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Life, in its million little ways, offers us a new perspective every day. With each lesson, we grow, we learn, and we change. But the cruelest thing life does to us is that it gives us happiness, momentary happiness, and then takes it away in the blink of an eye. To survive is to live; to live is to love. To wait for love is eternity; to have love is a dream and to dream is to live. Life without love is perhaps not living at all. And this is what Twilight is about.

By luchschenF/ Shutterstock

Looking at the horizon,

A whisper turned into a roar.

As twilight looked over dawn to dusk,

I plucked the strings.

A song from the cottage to the shore,

Knowing what I did in the dark.

Was I even there?

Fading away with each tear.

Trying to touch you,

To be your sinner tears me apart.


The moon shines over the rhythmic smoke,

As it trembles its way through,

To your face, clinging to the soothing light.

I never knew when,

You became the beating of this heart.

Never needed to,

Because my songs saw them coming through.

The footprints on the shore of time,

Though being washed away by the seas of space,

Had etched themselves on the skies of my heart.

Once again, the strings played the symphony,

As we braid over the whispers of dawn.

To Love; To Know; To Explore.

My whole life laid for.


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