7 Ways To Curb Your Impulsive Nature

7 Ways To Curb Your Impulsive Nature 1


Antagonism is the cause of all the regular predicaments. Anger is a human’s worst enemy. An impulsive person is similar to a drunkard. When a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he or she has no control over his actions and words and hence goes about thrashing and smashing people unconsciously, creating havoc everywhere he or she goes. Similarly, an impulsive person has no control over his or her actions and says or does things that give rise to infinite problems in his or her life. Therefore, it is extremely essential to have control over your over impulsive attitude before the devil ruins the pleasurable moments of your lives and shatter your life’s happiness into thousands of pieces. Here are seven ways to curb your impulsive nature:

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At any point in time, if you get an intuition in your mind, that things are just going out of control, or, your anger has reached the heights of danger, just take a deep breath and relax. Deep breaths exhale out negative energy from your heart and inhales the fresh, positive energy.

Most of the times, normal exercises fail to reduce your anger. So distract yourself from the thoughts that accelerate or initiate rage in your mind, by engaging yourself in leisure pursuits like listening to your favorite tracks, watching movies, reading books, etc.

Participating in various activities and keeping yourself engaged in those activities entirely, minimizes the anger that boils deep inside your brain and heart.

Most of the times, you feel that your rage won’t heal easily unless you ooze out your anger on someone. To feel relieved take a stuffed toy or a pillow and beat it continuously and with maximum force, unless you are content that your anger has vanished totally. download

Cry your heart out. The tears that flow out of your eyes carries out with it the anger that was burning you fiercely.

One of the best ways to reduce anger is too shout out aloud and scream to the fullest. It would cut your angry mood at one go.

Last, but not the least, share your burdens with your dear ones. They would help you to recover from your impulsive mood and cheer you up.

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