Tom Kenny, also called Thomas James Kenny, was born on July 13th, 1962. He is an American comedian and actor famous for his prolonged continuous role as SpongeBob SquarePants in a TV series and his action character Patchy the Pirate, French Narrator, and Gary the Snail. 

His other voice actor roles are Powerpuff Girls, Ice King in Adventure Time, Dog in CatDog, Heffer in Rocko’s Modern Life, and Spyro as a dragon in video games. Apart from voice acting, he was also portrayed in a temporary Fox sketch show called The Edge. 

In the Edge show, he was a casting crew of the HBO (Home Box Office) art comedy program known as Mr.Show, where he pursued work with Jill Talley, whom he shortly married. He also presented Friday Night videos on NBC (National Broadcasting Company) for 1 year in 1983 and on Funday Night at the Movies on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) in 2007. 

Tom Kenny’s 10 Most Iconic Voice Roles That Became Popular 

To bring his passion into the limelight, he participated in comedy and entertainment at a very young age, finally making him pursue the Arts. He completed his schooling at Bishop Grimes Junior/Senior High School. After that, he attended Boston University and brushed up his stand-up comedy and acting skills. Here are his famous voice roles that are still popular today. 

1. SpongeBob SquarePants

Tom Kenny's 10 Most Iconic Voice Roles
Source – Pexels

It is an animated series about a hugely enthusiastic and immersing yellow and porous sea sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants, who Tom Kenny voices. As mentioned above, he lives in a pineapple beneath the sea and has adventures of ocean-going nonsense. 

SpongeBob Squarepants is the 10th appearance in the Nicktoons Nickelodeon cartoon series and is probably the most prolonged television series. It is about a self-named sea sponge who is highly optimistic in nature as well as childish and kind-hearted. 

He admires acquiring his boating license but fails each driving test he undertakes. Perhaps he is a reckless driver, but he is a fabulous fry cook who serves tasty Krabby Patty Burgers to the townspeople. 

Other friends, including Gary, voiced by Tom Kenny, SpongeBob’s brave pet snail, communicate by sounding like a cat. This show is about underwater strangeness, often using the idea of the Rule of Fun. Its wise writing assisted the show in gaining a broad following in the external targeted audience. In Spongebob Squarepants, a live-action character, Patchy the Pirate, and many additional voices are the voices of Tom Kenny.

2. Adventure Time’s IceKing

The IceKing was voiced particularly by Tom Kenny and John Kassir. The IceKing, also called Simon Petrikov, is an evil but unskillful sorcerer and rowdy majesty from the Ice Kingdom who is habituated to abducting princesses. 

In Reality, these are the remains of a pre-apocalypse professor of archaeology and museum-piece admirer named Simon Pertrikov. Before this, he was handled insanely and converted by the mysterious pressure of ice and snow inside a crown he had bought. 

Gradually, the tactics of madness turned him away from his beloved fiance, Betty. Her nickname “Princess” was distorted by time and lunacy into his pressure to kidnap and marry princesses in the Land of Ooo. 

3. The Powerpuff Girl’s Mitch Mitchelson 

One of Cartoon Network’s finest franchises was primarily created by Craig McCracken, who later broadened into other media. When Professor Utonium tried to make a perfect daughter, he mixed sugar, spice, and everything good with chemical X, producing Powerpuff girls-size superheroes trained to defend Townsville from all types of dangers and evils.

In this cartoon, Tom Kenny plays the voice role of a mean kid in a girls’ kindergarten class.  He never liked calling him by his original name. In the Twiggy episode, he always shows himself as a spoiled child. 

4. Johnny Bravo’s Carl Chryniszzswics

Literally just 2 minutes of carl chryniszzswics

Carl Chryniszzswics is a nerd who stood up with Johnny and both best friends. At some particular times, he hung out with Johnny and even destroyed his opportunities with women, probably he wants him to himself every time. 

He has a high-pitched annoying sound like sheep and laughs only fewer times like an introvert. Almost all of the time, no matter how much Johnny mistreats Carl, he always used to be with him. 

It took quite a time for Tom Kenny to match Carl’s voice. In previous episodes, Carl used to sound like when someone speaks with a blocked nose, the dog before into his nerdy Spongebob voice. 

5. Isaac Sumdac of Transformers Animated

Tom Kenny's 10 Most Iconic Voice Roles
Source – Pexels

As the establisher of a modern robotics factory, Isaac Sumdac himself transformed the city of Detroit from an automobile. One day in the last decades of the 21st century, the young Sumdac thought he cited a falling star in his backyard. He finds a terrifying robotic alien called Megatron head coming outside of a box. 

A heroic robot and a live-action character named Optimus Prime and his Autobots defend the planet from the wrath of Megatron, the Decepticons, and various characters. Meanwhile, Sumdac could reverse the alien technology of the Megatron. 

Sumdac was more like a techie who could manipulate alien technology with his knowledge. He used the remains of these robotic aliens called Decepticons and was not aware of it at times. Instead of saving Autobots, he misused the weapons, which benefitted the Decepticons. Tom Kenny voiced this voice of Isaac Sumdac. 

