Travel Tips for a Happy Vacation

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Travel Tips for a Happy Vacation 1

Travel Tips for a Happy Vacation 2

Traveling to new places, whether internationally or domestically, is one of the most beautiful escape from the day to day monotonous life. With that being said, traveling is not the easiest thing in the world, there are some stressors which can make it a little difficult, but they can be avoided.

Here are some quick hacks to make the vacations more comfortable and more memorable:

Scan the passport, tickets, and other documents and mail them to yourself. In a case of any unfortunate event of losing the said documents, you will have a back-up.

While packing for the vacation roll the clothes instead of folding them, the trick will save a considerate amount of space.

Mark your luggage as fragile, not only will it make your luggage handled carefully, your luggage will be placed at the top, hence being the first to be released.

If you are going for a foreign vacation, make a call to your debit or Credit Card Company to make sure you are authorized to use the card abroad.

If the airline’s policies allow, make sure to carry your own water.

Most people don’t pay attention to this- carry a pen for your vacation.

make a visit to the washroom 20 minutes prior to the landing; before the seatbelt signs are on. Washrooms are mostly filled after landing.

After landing, make sure the first thing you do is go to the baggage claim, the rush at the baggage claim can surprise you so the best idea is to save yourself a place there.

Use ATMs to get the local currency instead of the currency exchange, this way you can save a little money (the exchange fee). The local ATMs obviously always dispense local currency.

When you arrive at the hotel, do not unpack completely, take out only things which are important and keep them back in the bag after using it. It will save a lot of time and effort of re-packing at the time of returning.

Eat at local places only. Not only will it give you the taste of the taste you are visiting, it will also save you some money. Save your craving for McDonals and KFC for when you are back home.

Follow the laws and customs of the lace you are visiting. For instance, if you are visiting a place where short dresses are not appreciated, don’t wear them there. Do your research in advance.

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