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Top 12 Cuban Cigars to Buy Right Now!

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Cuban cigars are a popular trend, one of the best cigars that money can buy.

Cuban cigars are renowned cigars made from premium quality and material. Each cigar is made with intense care and focus. These cigar lovers are their die-hard fans. The Cuban cigar industry follows strict Government regulations.

Every cigar is checked step by step before processing it to the market. It takes 100 steps to produce a single Cuban cigar. The care and detail set it apart from other types of cigars.

The Cuban tobacco used inside gives out an intense smoke. Other cigars are made with different types of smoke, many smokers prefer it, but their smoke is less pure.

This article contains what type of Cuban cigars you need right now, with other details. Check it out.

Top 12 Cuban Cigars to Buy Right Now

Before you know about the types of Cuban cigars to buy, you need to know about its a specialty and why you should buy them. 

What’s Special About Cuban Cigars?

Cuban cigars

Cuban cigars are the best cigars in the market. These premium cigars are worldwide famous. Cuba has produced cigars since the times of King Philip II. Currently, the industry is under the Cuban Government.

The Government ensures that each cigar is checked well and doesn’t turn out faulty. Each cigar is rolled correctly without any flaws or imperfections. The dedicated care and attention are what make it stands out from other cigars.

Purchasing Cuban cigars isn’t that easy. There are many fakes in the market. These cigars are hard to come out of Cuba.

You might even need to visit Cuba to purchase it. Since early times, Cuban cigars were famous in the United States.

Another specialty is, these cigars are made only using Cuban tobacco. Only a hardcore smoker can tell, strong smokes come from these cigars. The taste is a unique blend of sun, sea, and soil. Tasting it can give you a great experience.

What are the Top 12 Cuban Cigars to Buy Right Now?

Let us go on a journey to discover the types of Cuban cigar brands you can buy. These are the genuine ones, have a look. You must try them all, and decide the taste yourself.

1. Trinidad La Trova LCDH

Cuban cigars

A must-have cigar to add in your collection, it’s a mighty cigar from Trinidad. This brand became famous among the Africans over the past years. Rumor says it’s the brand that Fidel Castro smoked and not Cohiba.

Compared to Cohiba, it’s also the most famous cigar brands, made with superior quality. Trinidad uses the highest quality of Cuban cigars and is a reputable brand in the Habanos portfolio.

Vuelta Abajo region, Cuba, produces the tobacco used in Trinidad. The cigar isn’t cheap, but worth your money. The flavor is denser, richer, and delicious from the start, similar to white chocolate, spices, and creamy coffee.

It’s a cigar that everyone would love to light again.

2. Cohiba Behike 52

Cuban cigars

Cohiba cigars are the favorites of Aficionados. It’s considered the perfect cigar, the holy grail. There aren’t a lot many things to say about this cigar.

Cohiba comes in three unique sizes, 52, 54, and 56, based on its ring gauge. Cigar Aficionado named it as Cuba’s number 1 cigar of the year. The smallest cigar is size 52. It would be best if you tried the 2010’s collection of Cuban cigars (quite expensive).

The exterior uses a reddish-brown wrapper, enclosed with an iconic pigtail. Smaller portions of Medio-tempo are used, filler tobacco that grows on top of a plant, under the sun. It offers an aromatic flavor.

If you wait a few years for them to age, then the taste just turns better.

3. Magnum 50

This cigar gives a solid competition to Cohiba Siglo VI. It is ideal for those who love bigger size cigars. The size offered is 6.50″x50. H. Upmann is popular due to the Cuban story with John F. Kennedy.

Over time, this brand continued to produce numerous iconic cigars, among them Magnum 50 being the best seller. This brand delivers a smoothy taste, with an aroma of wood and vanilla, perfect for beginners to make them love cigars.

4. H. Upmann Magnum 54

H. Upmann Magnum 54 is known to be the big brother of Magnum 50, bigger in the ring gauge, shorter in length. When compared, 54 contains more filler tobacco. You can light it up anytime, since it’s a medium body smoke, best as an afternoon or pre-dinner cigar.

This brand is recommended for regular smokers due to its balance and complexity. You can enjoy the full characteristics. Flavors offer a woody, pepper, and dark chocolate. Add this to your collection soon.

