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What Causes Indecisiveness?

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The ones who can take decisions and stick to them do not realize how lucky they are. The inner conflict faced by those who cannot is not something anyone would wish for. While some go for impulsive and hasty decision making, others fumble with the list of pros and cons, not being able to decide what to do.

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With indecisiveness, comes stress. A simple thing like ordering food in a restaurant can make one stressed as they cannot decide what they should order. Quick decision making is a quality people appreciate. Indecision can make others doubt one and make them feel even less confident.


So, what causes indecisiveness? 

Some claim that it is the fear of taking up responsibilities. If one makes a decision, they are responsible for the consequences. They cannot put the blame on anyone else. So, they try to avoid it by procrastinating. This is mostly caused because of strict parenting. Often, over protective parents do not let their children take any decisions and decide everything for them. A child needs to be taught to make small decisions so that they can deal with more complex problems when they grow up.

Indecisiveness can be a result of taking a wrong decision in the past. Sometimes, people cannot seem to forgive themselves for their past mistakes. It results in them losing trust in their ability to make decisions. One fails to realize that different decisions lead to different roads. There is no perfect decision. People lose their sleep while chasing perfection when it is not necessary.

Two different directions
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So, what can people do to stop being indecisive? 

  • Listen to your heart– That sounds like a cheesy and stupid advice from a ROM-COM movie, but we cannot underestimate the capability of our instinct.
  • Take your time- It is totally fine not to come up with quick decisions. One needs to take as much time as is needed to make the most suitable decision. Hasty decisions are not always right.
  • Let go of the past mistakes- You cannot let one mistake of the past let you lose your self-confidence. Forgive and forget.

    Forgive and forget
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  • Get your priorities straight- The decisions that we make often affect others too. We need to be sure of our priorities before making these decisions.
  • Visualize the outcomes- Take your time to think about the several options and how they will affect your life. Choose the most suitable one.


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