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Unlock Do’s & Dont’s of Fun Crystal Ball Reading!

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It’s the cliché and banal image of a fortune-teller – a woman wearing a long headscarf, waving her arms over a crystal ball and conjuring up snapshots of that evasive, always on the move tall, dark, good-looking stranger – but a crystal ball is still to this day a very beneficial tool to be kept in your psychic box. Crystal ball reading is accessible to everyone, and even though it can be really tough at first, it’s undoubtedly something that you can get better at with consistent practice.

Crystal Ball Reading
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If you’re an amateur to crystal ball reading or the art of scry, the snapshots perhaps won’t make sense in the beginning, or you might not see any pictures at all. Don’t let this bring down your morale. Crystal ball reading requires a good amount of time and sincere practice to perfect. The more you practice working on your crystal ball reading, the finer you will get at it.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to work on your crystal ball reading skills.

  1. Position the crystal ball on a counter or desk in front of you.
  2. Seat yourself and let it all hang out, concentrating on your breathing.
  3. For 2 minutes, position your palms on the crystal ball and concentrate all your energy on it.
  4. Envision and contemplate your question for the psychic ball or say it out in the open.
  5. Now take your palms off the crystal ball.
  6. Take a long look at the crystal ball, letting your eyes to relax and become unfocused.
  7. Once you are able to see the smoke forming inside of the crystal ball, give it sufficient time until you see an image starting to build or construct.

A Set of DO’s & DON’T’s to Be Taken Care of While Practising Crystal Ball Reading

1. Not All Crystal Balls Are Clear, Choose Ball of Your Preferred Gemstone-

The majority of crystal balls are formed of glass. Still, you may be shocked to know that a superior quality crystal ball doesn’t necessarily have to be crystal-clear – you can also make use of crystal balls made out of amethyst, smokey quartz, or as a matter of fact any other gemstone that you personally prefer. So how does it work, one might ponder when you’re required to see snapshots in the ball?

Well, it works as the images you see will be there in your mind’s eye, and not in the ball itself – a ball is nothing more than a tool for focusing your energy and causing your third eye to open. Out of so many alternatives, go for a ball that you personally feel is the right one for you, but at the same, make sure that it’s not too diminutive.

A larger-sized ball is at all costs better, as it’s simpler to focus on instead of a very diminutive crystal ball. When you bring your first crystal ball home, it’s an excellent idea to gently wash it in mild soapy water, just to clean away any surplus energies. Once you are done washing the ball, it’s only you who should hold, pick up, use and take care of it, and put it away safely from dirt when you are not using it.

Crystal Ball Reading
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2. Choose a Noiseless and Peaceful Space for Crystal Ball Reading-

To make use of the crystal ball, you need a noiseless and peaceful space where you will not be disturbed. If there is a place where you meditate, that would be perfect. A few people like to set the space by cleaning it with a smudge stick first, burning incense and playing some spiritual music.

If you are an amateur, it is best to practice crystal ball reading in a very dull room with dimmed light, even though skillful and long-serving crystal ball readers can and do read in broad daylight and even in strong sunshine. But if you are starting out, nevertheless, we strongly suggest that you turn off the lights, draw the curtains and light just two candles maximum. Make sure to put the candles behind you, so you don’t see too many reflections in the crystal ball itself.

3. Interpreting the Images You See on the Ball- the Correct Way

When you feel you are ready to start, hold the crystal ball for just a moment, and loosen up a little. If you have a particular question in mind, ask it in your mind right now, or maybe ask for you to be manifested, whatever will be most useful to you at this point of your life. Then position the ball onto its stand, or maybe onto a dark-colored cushion or fabric.

And start staring. Literally, you need to gaze at the ball intently. Make sure not to blink or to look away. Your stare should be held.

Yes, hold it. It does not make a difference (as a matter of fact, it might even help) if your vision becomes hazy or blurry. If you’re fairly decent at the Magic Eye pictures, you’ll be excellent at crystal ball reading! It may take a little time, but in due course, you should begin to see a mist form in or over the crystal ball.

Once you have reached this point, don’t let go of your concentration – the mist should clear quickly. After the mist clears itself quickly, you will start to see pictures. Do not forget – these pictures are in your mind’s third eye, not in the ball itself.

It may feel as if those images are in the ball, but do not let go of your gaze, but what you’re really seeing (those pictures) is in your mind’s third eye. Do not try to comprehend the images you see as they come along, because that will break your focus. The pictures should be left to come and go. When the sesh is over, trust that you will remember the most significant ones.

After a moment or two, the images will start to blur; the mist may even come back, or you might see nothing. At this point, you can finally let go of your gaze. Look away and let your eyes loosen up a little.

Then as soon as you feel relatively more relaxed and calmer, note down the images which came to your mind, to be contemplated and understood later. Turn on the lights of the room. Do not forget that the pictures you see are all symbolic in nature.

If you saw a crown, what might that denote, given your present situation? If you saw the color green, what does that imply? If you saw a hazy figure of someone, do you know this person?

Analyzing the images can be as confusing and overwhelming as getting them in the first place, but believe that this does become simpler with time and practice. You may even hear things associated with the scenes you see. It is just supplemental guidance and direction that your subconscious is extending to you! You should not neglect it at any cost.

crystal ball reading
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Few other things to keep in mind while interpreting images from crystal ball reading are –

a. What do you feel about words that are coming up?

b. Are you afraid of these images, or do they encourage you?

c. Try to craft a tale with three pictures of past, present, and future.

d. Always consider confirming with other tools such as tarot cards.

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Crystal Ball Reading
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4. Care About the Crystal Ball, It’s Delicate!

It’s absolutely essential to take care of the crystal ball, much like you would of a delicate piece of clothing. You must take the following steps for care and maintenance.

  • Charging: You have to do this before doing your first crystal ball reading. Position the ball in front of the full moonlight. For best results and the most accurate readings, you will have to do this for many nights. Do not position in strong sunshine, as this will weaken the accuracy of your readings.
  • Storage: Always and I repeat, always keep your crystal ball in a cloth, and store it away in a dark place, where no one else other than you can touch it.
  • Handling: You should be the only individual to use and even touch your crystal ball. Why? Because you do not wish for your crystal ball to be affected by other folk’s energies. If this happens, it will result in inaccurate readings.
  • Cleansing: You must also clean your ball before your first crystal ball reading. You can clean the ball by burning incense around your ball. You can also wash it with water and mild soap.

Some folks feel annoyed and irritated because they are unable to see images with clarity. This is completely acceptable, as you are just starting out, and crystal ball reading requires a lot of practice, so till then, go easy on yourself and don’t feel irritated.

If you see crystal clear images right away, good for you! But if you are not able to see crystal clear symbols immediately, just keep practicing your crystal ball reading and stay patient with yourself, until you get it right.

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, crystal ball reading is an outstanding method to assist you with your psychic ability. The more you practice, the more accurate your readings are. Trying to comprehend the powers of your subconscious mind is the key to unlatching your fears, and getting towards your most superior spiritual self. If you are looking to buy a Crystal Ball, click here.

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