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Top 10 Awesome Tattoo Ideas You Can Try Out Yourself

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Are you looking for some new and unique tattoo ideas? Are you nervous about getting your first tattoo? You love tattoos, and you desperately want to get a new one, but you cannot find any cool tattoo ideas? Well, we are here to help you out with the confusion!

The act of getting inked needs some deep and serious thought. Because you do not want to get stuck with an awkward tattoo for life, there is no way you are getting rid of it unless you want to go for those costly tattoo repairs.

Today we will see some new, unique and cool tattoo ideas! But there are some tips to remember before you ahead and get inked. Here are some precautions to take while getting tattooed.

Before we get into the list of tattoo ideas and inspiration, we will get some basic questions out of the way. You can get a Permanent Tattoo or a Temporary tattoo.

A permanent tattoo is the one that gets you inked for life. On the other hand, temporary tattoo stays for a few months or a few years and gradually fades away. The benefit of having a temporary tattoo is that you can replace it with trendy ones.

And now there are ready-made tattoo sleeves that you can just roll on to your arms and get an armful of tattoos. And let us not forget the good old tattoo stickers that we got as kids.

And now, we will head on to the list of some unique and quirky tattoo ideas that will show off your personality and taste. You can get these tattoos anywhere on your body. But the trend is to have a wrist tattoo or a leg tattoo near ankles.

Top 10 Cool Tattoo Ideas!

1. Nature

tattoo ideas

The first obvious inspiration for any kind of tattoos would be natural elements. You can portray your love for nature in many styles.

You can go for a flame, the tree of life, or any other similar elements. You can also get a bird tattoo to depict the idea of freedom. You can opt for specific birds like Eagle, Raven, or Dove. You can simply get some wings drawn on your back.

Then there are flowers. I’ve seen many people going for a rose tattoo. If you like flower tattoos, then you might also want to have a delicate climber with shapely leaves wrapped around your arm or wrist.

But you can choose any other flowers. Some people even get a butterfly or a spider carved.

2. Escapism

tattoo ideas

This is the best way to show off your quirky style. You can go for something cool and funky like a UFO or an alien. Some people choose tattoos of rockets and planets. Some even go as elaborate as a moon or an astronaut.

Escapism can be anything that is a means of escape for you. Some people love music so that you can get some musical notes on your wrist or arms and even ankles.

If you don’t like small tattoos, you go for an entire solar system with stars and everything.

3. Wanderlust

Some people never get tired of playing Dora the Explorer. They are all about the great outdoors—some dream of traveling the world.

If you are one of these people, then you should totally show off this outdoorsy trait. If you desire to travel the world, then you can get a world map above your ankle to make it symbolic. You can also get a small intricate tattoo of the earth on your wrist.
You can even get an elegant compass on your wrist or shoulder. This one can be one of the awesome tattoos for men and women alike.

4. Exotic languages

Tattoo ideas

Some languages have an aesthetic looking script. And some of the best examples are Sanskrit and Urdu. Both of these languages are ancient. They’re very artistic looking as well.

Even Hebrew, Latin and Greek languages look really beautiful and ancient. They might add character to your Bohemian tattoos.

You can pick up any quote or merely a word that relates to you. You can get it engraved anywhere on your body. Since these tattoos look very tasteful, you might want to show them off. So make sure you get these inked on arms or hands rather than keeping them covered.

5. Bohemian Tattoo Designs

tattoo ideas

You can never go wrong with Boho. These designs and patterns are very symbolic and artsy at the same time. They are really tasteful and flexible. You can get a very intricate design, but you can also get a small and simple tattoo.

You can get an evil eye tattoo, the bohemian hand tattoo. Some even get an arrow or a dream catcher. There are some people who would also go for a feather tattoo. Then we can choose the Sun or the Moon with intricate designs.


tattoo ideas

We all have our favorite movies, series, and books. And what makes us love those are the characters in them. The dialogues make the characters notable! We even have some favorite lines quoted somewhere.

We all have some favorite catchphrases that relate to us in some way. And we can have those engraved on our skin in fancy fonts!

You can write something that is special to you. It can be a phrase, a quote, or even an adjective. It can be something about life or love or even death.

7. Symbols

Greek symbols

Symbols and icons are significant tattoo ideas. Symbols are hard to decipher, and yet, on a tattoo, they say so much about the person.

Symbols can be anything. From Grindelwald’s symbol to the Greek alphabet, there is a wide range to choose from. The most common example of a symbolic tattoo would be a cross tattoo.

If you are a music lover, then you should consider getting a music tattoo. You can ink on your arms and legs something related to music like a band logo, musical notes, guitars, or something like that.

You can also get your buddies to get the same tattoo of some special symbols. If you have a cool family, then you can even get a family tattoo with your siblings.

8. Constellations and Zodiac Tattoos

zodiac tattoos

Nothing more graceful than a delicate chain of stars on your wrist or back! You can get a tattoo of the constellation associated with your zodiac sign. If you do not want to go for a constellation, you can go for a simple star tattoo.

You can even go for an adorable or elaborate logo of your zodiac sign.

9. Numbers

tattoo ideas

Even the dry mathematical numbers can be made cool with tattoos. You can simply create a cryptic code of your name and get it written on your ankle or shoulder or wherever you want.

The Roman numbers look very elegant as well. You can go classic with a shoulder tattoo of your birth date or birth year written in Roman numerals. You can also choose a date that means something special to you.

Here are some of the famous tattoo artists of 2020 that you need to follow on Instagram!

10. Gothic Tattoos

tattoo ideas

And lastly, there are Gothic tattoos. You can never ever go wrong with these Gothic tattoo ideas. They can be considered timeless body art. Because basically, the goths were the ones who started the whole tattoo thing.

You can get a dragon tattoo around your waist or a skull tattoo on the arm. If you are feeling too bold, you can get a wrap-around neck tattoo of a snake or cobra. Then there are specific gothic patterns and fonts which can be combined with any of the above ideas.

We can even go old fashioned with an Angel tattoo, that is just the wings and halo or some Demonic looking tattoos. Then there are the names of your loved ones that you can get engraved on your body.

Check out some latest gothic tattoo design ideas.

You will come across a lot of people who will sport weird tattoos of people, faces, and other things that are beyond imagination. If you are still confused about what tattoos to get, you can look up to some celebrities for inspiration.

Justin Bieber has amazing sleeve tattoos. Rappers usually have cool tattoos. There is Lil Peep, who had some trendy tattoos on his face. A few years ago, there was a crazy trend of tattoos on teeth!

Also, let us not forget the fandoms and pop culture, which have a considerable influence on tattoos. You can get a fandom tattoo like the lightning scar of Harry Potter, the logo of Gryfindor, or even Potter’s wand. You can also get a cool logo of Captain America’s shield or Thor’s hammer.

Why Do People Get Tattoos?

Since we are talking so much about tattoos, we will also talk about the psychology behind getting inked. There can be many reasons why people like to get inked.

Mostly, it is a sign of self-expression, aesthetic satisfaction, or a sign of rebellion in general. Some also consider it to be an indication of low self-esteem. But these reasons should not hold you back from getting tattooed.

So these were some of the new and offbeat tattoo ideas. Do you have any tattoos? If you do, let us know in the comment section. You can also share with us some of your tattoo ideas.

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