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Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives

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The most staple appliance that an amazing chef uses in their kitchen is their apron and a knife. Knives have been in existence and are being used since ancient times. And the people of Japan are known for their swords and saws and knives. Also, Japanese cuisine does require some fine slicing and dicing, and that is why Japanese Chef knives are the best. These 10 Japanese Chef Knives are unique and wonderful.

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 1
Japanese Chef Knife

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the features of good Japanese Chef Knives.

Features of Good Japanese Chef Knives

Knives have been of use since ancient times, and they are not only used in kitchens but are used for other tasks as well. So you see, knives play a multipurpose role in our everyday life, and sometimes we don’t even realize it. But when it comes to the kitchen, a knife to be perfect should have a few qualities.

Most professional Japanese chefs keep in mind a few points when they purchase a good knife. Here are a few features of a good quality knife.

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 2
Chefs use knives for fine slicing and dicing.

1. The Material of the Knife

Kitchen knives are generally made of steel material, and that is also what most chefs prefer. Japanese Chef Knives are rigid, and they do not break easily. They prefer materials that are durable and last for a long time. So most of the Japanese Chef Knives are made of stainless steel and are sharp and therefore are considered the best type of knives.

2. The Handle of the Knife

A majority of the handles of the Japanese Chef Knives are made of wood, and the wood is charred or slightly burned so that they become water-resistant. The manufacturers mostly use Ebony wood, Chestnut wood, or Cherry wood. These woods are used because they are preferred and considered to be the best kind of wood that can be used in making the handles of the knives.

The handles are made in different ways to satisfy the preference of all. Some handles are made with a large handle; some handles are of lightweight, some like to change their handles very often. The makers keep all these variations in mind while making a knife.

Japanese Chef Knives
Japanese Knives have sharp blades.

3. The Blade of the Knife

The type of blade used for each knife is of utmost importance, and that is why there are so many types of cutters used to make Japanese Chef Knives. Each blade used in a knife has a particular task to perform, so that means there are different blades for different types of cutting.

When it comes to cutting, Japanese Chefs like their cutting to be precise and perfect, Gyuto, Nakiri, Deba, Hankotsu, etc. these are a few examples of the kind of blades.

10 Best Japanese Chef Knives:

Now that you know what good Japanese Chef Knives should have, let’s take a look at 10 of the Best Japanese Chef Knives. These ten most popular knives are not only used by Japanese Chefs but by chefs all over the world. If you like cooking or you want to be a culinary genius, then you should take a look at these ten knives that are simply the best.

1. Shun Premier 8 Inch Japanese Chef Knife

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 3
Shun Japanese Knife.

Shun Knives are the best brand of Japanese Chef Knives. Shun Knives have been in existence since the 13th century. They are the best quality knives and have a long line of various types of knives. Kai Corporation, the owner of Shun Knives, believes in precision and fine making so much so that the knives go through several processes while being made.

Shun Knives are known for their excellent lightweight and super thin finish. The Shun Premier 8 Inch Knife is the best of the Japanese Chef Knives. The handle is exceptionally comfortable to hold on to. It has a lightweight, and you do not have to put in a lot of pressure as the blades are sharp. To know more about sharpening, check out this link. http://www.cookingforengineers.com/article/187/Knife-and-Sharpening-Steel-Hardness

These knives are handmade, and they will give your cutting a smooth, clean finish. The Shun Premier is a Honesuki Knife, and these types of knives are mainly used for deboning and cutting through bones.

2. Global 8 Inch Chef Knife

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 4
Global Knives.

Quality and durability are two words that best describe the Global line of knives because Global Knives are the best. They have left behind many other brands of knives when it comes to quality. The blades are very sharp and thin. They are incredibly comfortable, and you do not have to sharpen them very often. Started by Komin Yamada in the 80s, today, Global Knives are known by people all over.

The Global 8 Inch Chef Knife is one of the best Japanese Chef Knives in the world today. It is made up of high technology and Cromova 18 stainless steel. They have razor-sharp edges for smooth and fine cutting. Global Knives are rust-resistant and are easy to sharpen. Global Knives are found in ordinary people’s homes and professional’s kitchens.

Global Knives have a lifetime warranty. This knife can be used for various tasks but mainly for butchery, as this is a Yo-Deba knife.

 3. Miyabi Morimoto

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 5
Gyutou Chef Knife.

Did you know that Seki City in Japan is known as the Knife Capital of Japan? Though a German company owns Miyabi Knives, they are so keen on their products, which is why Miyabi Knives are made in Seki City. There are hours and hours of hard work and tiring labor put into the making of these knives. So when you buy them, you can identify the fine quality they have.

To make sure that every blade is perfect, the edges go through a process of three stages, and so the Miyabi Knives have a Damascus finish. Miyabi Knives’ prices vary from costly to affordable, but the quality is ensured in all. The Miyabi Morimoto is an excellent example of good Japanese Chef Knives.

This knife is made with a fusion of German and Japanese techniques. You can cut vegetables, poultry, meat, seafood, and all types of food with ease. Chef Morimoto designs this knife. This is a Gyutou Knife, which is an essential knife found in every chef’s kitchen.

4. Kuma Multipurpose Chef Knife

Kuma Knives are created with pure Damascus steel. They have a simple design, but they are of the best quality. Kuma Knives are also very safe and secure to work with as the handles will give you a good grip. Also you will not have to sharpen the knife very often because the sharpness of the blade lasts for an extended period.

