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The Unexplained Death of Edgar Allan Poe’s Foster Mother Frances Allan

Before jumping right into this, we must know about Edgar Allan Poe.

PriyanaJahnvi Bhateja By Priyana Jahnvi Bhateja

Did the Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter Really Involve Aliens?

The 1950s and 60s were filled with UFO sightings. One of them

Saiee@123 By Saiee@123

What is the Warminster Thing Mystery All About?

Tell me honestly, how much do you believe in UFOs or aliens?

Saiee@123 By Saiee@123

The Unexplained Death of Kurt Cobain- Explored in 5 Points

It’s hard to find a classic rock fan who doesn’t know about

Arithra Biswas By Arithra Biswas

What Happened to Philip Seymour Hoffman?

When you think about actors who have died an untimely death, chances

Arithra Biswas By Arithra Biswas

The Unexplained Death of Jonbenét Ramsey: Everything You Need to Know in 4 Points

The death of JonBenét Ramsey has been widely debated and discussed since it

Sarah Fernandes By Sarah Fernandes

How Did Josef Mengele Die?

Josef Mengele, a psycho Nazi Doctor, was also known as the 'Angel

Mithila By mithila_

The Boy in the Box- An Unsolved Mystery Case

Joseph Augustus Zarelli (Jan13, 1953 - February 1957), a little boy whose

Shadka Ashrafi By Shadka Ashrafi

How Did Glenn Miller Disappear?

One of the most iconic figures of all time in the field

Mithila By mithila_

The Unexplained Death of Alexander Litvinenko: 5 Facts to Know

Alexander Litvinenko was a former KGB  officer who specifically tackled organized crime.

halderpayal By halderpayal

The Tamam Shud Case: Mystery Solved After 75 years?

Tamam shud means 'is over' or 'is finished' in Persian. But what about the Tamám Shud

Mithila By mithila_

The Axeman of New Orleans: 3 Interesting Theories to Know About

The axeman of New Orleans makes you afraid of sleeping. What if

halderpayal By halderpayal

The Flatwoods Monster: 3 Unforgettable Encounters

What are the Flatwoods monster? What are they? Are they monsters or

Mithila By mithila_

The Mystery of Jimmy Hoffa’s Disappearance

Hoffa entangled himself with a new jersey mob to get rid of

Mithila By mithila_

The Unexplained Death of Notorious B.I.G

Christopher George Latore Wallace, by the stage name of Notorious B.I.G or

Mithila By mithila_

The Phoenix Lights Incident : UFOs & Argumentative Speculations

The Phoenix lights incident is something of a bafflement. It has been

Manas Saini By Manas Saini

The Unexplained Disappearance Of The Anjikuni Village

Do you know that the unexplained disappearance of the Anjikuni village is still