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Top 15 Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Ashville NC

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Ashville is a city in North Carolina, United States. Waterfalls in Ashville NC, are equally beautiful as the city itself. Ashville is a popular tourist destination and is also the 12th most populous town in the United States. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountain, Ashville has remained the home of many revolutionary transformations aiming for a better and lively future.

The most famous places to visit in Ashville are Biltmore, Pisgah National Forest, The North Carolina Arboretum, etc., but our main focus would be on the enchanting waterfalls that this town has. So the famous and most attractive Waterfalls in Ashville NC, of all times are :

1. Looking Glass Waterfall:

The Looking Glass Waterfall is located in the Pisgah National Park, North Carolina. The Looking Glass Waterfall got its name from its appearance itself. When the sunlight hits the waterfall, it shines like a mirror under the sun; the crystal clear water of the Looking Glass Waterfall makes it appear even more like glass, making it stand out among most of the waterfalls in Ashville NC. During winters, when the water freezes, it also serves as a hiking platform.

Waterfalls in Ashville NC
Waterfalls in Ashville NC

2. Rainbow Waterfall:

One of the waterfalls in Ashville NC is the Rainbow waterfall. Rainbow Waterfall is located in Nantahala National Forest with it’s origin to River Horsepasture. A beautiful rainbow forms on the river whenever the tiny water droplets that are present in the air near the waterfall coincide with the sunlight resulting in the formation of a rainbow. The scene is quite scenic to look at.

3. Bridal Veil Falls:

With a height of 37 meters, this waterfall is located in DuPont State Forest, Ashville. You can also climb up to the waterfall to have the best view of this waterfall in Ashville NC. Climbing behind the waterfall can be very risky at times as the area is always wet and slippery and may lead to a severe accident, so it is better to be cautious when visiting this waterfall or, for that instance, any of the waterfalls in Ashville NC.

Top 15 Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Ashville NC 1
Waterfalls in Ashville NC

4. Upper Whitewash Fall NC:

Located in the Nantahala National Forest, Upper Whitewash Fall has a height of 400 feet and is also a very popular destination among the new weds as a favorable choice of a honeymoon destination; hence the waterfall is also deemed to be very romantic in comparison to all other waterfalls in Ashville NC.

There is some distance that must be covered on foot (wheelchair facility is also available) to reach this destination. The area sees a heavy footfall during the wedding seasons. The waterfall is accessible from morning to evening. To park your vehicle, you need to pay some parking charges. You can also visit the lower White Waterfalls that are located nearby.

5. Moore Cove Waterfall:

Named after Adam Q. Moore, the prime owner of the property on which this waterfall existed. Later on, this property was sold to someone else and later was included in Pisgah National Forest. The Moore waterfall can also be seen from the parking area, but a short distance has to be traveled up to the waterfall.

For a more personal experience, try to visit Moore Cove Waterfall during the regular days apart from the weekends or some holiday because, at that time, the waterfall tends to be more crowded. You can check out this link to know the honest reviews of the people who have visited Moore Cove Waterfall and what do they think about the waterfalls in Ashville NC.

6. Twin Falls:

Located in the exotic Pisgah National Forest, Ashville,  North Carolina. The fastest way to reach the Twin falls is via Avery Creek and Buckhorn Gap Trail. There are a number of things that you can try out at the Twin Falls like hiking, camping, and horse ride. Hiking tends to be the best adventure and sports activity, plus the pleasure of witnessing such a great view after a challenging climb is just indescribable. The hike is relatively small as compared to other hiking spots, especially reaching the waterfalls.

If you want, then you can go through the following website and read in detail about the hiking route and see the hiking map as well.

7. Daniel Ridge Fall:

Commonly referred to as the Daniel Ridge Falls, this waterfall in Ashville NC could be denoted by different names such as Tom’s Spring Branch Falls and The Jackson Falls. During the cold winters, the entire Daniel Ridge Fall freezes, and it appears like steps made up of snow because the entire Daniel Falls has many steps shaped ridges and grooves. People say that the best time to visit the Daniel Ridge falls is some time after the rainfall to enjoy the beauty of the falls tom its fullest.