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 6
Kuma Multipurpose Knife.

The material used to create Kuma knives is so good that the knives do not get rusted. Kuma knives are reliable and budget-friendly too. Kuma Knives cut faster and make your cooking way more comfortable.

Kuma may not be a well-known company, but the knives produced by them are some of the best Japanese Chef Knives you will ever find. The Kuma 8 Inch Multipurpose Chef Knife is definitely worth the purchase. It can be used for cutting, slicing, chopping, etc. This Kuma knife is a Santoku Knife, which means they have a flatter blade and can be used for various purposes in the culinary field.

5. Yoshihiro Ice-Hardened Sujihiki Knife

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 7
Sujihiki 15.5 Inch Knife

Here is yet another handcrafted Japanese Chef Knife. Yoshihiro Knives are made with great skill and technique. They are sharp, reliable, and stylish. These knives are long-lasting and can be sharpened easily as well. The handles of the blades are generally made with charred rosewood to prevent damage and rust.

The Yoshihiro Ice-Hardened Sujihiki Knife is 15.5 inches, and it is made in Japan. This knife is light and has perfect edge-retention. This knife is a slicer knife and is usually used for excellent cutting and slicing. It is one of the best Japanese Chef Knives used for filleting. There are more than 500 types of Yoshihiro Knives.

The knives manufactured by this company go through a lengthy procedure of quality checking, precision, construction, durability, etc. and that is the reason why they do not manufacture in bulks because Yoshihiro believes in bringing the best to the consumers.

6. Shun Classic 6 Inch Cleaver Knife

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 8
Shun Classic Cleaver.

Japan is the largest producer of fish, and so fish is a core part of Japanese cuisine. Cleaver knives are usually large and mainly used to cut meat and fish. They can also be used to cut large vegetables and fruits like pumpkins and papayas or watermelons.

Cleaver Knives are considered as one of the best Japanese Chef Knives for cutting and chopping large pieces of meat and fish. The handles of Cleavers are thick and chewy, which keeps your knife firm when you use it. Cleaver knives are also used for crushing different types of food like garlic, ginger, etc.

 The Shun Classic 6 Inch Cleaver Knife is the best Cleaver Knife. It has a thick blade that is perfect for boning and chopping.  Cleaver Knives serve a multipurpose function in kitchens.

7. Miyabi Birchwood 6.5 Inch Nakiri Knife

If you find it difficult to chopping and cutting or even peeling tough vegetables, then you should go for a Nakiri Knife. They are the best Japanese Chef Knives for excellent cutting. These knives are mainly used for cutting and peeling vegetables. The blades of the Nakiri Knives are angled so well it makes slicing a piece of cake.

Japanese Chef Knives
Miyabi Birchwood Knife.

They have a thinner blade and are light in weight. And that is why Miyabi Birchwood 6.5 Inch Knife is the best Nakiri Knife. They are durable and rust-resistant and do not need a lot of sharpening and do not chip. Miyabi Knives are also beautifully styled and designed.

The makers of Miyabi Knives are ancient masters who make and create authentic knives. The makers who make these knives now have descended from a generation of Japanese sword makers, making their work so good.

8. Cangshan J Series Knife

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 9
Cangshan 10 Inch Knife.

Cangshan company produces cutlery of the best kind, and this company has also been awarded for its brilliant craftsmanship and designs. Cangshan Knives are a blend of eastern and western techniques brought together by the makers to provide the best to their customers. They are professionals who aim at creating exceptionally stunning knives.

Cangshan knives are made with German alloy and Japanese alloy stainless steel. The blades have plastic, metal, and wood handles. The Cangshan J Series 10 Inch knife is the best out of all Yanagi Japanese Chef Knives. The handle is made of black wood specially ordered from Africa. The blade is razor-sharp and is excellent for slicing fish, meat, and vegetables.

9. Yoshihiro Hongasumi Takobiki 11.8 Inch Knife

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 10
Yoshihiro Hongasumi 11.8 Inch Knife.

Yoshihiro, as mentioned earlier, is a fantastic brand of knives that have been in existence for more than 100 years. And since 2008, they have been selling their knives to various parts of the world, which is why today they are among the most popular brands of Japanese Chef knives. The moto is to provide every blade with undivided attention and immense hard work to achieve the best.

The 11.8 Inch Yoshihiro Blue Steel Knife is a much needed Japanese chef knife. This knife is used for sashimi and sushi cutting. The handle is made of rosewood, and the blade has a lightweight. This knife is standard and is found in every household and master chef’s kitchen.

10. Shun Dual Core 8 Inch Knife

Top 10 Best Japanese Chef Knives 11

The idea of the usual and the Yanagi knives are brought together to create these knives. They can be used for all types of cooking and everyday purposes. These knives are also known as kiritsuke knives, which are sometimes single beveled and sometimes double beveled.

The Shun Dual Core 8 Inch Knife is the best and easiest to work with out of all the other Japanese Chef Knives. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel. The handles are crafted with ebony wood. The knife is long-lasting and sharp, and it does not need to be sharpened very often.

best Japanese Chef Knives
Types of Japanese Knives.

So there it is 10 of the Best Japanese Chef Knives. These knives are so crucial for all Chefs all over and not only in Japan. Everyone can use these knives as they are so comfortable and easy to use, and if you’re someone who likes cooking and wishes to be a culinary genius someday, you should know how to use these knives.

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