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Top 5 Benefits Of Learning Multiple Languages

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I don't need admiration, I need criticism. I think critics helps me to improve more as I am in my early days as a writer, ya I am an infant in writing.

” A different language is a different vision of life.”

                                                                                           – Federico Fellini

Language is not just what we speak; it is what we share; even a small feeling through our expression is a language. Different languages add different spices to their version. Sometimes the same word in a different language has a different meaning; for example, ‘pani’ in Hindi means water, whereas, in Telugu, it means work. There are huge benefits of learning multiple languages( I say it from my personal experience as I myself speak Odia, English, Hindi, and Sanskrit and certainly, to some extent, can manage with Telugu and Bengali.).

The top 5 benefits are-

1. Teaches you to master the art of multi-tasking

Dealing with different languages trains our minds to multi-task. Scientific studies have shown that people who speak various languages are more efficient in multi-tasking. People who speak many languages are also rapid compared to others. While changing from one language to another, either in conversation or in written conversation, your brain starts thinking quickly.

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Due to this, multilingual people are often more quickly than others, and when you are always a step ahead of others, you are obviously regarded as smart. Apart from this, while trying to remember multiple languages, you are actually even boosting your memory. It is like two shots with one arrow.

2. Makes your selection easier in interviews

When you go for an interview in a company where languages’ versatility is required, you will give a better impression to the interviewer. Knowledge of multiple languages seems to be a blessing in disguise. Even when you work as a receptionist or a call receiver at a call center, you need to talk to various people of different backgrounds; knowing multiple languages certainly works to your advantage. Companies would definitely prefer people who can make their clients feel comfortable, making them feel they are at home by speaking their own mother tongue.

3. Romance between you and your partner gets a different taste

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Sometimes ‘te amo’ (Spanish word meaning ‘I love you’) seems sweeter to your partner than a usual ‘I love you.’ When your partner wants a different taste, you can certainly write a poem for your partner in another language and read it to her/him, which will pleasantly surprise her/him. I assure you he/she will be over the moon by seeing you do these small and sweet things.

4. Makes your traveling easier

Knowing the language of a particular place increases your scope of making friends from that place which turns out to be really helpful, and traveling around the place seems to dine a dozen. So, knowing different languages of different places can always be a real advantage for anyone.

5. Makes shopping cheaper

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You can consider it a stroke of pure luck, but knowing the language of some other region’s shopkeeper can sometimes give you a good discount. For example, if you are talking to a shopkeeper from Spain in Australia and you know Spanish well, you will benefit. If you wish to buy beer bottles from him, which he sells at no lesser price than its MRP, your Spanish will make him feel closer to you in an alien land, and you won’t even need to strike the bargain because sometimes the shopkeeper will give a discount by himself. The discount will be a relief to you like a discount on an arm and a legging material matters a lot to us always.

Learning multiple languages certainly makes you a linguistic genius, but love and kindness are common worldwide and bind people of all different languages in a single bond. So, always be kind and shower your heart’s love to the world.

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I don't need admiration, I need criticism. I think critics helps me to improve more as I am in my early days as a writer, ya I am an infant in writing.

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