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Top 10 Vietnamese Desserts You Should Eat

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Who doesn’t love Vietnamese Desserts? Well, if you’re a foodie, we’ve got the ultimate Vietnamese dessert list for you.

Vietnam is not only famous for its historical cities and colonial architecture. It also has sugary desserts that will make you go weak at the knees. Nothing can be more exciting than trying different desserts, right?

Here are the top Vietnamese desserts that will surely melt your heart, and you will go gaga over them.


 10 CHÈ BÙÒI- Vietnamese Pomelo Skin Sweet Soup

Vietnamese Desserts


Location – Ngõ 18 Hãm Long

Price – 12,000 VND to 20,000 VND (approx. $0.52 USD to $0.88 USD)


This sweet dessert is healthy and delicious found in southern Vietnam. It is made from pomelo skin coconut milk, tapioca starch, peanut, peeled mung bean, and ginger syrup.

This soup is unusual because the way they prepare it is fascinating. It will be arduous to discern its aroma and savor because it gives a distinct smell due to the pomelo skin and peanuts. The spongy pomelo skin is simmered so that it is crunchy from the outside but soft inside. It can be served hot in winters or cold with ice in summer.

Who knew soups would be so rich in flavor?

9- Hoa Qua Dam- Chilled fruit salad

Vietnamese Desserts

Location – 17 Tô Tich, Hoa Béo, Hanoi

Price –20,000 VND ($0.88 USD)


It is basically a fruit salad with condensed milk and coconut milk. It comprises 6-8 varied fruits (mango, papaya, pineapple, dragon fruit, watermelon, plums, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew) slice into perfect sized pieces. The acme of this salad is the ice and Greek yogurt. 

It is served in an impressive glass or elegant bowl, and ice is poured over it. This is one of the Vietnamese desserts best for summer, so what are you waiting for? Just sit back and relish.


8- Traditional Hanoi Egg Coffee

Vietnamese Desserts

Location –Cafe Giang at 39 Nguyên Húu Huân

Price –25000 VND ($1)

Egg + Coffee=? The combination is weird. But guys, let me tell you this coffee is terrific. It is thick, intense, and dark.

It is one of the most popular Vietnamese desserts. It is made up of egg yolk, condensed milk, brewed coffee, and sugar. The coffee is so sleek and creamy that you will shirk everything after taking one sip. The egg gives a thick texture and incredible taste.

The most wonderful thing is you can brew this popular dessert in your home. It’s effortless to make. The recipe for the color dessert is given below.

Click here


7- Bánh Rán- Vietnamese Doughnuts

Vietnamese Desserts

Location –Streets of Hanoi

Price-3000 VND (USD 0.13)


Any doughnut lovers here? Bánh rán is a deep-fried glutinous rice ball Vietnamese dish from northern Vietnam. It is made of rice and garnished with sesame seeds.

It is a color dessert or a snack, easy to get at in the street vendors who make them directly in front of you.

The Vietnamese version’s filling is drier from those of the other countries, and it is like a small ball enclosed in the paste. These fried cakes are best for evening snacks.

6- Kem Túói Dúa – Coconut Ice Cream

Vietnamese Desserts

Location –Goofoo Gelato,  Nha Trang

Price –60,000 VND ($2.62)


Kem Dua is a coconut ice cream typical of Vietnamese cuisine. The main ingredients are coconut, coconut cream, sugar, peanuts, fruits, and other flavored creams.

This ice cream will indeed make your mouth water. If you love creamy and huge desserts that will keep you occupied in summer, then this Vietnamese dessert is for you. It is one of the most popular Vietnamese desserts that you will find in Nha Trang’s streets.

5- Caramen nếp cẩm- Crème caramel with black sticky rice

Vietnamese Desserts

Location –Nguyễn Trung Trực, Ho chi Min

Price – 20,000 VND ($0.88 USD)

This  Vietnamese dessert has a sight to behold. The ingredients have the best color combination among all the Vietnamese desserts.

You will get it in a plastic cup packed with crème caramel, tapioca pearls and fermented black sticky rice – just what you need. 

The lovely layers of Caramel, fermented rice, and ice will leave an exquisite taste in your mouth. This is one of the Vietnamese sweet that you will crave for.


4- Rau câu trái dừa -Coconut Jelly

Vietnamese Desserts

Location –Nguyễn Trung Trực, Ho chi Min

Price –35000 VND (USD 2 Approx)

This Vietnamese dish is served in coconut shell only. It is prepared with agar-agar powder, sugar, and coconut milk or cream. Then it is kept for freezing, and once you scoop a spoon from it, you make sure to see inside the coconut; you will find the jelly creamy and soft. It is a typical che chuô that will make you fall in love with it.

Now, you never knew coconut jelly and custard could taste this good! A popular Vietnamese dessert, it is typically served in a coconut shell. 

3- Bánh đậu xanh- Mung bean Pastry

Vietnamese Desserts

Location – Hoi An, Vietnam

Price –About 25,000 VND for a full box of cakes (approx. $1.10)

It is a popular and traditional dessert in Vietnam. The main ingredient is mung bean, which is a commonly used bean in Vietnam. This Vietnamese dish is visually fascinating with its brightness and design. You can bake it at home, and it’s enjoyable to make.

Many also know this sweet dessert as the Steamed Tapioca Layer Cake, and is a little chewy in texture. This Vietnamese sweet can easily be peeled by hands layer by layer without breaking apart, making it intriguing and playful eating for kids.


2- Chè Xoài- Mango Pudding

Vietnamese Desserts

Location –Nguyễn Trung Trực, Ho chi Min

Price- 12000 VND ($0.52 USD)

Everyone loves mango, but when it is used for making pudding, then it will undoubtedly turn out a great treat.

It is the simplest yet delicious sweet dessert you will ever find. The pudding is rich in the sweetness of mango and coconut milk vitamins, so you don’t have to worry that you will put on weight! It is sometimes served with strawberries and sago pearls.

Wait! Feeling sorry that you can’t visit Vietnam and try these Vietnamese desserts, relax; we have you covered. It is quite hassle-free to prepare this with just three things: mango, coconut milk, and sugar, so grab your apron and get ready.


1- Che Ba Mau – Three color Dessert

Vietnamese Desserts

Location –Hanoi, Vietnam

Price –   8,000- 10,000 VND ($0.35-0.43 USD)

This colorful dessert will invade your heart during the summer. The color of the dessert is refreshing, sweet, and full of amazing textures. You’ve yellow mung bean paste as well as red beans, and green pandan jelly. Of course, you can top it up with oconut milk.  There’s nothing more enjoyable on a hot summer day than indulging in this chilly, sweet treat.

 These are some of the best Vietnamese desserts you should not forget to try when you visit. Which one is your favorite among these? Let us know through the comments below. 

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