind at ease, and will also help document the injuries you sustained. Having this documentation is crucial if you want to get a good settlement for your pain and suffering.

Contact a Legal Professional Today!

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident? If so, it is time to contact a lawyer and figure out what your next move should be. 

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