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Top 15 Cool Math Games to Engage Your Child

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What are some of the cool math games to engage your child? This is a question that every parent and teacher has at some point. Today, we will list some of the cool math games to engage your child as well as students!

With an increase in technology, the impact of the internet is on all the generations. It is inevitable to keep a child away from the digital world. Most adults are concerned about their children. There is a fear of a child becoming idle by being always around TV and games.

With some negative points of this growing interest of children in digital technology, there is some positive aspect as well. This article will tell you about the best cool math games to engage your child in.

The digital world has several open gates for learning for children as well. Multiple games are interactive and increase the cognitive level of kids. It challenges the traditional learning method and makes learning fun for children.

Cool Math Games for Your Kids

Mental math problems are always exciting. With increasing awareness of child psychology. The new modern method of learning has replaced traditional methods. Even if you don’t want your child to engage in virtual learning games, there are several live-action games you can try. These interactive games make your child discover concepts of the subject on their own.

There are several games specially made for learning purposes. Your child can learn arts, science, and math subjects while playing these games. These games are incredibly interactive.

Hence, along with learning, your child can develop skills like problem-solving and other social skills. In this article, I will suggest top cool math games to engage your child. It will not include virtual games but some real-life action games as well.


cool math games to engage your child

1. Tic-Tac-Toe

Set a pair of students against each other. Give them a sheet of paper, which is divided into squares. Divide the paper into three vertical lines and three horizontal lines. Fill each box with different mathematical questions.

The students have to fill the box by solving the questions. This way, they can make three X and three O by solving the math problems. This is a fun, competitive, and problem-solving math game. Hence, it makes the game one of the best cool math games to engage your child.

2. Get the math

Get math is a website where your children can be engaged in different activities. They can take different challenges where they can learn math with problem-solving skills. It also makes your kid learn in real-life situations.

Young professionals explain to children how they use math in their field. It includes fields like video games, fashion designing, and others. This sparked interest in the kids in math and other areas. The challenges assigned are in the form of fun, interactive games.

3. Simon Says

An interactive game like Simon Says can improve a child’s ability to understand basic geometry. Through this game, children’s understanding of basic geometry gets strong. You are the Simon in this game.

You need to demand to illustrate angles and shapes. For example, you can request them to make a triangle or a perpendicular line. Speed up the pace of your demand. Continue the game until only one student left, who is the winner.

4. A game of initials

Pass a single sheet of paper with different math problems. The children have to fill the entire sheet with a solution. However, there is a catch; the children won’t fill their sheets. They will walk around the class and fill the sheets of other students.

They can fill only one question per sheet and have to write their initials after every solution. The student who scores to have maximum initials is the winner. This game increases not only their ability to solve math problems but also their social skills.

They are not only achieving their goals but also helping others to reach theirs as well. Hence, this is a must game to mention in the list of top cool math games to engage your child with.

5. Stand up kids

This game is straightforward. If you think your students are getting idle by sitting and learning, you can teach math with some physical activity. The principal (whoever is in charge) will call out the number.

If the answer to the equation is that number, then students will stand up. Otherwise, the student will remain seated. For example, you call the number is greater than 10. If the answer is more significant than ten, then students will stand up.

6. The card game

This is one of the best cool math games to engage your child. In this game, you can give them a pair of cards. The value of the card is pre-decided. For example-

Queen – 30

Ace – 60

King – 40

Joker – 10

After a set of cards is given to children. You can provide instructions according to the age and class of the student. For example, for younger kids, you can ask them to subtract a smaller number by more prominent. For more mature kids, ask them to divide or multiply, whoever has the highest number will win.

Top 15 Cool Math Games to Engage Your Child 1

7. National Library of Virtual Manipulations

It is a virtual website, best for learning math for your kids. Utah State University creates this virtual website. This university’s base concept is student engagement improvement.

They provide different activities for teachers. Some targeted manipulative task helps in student engagement activity. For each grade, there are various tasks. For example, for 8th grade, there would Geo-board of perimeters and area.

8. Prodigy

Prodigy is an excellent virtual game which can turn math into a fun-loving game. The kids have to compete with a virtual character like Pokemon. To win against the character, the child needs to answer a set of questions correctly.

The questions can be pre-decide or customized by the teacher. The teacher can customize the items according to the student trouble spots.

9. Math Playground

Math playground is the best virtual site for making math a fun-learning subject. The website has plenty of puzzles, riddles, and problem-solving activities related to math subjects.

This website is the safest ground for children to explore new concepts of math at their own pace.

10. Math vs. Monster

This game is excellent for putting your child multiplication skills on the test. It is a virtual game where a child has to answer a math multiplication, or a monster eats them.

It is not a violent game as it sounds. It is a fun, competitive game for children. It provides the best cool math games to engage your child.

Since we see some cool math games to engage your child, here are some ways to improve math skills. 

11. Tug of war

This game is the ultimate tug of war with a math twist. There are two teams. Each team has to solve multiple equations. Each team has to answer questions correctly in the minimum time possible.

More sums they solve, and more rope is pulled at their side. This builds your child’s ability to work in a team and social skills along with math skills.

12. Sudoku

This is the oldest math game, and it has to be famous for years. This game is not as fun as others are, but it is an excellent way to put your child in an engaging and problem-solving activity. They have to fill the numbers in a sequence horizontally and vertically. You can also set some time limit to make it more challenging.

Top 15 Cool Math Games to Engage Your Child 2


13. Cool Math games

Cool math game is a game website app where they train your child’s logical thinking abilities. They do that by giving them various challenges. There are multiple strategic thinking games made for every age group of children.

This website is perfect if your kid finds math boring. This website makes math enjoyable, and it doesn’t spoon-feed your child and make them learn at their own pace.

These educational games are free and help to improve the critical thinking ability of your child. Some of the featured games on this game are math venture, calculate this, swap sums, etc. This website is not only for learning math for other subjects as well.

Visit the website for making math learning fun. You can also play them free online anytime you want.

14. Math games

It not only provides free math online games, but you can also find printable math worksheets for your child or students. This website offers an adaptive-learning facility through fun math games.

Math is a subject that should be practice daily, and it could be annoying for kids. This website will make them practice math along with the enjoyment factor. This will help your kid not to hate the subject as most kids do while growing up.

If your child or student lacks behind in one particular area of math, then you can also build customized assignments.

You can download these games. You can track your child’s progress as well. The site also provides digital textbooks. It is a safe ground to make your child enhance your math skills.

Visit the website for fun math games. Some of these online math games are surely fun.

15. ABCya!

This website target kids in kindergarten. This website helps the various abilities of your toddler. It helps in making them understand basic math, numbers, small multiplications, pattern recognition, and many more.

The games on this website are simple, and the graphics the games are a colorful catch. This captures the attention of your child quickly. Some game requires parents and teachers to read instructions for kids.

Kids could independently play some games. Every month fresh content is added. Parents can also control the game category access.

Visit the website for fun math games.

There are various other games available, and this article is listing best out of best. If your child is found of video games, there are several video games available targeting to improve the cognitive and logic skills of your child. These were the best cool math games to engage your child.

If your child is looking to develop on their math concepts, you know where to start. Let us know what you are thinking. If you more games to suggest, please share them with us.

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