5 Traits Only An Ardent Book Lover Would Possess

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Brunda Rajesh
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If you are reading this, you are a book lover, so smile, pat your back, and read on. You’ll be glad to find out that you are a book lover because you are blessed with traits and personalities that nobody else has!

Book lovers live hundred different lives

Harry potter series
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Yep..not a hundred years but a hundred different lives. They are the protagonists – they dance, they kill, they help, they forgive, they cry, and they lose. While reading a book, the characters are possessed by the characters and run in a space parallel to them, living their stories, knowing their lives while living their own lives perpetually.

1.Book Lovers can understand people better

Yes, these people have that incredible power to fit into anybody’s shoes, understand their circumstances and be the person of a bigger heart to let go of the tiff.

Woman reading a book
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If you have a friend who is a book lover, cherish them, for they are precious. They will help you in all your ordeals and often comfort you with just their words.

2.They are wise, experienced people

Because of the plethora of books(and the knowledge) that make it to their shelves, book nerds are often the wiser ones compared to their non-reader counterparts.

They read stories of wars and deaths, rainbows and promises, smiles and cries, and the people worldwide. They would know a soldier, a mother, a baby, a beggar, a doctor, and anybody out there.

3.Time never matters

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It’s the middle of the night and you see a bed light switched on and see them wailing over something hiding their face under the books? Oops, they are crying; there might be an untimely death of a character, a sacrifice of love by their favorite character for the greater good..you can’t guess. Rather you need to be there, right beside them, consoling them.

Yes! It’s just a character BUT a really important person for the book lover!

4.They are huge fans of the authors-Even the dead ones


The authors are like guardian angels to all book lovers.

Charles dickens
By historyextra.com

These people often fall in love with the works of authors (perhaps dead centuries ago…they bring the writers back to life by responding to their works)

Because nothing beats reading a good book!


5.They love letters 

I know the era of letters is gone, and the post offices aren’t crowded anymore, but if you were sweet enough to write a letter with a beautiful message in it, it would be treasured and valued for years to come.


They love taking the crisp letter, inhaling in the aroma of paper and ink splashed with feelings and emotions. They treasure it like diamonds –  it’s a fact and the truth!

They aren’t made of words. They are made of love.



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