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14 Amazing Advantages of Knowing Different Languages

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 What are the perks of knowing different languages?

We adults usually wonder what the purpose of knowing different languages when we are working well with one or two languages that we already know is. Moreover, we do not feel comfortable with the idea of understanding and learning a foreign language language in our adulthood.

However, gone are the times when the reasons behind not being able to learn a new language are that the language is hard for you, you have no idea about the techniques of learning a language, you are unable to afford its expense, or you will have a tough time pronouncing it.

knowing different languages

In today’s world, there are a variety of online sources and language learning apps that are entirely free of cost and easily downloadable on your devices. To know about the apps that are offering you free language courses by fantastic tutors and study materials, Click here.

Are you aware that a child is capable of learning 6 to 7 languages simultaneously, and so are we adults? However, you may still wonder what the purpose of learning a second language?

14 Advantages of Knowing Different Languages that Will Change Your Perspective Towards Them

1. Adapt to the World That is Changing Rapidly


With innovations in technology, our world is continually changing. In present times, we are all connected globally through modern technology. So just imagine your plight knowing only one language and unable to communicate with the person in front of you who speaks a different language from yours.

You can be of no help to the other person, even if your intention is so. You as well the person with whom you intend to communicate, would not be able to comprehend each other.

So it is far better knowing different languages and especially the ones that will help you professionally or otherwise to be able to communicate with people across the globe.

2. Improve Your Brain Power

brain power

It is right up to a great extent. You may generally think that learning new languages just occupies your memory unnecessarily, but that is not true at all. Learning a foreign language will indeed sharpen your mind and boost brainpower.

Start with understanding just a few words of a new language or maybe only one word a day. Learning even a word will give you a sense of accomplishment and is a great start to keep on learning courageously.

3. Get Yourself a Variety of Career Choices

career choices

Candidates who speak multiple languages grab better career opportunities than others. Companies preferably hire people who can communicate with people around the globe.

Knowing different languages also shows your willingness to learn new things, which is a big positive for you as a candidate looking for a job or even if you are working at present but want to improve your CV.

This also improves your chances of being sent to work internationally by your boss.

You might want to know which foreign languages are the most in-demand for your career. Click on the link below to go through the list of languages that will improve your career.

Foreign Languages in Demand

4. Make the Most of Your Travel Experiences


If you are traveling abroad for work or just for a vacation, knowing the local language of the place you are in will not only make you familiar and comfortable with the area but also help you enjoy your experience.

In other words, if you know the language of a place, you will be able to break social barriers and enjoy the local life. Talking about languages, French is one of the languages that is multiplying and becoming popular among people.

Here is a link that will guide you on how to move ahead with learning French.

5. Become a Multitasker


Once you master a foreign language, you are easily able to switch between languages as per your convenience. Though many people are unaware of this fact, this ability helps you a lot in changing tasks, which is the need of this age, whether it be for personal or for your professional life.

Even for bilingual children, knowing different languages acts as a booster to perform well in the academic area too.

6. Enhance Your Decision-making skill

decision making

In various studies, it has been found that for people knowing different languages, making decisions is a more straightforward process.

This is because learning a new language is not just about its vocabulary and grammar rules. Apart from these, one also starts comprehending regional expressions with accuracy and understand the hidden meaning behind it.

7. Open the Way to Happiness and Contentment


 Although it is too big to be a claim,  it so natural to be happy and excited about the progress you have made or the goals you have accomplished in any field.

And so it is with knowing different languages. When you reach your target of learning even a few words for the day, it leads to increased happiness, as proved by studies.

8. Make Your Communication Skills Better

communication skills

When you start learning a foreign language, you begin observing and comparing the similarities and differences between the original speech and your native language. This also makes you notice the grammar, vocabulary, writing of your language in a better way.

So knowing different languages will help you become a better communicator in your native language.

9. Learning Another Language Will be a Cakewalk

Once you have a command over a foreign language and start speaking more than one language, you will observe that the process you had gone through while learning the first language can be applied to all the different languages too. The techniques are the same while learning all languages.

So after learning one new language, learning another one is a thousand times easier as your brain is now aware of the grammar, syntax, and other elements of a language that are needed to understand it.

10. Strengthen Your Memory

Strengthen memory

We have all heard of a phrase related to our memory that either we can use it or we lose it otherwise. The better we use our brains, the better our brain functions.

A simple fact is that knowing multiple languages is just not about cramming words. You also need to be able to remember the rules and even able to apply that knowledge while using the language. This is an excellent exercise for our brain and helps it to function more efficiently.

11. Your First Language Will be Improved Automatically

learn language

Going through the process of learning a new language makes you more aware of the elements in your first language, whether it be vocabulary, sentence structure.

Also, knowing different languages gradually makes you a good listener, so you can interpret and judge things in a better way.

12. Become and Stay Smarter for Long

knowing different languages

When you speak more than one language, it improves your brain power and consequently, your problem-solving skills.

It has also been seen that multilingual students usually score high on standardized tests, as compared to monolingual ones. A significant reason for this is also that knowing different languages improves your logic and makes you more rational.

13. Develop Your Creative Side


When you are in the process of understanding and acquiring a new language, you automatically start experimenting with all the words and phrases that you add to your vocabulary.

Also, when you are unable to remember a word or a phrase, you tend to search for an alternate one. This develops your ability to find alternative solutions to a single problem. This type of thinking which you grow is called divergent thinking.

So all of this means that indirectly, you are continually working on your creative side.

14. Build Confidence in You


We all are instantly attracted or inspired by confident people. Everyone prefers the company of a person who is self-confident instead of someone who is continuously nervous and unsure of himself.

When you are about to learn a language on your own, you start believing in yourself more and continuously remind yourself of the phrase  “Yes, I can !” The same applies the same to any new skill that you acquire.

Even if you are shy to talk to people, taking their help to improve your speaking skills of a language you have just learned is a great ice breaker.

There is another important thing you need to keep in mind when starting to learn a new language. Always set small and achievable targets, either on a weekly or even a daily basis. This keeps you going, and also, if you are not able to fulfill your goal for the day, you can renew your determination the next day and not give up.

Also, do not focus on the time you are taking to learn. Every person has this own pace of learning and which is fine. What is important is that you are taking the steps forward and are willing to do something many people hesitate to do.

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