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Why The World is Not Ready to End Yet?

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There are many scientists and researchers working to estimate the life of the Earth or the coming of the doomsday. There are various theories and concepts developed so far that contradicts one another one such was the Maya prophecy, according to which the World was supposed to be destroyed on December 21, 2012, but fortunately it didn’t. Now turn to the other side of it, there is still so much left to happen on this planet and specially in our country, so how can the doomsday be so close? We are still waiting to see certain things, and if the World ends, our life will end up with many untold mysteries in our heads.

Seeing Rahul Gandhi as our Prime Minister:

the Indian National Congress witnessed its major defeat in the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 when Rahul Gandhi was heading the matters but its said that failure is the stepping stone to success so probably one day we may find him ultimately succeeding.


Hearing Manmohan Singh telling his “Mann ki Baat.”

Guys have you ever seen Manmohan Singh holding any speech other than the ones that are within his work area. He seems to have adopted complete silence years back but one day he may also speak, and we need to wait for the day to come, and the World can never end up before that.


See how our Indian serials finally conclude?

The year long serials like “Balika Vadhu” and “Sasural Simar kaa” will probably end up with some good conclusions and we need to wait till it happens. I remember seeing such serials as a kid and till now you can watch them. My god what the older people of these families eat that they survive so many years even after a serious illness and plus the couple matching complexities, it seems like god has nothing to do than to make such beautiful jodis and World can certainly not end without the end of such wonderful stories.


Getting the logics behind movies like Grand Masti, Kya Cool hai ham and so on:

India is a cool country; here you find certification of such movies much easier than Udta Pujab, Aarakshan, and P.K.. My goodness can anyone tell me where the messages given by P.K. and Udta Punjab lack compared to the others getting easy certification. We certainly have to wait to develop such farsightedness as our censor boards.

I suppose most of you will agree with me on seeing such beautiful aspects of our country and yes for that our World has to wait a long time and the doomsday can in no way come up before that.

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