What Do ‘Mirrors’ Tell You?

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Before we analyze what the mirror actually says, let us do this exercise. Now stop reading and for a minute, close your eyes and think about ‘Mirrors.

What did you see? A mirror that you use every day to do your make-up, good. A rear-view mirror of your car, cool. The mirrors that used to make a periscope work – wow, you are a scientist!

Now, what do you see in these mirrors – Yourself? The reality is that you see what you choose to see! This might seem a little confusing; let us clarify. When you stand in front of your dressing mirror, you see yourself- your face, your clothes! Now in a rear-view mirror, you see the vehicles behind you. These are the purposes of different types of mirrors, which come in different forms.

Sometimes, preferably on holiday, stand before the mirror and stare into it for a few moments. That is how even I realized that there is more than what a mirror shows. Whatever you see in the mirror is just a reflection, an image, with no life. But when you look carefully, it shows you ‘you’! Every decision you make today, how trivial it might seem, makes a huge impact on your tomorrow. The reflection that you see is what the decisions you have made, made you into. It is the entire past of yours just in a reflection, which you mostly choose to ignore! A mirror shows you your flaws, not only the flaws on the outside but also reflects the flaws that sit inside.

Think of what your younger self wanted you to become and what you have actually become! Are you successful? The determination in your eyes testifies the scars on your soul; every time you slipped and fell, it taught you how not to walk, every fall you had made you rise this tall, Every moment of your life made you what you are today!

Usually, you spend a lot of time in front of a dressing mirror, while it’s just a moment you spend looking into the rear-view mirror. The purpose varies. But wait, what did you use it for? That’s right, not only the historical background, even the physical background is in the mirror! (Remember those Hollywood movies – use a mirror around the corner to know who is there.) Everything happening behind you, the reflection tells you. You don’t need to look behind you; just its reflection in front gives you a lot of information. Observe the truth, for what happens behind your back is what is real. People show their real selves when they are sure that no one is looking at them!

The more time you spend analyzing the reflections, the more information you get and the more fascinated you’ll be to know that there is so much that a mirror has to offer to us! But that is not how it works. All this I have narrated because it’s all there. Keep looking into the mirror, and you lose yourself to it!

You cannot focus on everything every time! So how you use this wonderful object defines its purpose and utility. The longer you stare into the past, the more is the chance that you forget reality. The more you stare into the rear-view mirror, the more is the chance of you hitting the vehicle in front of you!

Remember that the mirror shows what is behind you and simultaneously BLOCKS what is in front of you. Careful about what you use it for and how you do it!

The mirror tells back what you tell it. Stare at it, your reflection stares back, smile, and you see the most beautiful you in the mirror. This is an important message that mirrors tell you. Be a reflection to people. “Treat them the way they treat you!” is not what I mean to say. Show them how bad they look when they are angry or sad, and show them how beautiful they are when they smile. Once they realize the reality, they will change, just like you did!

After all this, there is a very important factor that has the ability to change everything discussed so far!

We have been talking about the reflection in the mirrors, but what is the genesis of this reflection?

LIGHT. “ The source is the primary element which decides the efficiency of the outcome. A mirror doesn’t speak in the dark. Everything needs a trigger to work! Focus the light on the object, and you see its reflection in the mirror. Focus the light on the mirror; all you see is light!

Let us personify the source as the ‘Light of Thought.’ The mirror is your memory, giving the reflections of the events on which you focus your light of thought! You have control over the focus of the mirror and the source! Realizing that is the key to the most efficient use of the mirror.

So, know the purpose, choose the proper mirror, adjust your focus, know your control, use the reflective resource for the betterment, and never get lost staring into it! Spread happiness and true knowledge. Remember, there is a lot more in this world than what you know, and there are many worlds beyond your imagination.

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