Top 5 Everyday Things We Forget

Top 5 Everyday Things We Forget 1


Is it probable for our brains to transport endless commands within and function vigorously 24*7 hours? Can our brains retain more matter than their optimum capacity can with-hold? In our day-to-day lives, we often impose too many directives inside our heads, then our heads can sustain, that we tend to fail in recalling core and essential necessities of our livings. In order to evoke complicated terms, we disregard and neglect trivial incidents that eventually provokes us to make it a habit of forgetting minute things every day.

The following are the topmost five things that we over and over again tend to forget in our daily lives:

  1. Cell phone – Under the hypnotism of the blissful moments of our existence, our casual conversations with peers and relatives, the influence of new digital technology and the introduction and modification of latest electronic gadgets has made our lives flow smoothly and requires less labour. Such carefree lives give rise to our habit of forgetting the major invention that smooths the progress of an effective communication and reduces our hardships, i.e. cell the phone.New_Mobile_CellPhone_Infos


2. Birthdays and anniversaries of buddies and family members- In our hustle and bustle we are predisposed in overlooking the birthdays and anniversaries of our friends, relatives and, rarely, even of our parents. Despite all our attempts in joggingour memories to remind ourselves of such special occasion, we fail to recall them and it, most of the times, strikes our mind on an ensuing day. This practice not only disintegrates our fervent contacts with our close ones but also generates the feeling of remorse in our hearts.


3. Names- It seems too convoluted to bear in mind the name and designation of all the persons we encounter, just in a single day. Since we have to deal with numerous people daily, we mostly forget the names, the very next moment they are conveyed to us. Even after a few months of unremitting reminders, the names just flows out of our heads like liquids.



4. Home Assignments- Whether in school, college or work place, we frequently fail to remember the home assignments or home works endowed over us. We are so preoccupied with endless tasks and gaiety that carelessly neglect the assignments that are essential to be completed before deadline, and the worst part is that we are reminded by our brains just an hour before the assignment must be submitted.


5. Medicines- From children to elders, the majority of humankind tend to forget to take their pills and medicines as per the prescribed schedule of the doctors that causes a radical outcome. We invite misfortune by neglecting the importance of gulping the pills on time and often play with our health in a roundabout (1)

In order to prevent ourselves from falling into such customs of forgetting, we must ensure that our brain gets a complete rest of at least eight to ten hours, especially young children, and take a proper and healthy diet, after all, a hale and hearty soul is the route to sharp and intellect memory.

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