5. Ramon Allones Club Allones El 2015

Cuban cigars

You are about to smoke something special; The Ramon Allones. The attractive dark oily wrapper offers a buttery sweet smell as you place it out of the box. You’d wish not to light it, but you can’t resist yourself, it’s that special.

Let not the flame touch the tobacco leaves. It deserves that respect. Your no longer a beginner if you use the Ramon Allones Club El 2015.

Cuba’s best tobacco is used to make this, and most Aficoindos love this cigar.  It’s a medium to full body cigar that delivers the brand’s classic and rich flavors.

6. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure NO2

Cuban cigars

The cigar store owner recommends Hoyo to every beginner, and the beginners love to smoke it. While inside the store, don’t just order the biggest Cohiba, instead order Epicure NO2. This decision will make you the happiest smoker in town.

This is one of the world’s best known Cuban Cigars, with a size of 5.88″x50. It’s a light body cigar packed with delicious flavor and sophistication. It remains solid from box to box, a rare thing in premium cigars.

7. Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe LCDH

Cuban cigars

You cannot just keep your hands off from this one. It’s a show stopper. The experience is similar to gazing at your love for the first time. You fall in love with the looks and stay due to its flavors.

Romeo y Julieta uniquely presents itself; thin cedar paper surrounds the body; only a few portions are uncovered. Remove the bands on the cigar’s top before smoking. Flavors of floral and little fruitiness arise from the middle.

Upon lighting up, a taste of vanilla spreads, keeping its standards as one of Cuba’s premium cigars. The cigar is exclusive to the La Casa Del Habano franchise. Its box contains ten cigars with 5.60″x50 sizes.

8. Montecristo No. 2

Cuban cigars

Montecristo No.2 is one of the Cuban classics. It’s an iconic cigar, torpedo-shaped, and offers true happiness to smokers. The taste delivers a mixture of spices, pepper, almonds, and cedar.

It’s a big cigar with a lightish brown wrapper, very soft when touched. On lighting the cigar, it starts slow until full flavors are touched, definitely worth your time. Back in 2013, it won the No.1 position under Cigar of the Year.

However, many people term this as the perfect cigarette, while others say it’s not good at all. Several controversies and mixed theories are attached to it.

Montecristo No.2 is similar to a celebrity, either you hate it or love it, there are no middle options. But most smokers happen to love it.

9. Partagas Series De NO4

Cuban cigars

This is known to be the Habanos portfolio’s best selling cigar. One of the oldest produced cigars, since 1930. Once you open the box, you won’t regret it.

With dark brown wrappers, little reddish tint, it delivers a chocolaty smell and sweetish flavors until you chew it. Even with its sweet aroma, the cigar is a kicker in the stomach.

It’s full-bodied, strong Robusto along with creamy and smooth flavors. Give it ample time while smoking. It truly deserves your attention.

10. Cohiba Siglo VI

Cuban cigars

Cohiba Siglo VI is one of Cuba’s finest cigarettes. The brand made its name on Aficionado’s Top 25 list, multiple times. Since its establishment, it was known as Cuba’s fattest cigar, with aluminum tubes similar to lipstick style.

Earlier, this style was considered innovative. With 5.88″x52 size, it’s by no means suited for a new smoker.

The flavors are intense, with a mixture of leather and coffee. Cuba claims that the best quality of tobacco is reserved for Cohiba Siglo VI.

11. Hoyo De Monterrey Duoble Coronas

These cigars are perfect for those who love to show off bigger sizes. The size is massive, 7.60″x 49, which makes a Churchill looks smaller.

Its competitor is the iconic Partagas Lucitanias; the size and ring gauge is similar to Hoyo. Its medium-bodied flavors offer tastes like sweet spices, coffee, and citrus.

Smoke this cigar in a calm environment, and not in a rush. Its evolution along the burn needs a good appreciation.

Also, know more about the world’s expensive tobacco products.

12. Punch 48 LCDH and Habanos Specialist

Being recently launched in 2016, it’s the youngest cigar on the Cuban list. It’s the first cigar to wear La Casa del Habano and Habanos Specialists second band. The number 48 on the band determines the cigar’s ring gauge size.

Smokers love the flavor very much, with subtleness and complexities. You can’t stay away from it for a long time. Though it’s not super-premium quality, it still deserves to be on the list.

Here completes the list of Cuban Cigars you need right now. What do you prefer among these?

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