Top 15 Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Ashville NC 2
Waterfalls in Ashville NC

8. Sliding Rock Waterfall:

This has to be and actually is one of the most unique waterfalls of all times, leave alone the waterfalls in Ashville NC. The Sliding Rock Waterfall is actually sliding at a certain degree, and the best part of it all is that you can actually slide down through it. It is just like a water slide in a water park; the only difference is this is a real waterfall that you are actually sliding down.

There are some minimal charges that you would be required to pay to visit The Sliding Rock Waterfall. You would also be required to follow some precautionary measures that are mandatory from your safety and security perspective. The waterfall is opened for the visitors the whole week from morning till 8 in the evening.

9. Slick Rock Falls :

Another masterpiece of the Pisgah National Forest that we are going to discover is the Slick Rock Falls. It is mainly a 35-foot cliff waterfall. A large volume of water pours down when it rains good in the area, but the waterfall can go all dry if there is scanty rainfall, the same waterfall freezes during winters.

It is the closest waterfall to Looking Glass Waterfall, which coincidently lies in the same area. This is a must-visit waterfall in Ashville NC. Other closest waterfalls to Slick Rock Waterfall are Cove Creek Fall and Daniel Ridge Fall.

Top 15 Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Ashville NC 3
Waterfalls in Ashville NC

10. Cove Creek Falls:

Located near the Pisgah Centre for Wildlife Education in Pisgah National Forest, the area is well connected with bridge and road to remove any hindrance in the way of the people who are visiting Cove Creek Falls, a waterfall in Ashville NC. Whaleback Swimming Hole, which is an ideal swimming location, can also be visited from the Cove Creek Falls.

11. Log Hollow Falls:

This is yet another waterfall in Ashville NC, but reaching this waterfall could be quite a task as there are no proper roads or signboards that would guide you in reaching the Log Hollow Falls. Despite all the difficulty, you should not miss this waterfall in Ashville NC, as sometimes it is also referred to as the gem of waterfalls.

12. Graveyard Fields Waterfall:

This waterfall in Ashville NC is definitely on the list of “to be visited places in Ashville” of tourists from around the world; maybe because of its unusual name, people are automatically drawn to this waterfall in Ashville NC automatically. The Graveyard Field Waterfall is divided into two sections and has many ridges. The area around the waterfall has a good cover of trees.

13. Soco Falls:

Lying magnificently in the arms of the Maggie Valley and Cherokee, this is also one of the best waterfalls in Ashville NC. This waterfall in Ashville NC is quite a place for photography.

Top 15 Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Ashville NC 4
Waterfalls in Ashville NC

14. Skinny Dip Waterfall:

As this weird name suggests, Skinny Dip Waterfall was a place for people actually to go skinny dipping in the waterfall. Still, due to one or the other reasons, this practice is now prohibited in the waterfall.

Skinny Dip Waterfall serves two purposes both being a waterfall plus a swimming pool loaded with an extra feature of “ jumping off the cliff” people enthusiastically go for trying this feature of the Skinny Dip Waterfall, and mainly because of all these factors, this is one of the best waterfalls in Ashville NC to visit.

15. Deep Creek Waterfall:

Famous as a hiking spot, the Deep Creek Waterfall in Ashville NC lies in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The Deep Creek Waterfall is the nearest waterfall to Bryson City. The Waterfall is a well-known camping site as well. This waterfall can also be visited in winters as the Deep Creek Waterfall remains fully functional and active during all the seasons. Tom Branch Falls is the closest waterfall in Ashville NC, that could also be visited.

Check out the map of the Great Smoky Mountain National park and the area around by clicking on this link:

The waterfalls, as mentioned earlier, are much deserved one’s to appear on this list of top 15 waterfalls in Ashville NC. These waterfalls in Ashville NC have almost all the features of a good and, most importantly, a beautiful waterfall that can attract thousands of tourists towards it. If you ever happen to visit Ashville, then do check out these recommendations of the most admirable waterfalls in Ashville NC.

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