6. Squanchy in Rick and Morty

Tom Kenny's 10 Most Iconic Voice Roles
Source – Pixabay

Tom Kenny played the voice of Squanchy in Rick and Morty. It is an animated comedy series of science fiction produced by Justin Rolland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network’s late-night Program. 

It is a bizarre cartoon about the wandering, unexpected adventures of Morty Smith, a pious young high school student. At the same time, Rick Sanchez is Morty’s immoral and not-so-sober mad scientist grandfather. 

Rick consistently pulls out his family to go on adventurous multiverse acid trips and conduct amazing science experiments. Morty’s parents think of Rick as a bad influence on their son; however, they handle Rick across their home, as they do with Morty in school. 

7. Dog Voice role in CatDog Animation Comedy

The life and opportunities of a cat and a dog have a different twist: they are entirely connected with each other’s bodies. They divide and use one body part with a dog’s head on one side and a cat’s head on the other side with two brains.

Additionally to their difficulty is the cat’s nuisance with the Dog, which primarily results in the dog’s stupidity and the cat’s strict character: The Cat is the wiser one of the two brothers and is always catching some planning to make his brother alleviate, in the sense to get him relaxed so that cat does not get hurt. 

Furthermore, most planning involves tingling with the dog’s weak mind, and they frequently blame the cat for his sadness. Perhaps it displays everything: he truly adores and supports his brother Dog. 

8. Commander Peepers in Wander Over Yonder

Wander over Yonder is a lively Disney Channel animated television series produced by animation professionals Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust. The show is about exploring Wander, an orange, intensely optimistic Hippo-like thing. 

They roam around the galaxy, spreading happiness and freedom under the watchful sight of evil, his long henchman, Commander Peepers (Tom Kenny), and his army of Dogs. 

9. Scout Lumpus in Camp Lazlo

Camp Lazlo is a famous cartoon network show from 2005 – 2008. It was produced by Joe Murray, formerly known for Rocko’s Modern Life.  This cartoon is about the explorations of Lazlo, a spider monkey.

Raj, an Indian Elephant, and Clam are rhinos among other wanderers, like Edward, a platypus, and a pig named guinea. The Bean guards are under the guidance of Scoutmaster Lumpus (Tom Kenny) a moose and his second commander Mr. Slinkman a banana. 

10. Raimundo Pedrosa in Xiaolin Showdown

 An Award-winning cartoon of Warner Bros, Xiaolin Showdown, which ran on television from 2003 to 2006, is all about the adventures and curiosity of 4 teenagers chosen to become the future Xialin Dragons. 

The Ruff and powerful Dragon of Wind Raimundo (Tom Kenny)  displays to be a mean, arrogant, and lazy person. His main problem was his funny actions. However, his sarcastic behavior was just like sugarcoating inside a severe adult who is honest and loyal to his ideals and friends.


Is Tom Kenny the top-paid voice actor?

It is complex and confusing to guess the accurate net worth rankings. However,  Tom Kenny is undeniably one of the highly paid voice actors in the voice-acting industry. 

His guesstimate net worth was nearly 16 million, but according to our information, this figure alters as he continues to work in the entertainment industry. 

How was Tom Kenny involved in voice acting, and did he only work in animation?

He initiated his career as a stand-up comedian, and after that, he switched to voice acting as there was a massive demand in the field. Tom Kenny has also displayed in live-action Television shows and movies, displaying his multiple roles as an actor. 

Apart from his acting career, he also dedicated his work as a producer, writer, musician, and multiple talents. 

Did Tom Kenny voice any other roles and characters on SpongeBob SquarePants, and how many episodes he worked on?

Along with the voice role of SpongeBob, Tom Kenny also worked for various characters, such as Gary the Snail and the French Narrator. According to data from 2023, Tom Kenny gave his voice to around 300 episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. 

How much time has Tom Kenny been working for SpongeBob?

He has been working as a voice director for SpongeBob SquarePants since the show got attention in 1999. He had been putting effort into this show for almost two decades to display and bring the beloved character to life. 

How much time does it take to film an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants?

The recording procedure for an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants can be differentiated occasionally. But a session may last a few hours, relying on sophisticated scripts. 


Kenny voiced many personalities and characters in several productions in his own words. For some reason, his voice is sweet and amusing, such as in CatDog and SpongeBob. When he does not work for these characters, he plays serious comics about businessmen, doctors, and game shows. 

He is highly versatile in switching roles and seamlessly changing the pitch of sounds he makes. For years, he was the anchor for Nickelodeon’s annual Kid’s Choice Awards. During the show of 2007, he called himself the man of 1000 voices, and all of them were one. 

Once upon a time, he and his wife, Jilly Talley, played a couple of music videos for The Smashing Pumpkins. Jill and her husband, Tom Kenny, also work in voice acting, including the appearance of Plankton’s computer wife, Karen Plankton, in SpongeBob.

The Voices Characters of Tom Kenny




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