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There are many qualities which a partner wants from each other. But the most important are-
1. Trustworthiness- trust is one of the essential and the most important qualities which every partner in a relation wants from each other. Trust binds the link between partners and also helps in making it secure. Without trust, there is no point for any partner to live in.


2. Respect – Respect is the key of the relation. The other partners value the other partner interest a part of their own. Respect is one of those qualities helps to maintain healthy and sustainable lasting relationship between the partners. If any partner does not respect any decision of another partner, then they are not good enough for you.


3. Honesty- Everyone wants that their partner is honest and lives with integrity. Lying is not good for the long lasting relation between the partners. Every partner wants that their partner is honest and does not lie in any situation. Nothing can play a more destructive impact on the partners than dishonesty and deception.


4. Loyal- loyalty plays an essential part between two partners. Every partner wants that their partner is loyal towards them and does not cheat at any point in time.


5. Understandable- Understanding is one of the must qualities between the partners. Both the partners wants that they understand each other and empathize.

Reading eyeglasses and eye chart
Reading eyeglasses and eye chart

6. Openness- in every relation each partner want that their partner is open minded and undefended. No human being is perfect, so finding the person who is approachable can be a great lasting union. The openness is also an indication of the partner interest in personality development and relationship development.


7. Affection- the partner would be affectionate and is responsive on many levels of life, i.e., physically, mentally, and emotionally. Being open towards both the receiving and giving affection adds a great feeling to both the partners.


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