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The Psychological Reason to Set Alarm for 29 Minutes

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The Psychological Reason to Set Alarm for 29 Minutes 1

Did you know that many people prefer to set alarm for 29 minutes? What is the psychological reason behind it?

Every morning is a battle with the alarm clock. While before falling asleep, we count on the alarm clock to wake us up on the right time, every morning there is an eruption of a conflict between the alarm and our desire to sleep for two more minutes. This makes you hit the snooze buttons, and sometimes that two minutes is extended to two hours, leaving the schedule of the day messed up.

It is now time to pull up your socks and practice rising early.

Why is it important to rise early?

The Psychological Reason to Set Alarm for 29 Minutes 2

Once you hit the snooze button, you fail in your endeavor to rise early in the morning. For this reason alone, individuals mostly, start practicing being a night owl by consumption of caffeine or nicotine. While this idea of staying up late at night and working seems excellent and thrilling, it can have adverse effects on your health, which is inclusive of nervous breakdowns and insomnia. Insomnia is generally prolonged and results in cognitive decline and anxiety attacks.

As the nursery rhyme says, “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise.” stands true for all times and ages. There is a scientific reason why our ancestors left their beds early in the dawn and used to set off for walks and workouts, and villagers sleep early and wake up early in the morning along with the sun. Hence, rising early results in a healthy body and mind.

Maintaining the Sleep Cycle

set alarm for twenty-nine minutes

Having talked about the adverse effects of sleep deprivation and the sound effects of rising early, it should also be kept in mind that an adult requires a minimum of six hours of sleep to function correctly. If one is planning to be an early riser, then the person should plan the sleep schedule accordingly so that he/she gets six hours of profound sleep.

To have a proper sleeping routine, one must always follow the circadian rhythm of sleep. The sleep cycle is divided into four stages. In stages 1 and 2, which is also known as the light sleep phase, the nerves are relaxed, and we call the previous day’s experiences and of anything that made any impact on us. In stages 3 and 4, the mind is unplugged from the world, and the sleep deepens.

The stages repeat itself in the form of a cycle i.e., to say the stages 1 and 2 come back again after the completion of phases 3 and 4. The duration of each stage is 90 minutes.

How to set alarm for 29 minutes?

When setting the alarm for the next day, one should be very much familiar with the sleep cycle and set the alarm somewhere in between the ninety minutes of the light sleep phase. An individual takes at least fifteen minutes to fall asleep and then enters into the light sleep phase.

It is always advised to wake up in the following twenty-nine minutes of the hours of sleeping and hence set alarm for 29 minutes. For example- if you are planning to wake up at 5, then wake up at 4: 29 in the morning.

It is important for one to practice setting the alarm for 29 minutes.

Why set alarm for 29 minutes?

As already mentioned that the twenty-nine minutes have to be the follow-up minutes of the hours falling under the light sleep phase. The odd number twenty-nine is satisfying to your psychology because you anyway manage to get up before thirty minutes.

The twenty-nine minutes times are highly significant for those who are accustomed to shut-eyes during the afternoon hours. A nap for twenty-nine minutes is always healthy as it calms your mind down and rejuvenates it for the remaining hours of the day. More than 29 minutes of sleep in the afternoon can hinder or disrupt your sleep schedule at night.

Chart out a proper sleep schedule

If you wish to be an early riser and want to wake up at a fixed time every day, then make sure you design a proper sleep schedule. You need to be in bed at night at the same time daily. This will help to set your internal clock. People who face problems while sleeping or take time to steep into a deep and profound sleep can practice bed-time yoga and have caffeine-free tea for a good deep sleep.

What causes sleep disruption?

This section is directed towards people whose sleep schedule is out of whack or disrupted. Sleep disruption is not healthy, and there should be permanent riddance of it. Sleep disruption can be caused due to a range of factors like lack of physical activity, caffeine consumption, stress, too much exposure to screens, or other psychological disorders.

To bring back the sleep schedule in shape, you must work out daily, prohibit the consumption of caffeine and nicotine, and try to soothe the nerves by the meditation of yoga routinely.

Parting thoughts

We need to get the fact straight that sleep in no way is a luxury. Sleep is a necessity. Our body and mind need rest. If we provide enough rest to our minds and bodies only then, our performances will be efficient. We will be more alert about our surroundings. Cutting back on sleep can invite psychological disorders like dementia at an early age.

Cutting back on sleep hours do you no good; instead, stir up your agitation makes you feel drowsy all the time, making your eyelids heavy, which in turn can have adverse effects on your performance.

Should You Set Alarm for 29 Minutes?

Only if we care for ourselves properly, we will be able to transmit care to others who matter to us. Sleep, though, a basic necessity, is primary and hence should be taken seriously. No matter how busy the schedule or tight are the deadlines, one should manage to get a minimum of six hours of sleep daily. Reduction in the skimming through the news feed on social media or avoiding disruption of routine can work in your favor.

Only a deep and profound sleep can make your nights and mornings enjoyable. You might want to set an alarm for 29 minutes for an entirely different reason now!

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