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8 Things We Girls Say And Do

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I am a Mass Comm. graduate, love to click-write-post. Currently a fresher,and an explorer by nature.

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GIRLS! Like, pretty girls, tall girls, hot girls, geek girls,but above all CONFUSED SOUL. Haven’t we heard this quite often?? Like, in various articles, from our boyfriends, their friends etc.

We know we are confused and we are proud of it.8 Things We Girls Say And Do 1

But knowing us a bit more won’t do any harm. So, here are #8 common behaviors we show very often.

1. LOOKING IN THE MIRROR90s britney spears rose mcgowan makeup spice girls

I have to go to the shopLOOK IN THE MIRROR. (As if Hrithik Roshan is the shopkeeper)

I just now woke upLOOK IN THE MIRROR.

I called my friend– LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND TALK (as if JENSEN ACKLES is looking at us from inside).8 Things We Girls Say And Do 2


Yes, we girls will never leave our mirror alone! *wink wink*8 Things We Girls Say And Do 32. You can be friends with your X , I don’t mind 

And deep inside our  tea pot mind, we start imagining things like- HE CHATTING WITH HIS “X”, COMING TO ME AND CONFESSING HIS LOVE FOR HER, AND ME “THE POOR SOUL” WITH STONE IN MY HEART DECIDES TO DANCE IN THEIR WEDDING………. BLIMEY!8 Things We Girls Say And Do 4

Please, don’t dig your own grave. Not all men are true men, some are there who searche for simple opportunities and by doing this, you are actually giving them the license to do anything ( ANYTHING means A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!). Make your priorities really clear and sorted, if you are looking for a future with your partner ( vice-versa), then from the beginning clear your points and yes always rememberMEN ARE DOGS and its our duty to teach them their duty. 

3. Admire men with beards and folded sleevesBeFunky Collagemadhavanvad

Oh yes! We find them the hottest and the rarest combination too. I mean, how often do we just look at R.MADHAVAN or AKSHAY KUMAR and ponder over the fact that – WHY ARE THEY  SO HOT?? BURP!!  But, please not all men WOO us, they have to be like real MEN, who knows their responsibilities.

4. Endless Mood Swings8 Things We Girls Say And Do 5

This, I have witnessed many a times, both with myself and my friends. I mean, at one point we are laughing and giggling away, then at some the other point (just a few minutes later), we become like hungry tigers– SAY A WORD AND YOU ARE GONE!  One of the strong reasons of these endless swings is *pont no #3* and many other stupid behaviors we do or have done in the past.

5. Looking into horoscope daily

This actually is cute, funny and superstitious at the same time. No matter how hard we deny the fact that we don’t judge ourselves by our horoscopeWE DO follow them anne hathaway funny face princess diaries mood swings  We match our boyfriend’s horoscope with their X’s to check their “once upon a time” compatibility (WITH A SARCASTIC LAUGH). BLIMEY!!


6. Open the wardrobe and ponder

WHAT SHALL I WEAR TODAY?? 8 Things We Girls Say And Do 6

The everyday problem we face. We have so many clothes hanging out there, yet, we feel clueless all the time. CAN ANYBODY HELP US??   ( AT YOUR OWN RISK..)

7. Feel disgusted and decide to go the HIMALAYASLisa Vertudaches adventure time quotes inspiration fan art

Oh Hell! Who said only boys feel like going to the Himalayas, we girls also need a break. Juggling between family and boy-friend, we somehow become messed up and turn black and white sad upset screwed Like, trying to impress mom, trying to calm-down my boy-friend…zzzzzzzzz.. WHERE AM I?? WHAT ABOUT MY FEELINGS?? PLEASE, IT’S NOT POSSIBLE FOR US TO CHOOSE BETWEEN MOM and BOY-FRIEND..!!

8. SELFIE! SELFIE! SELFIE! SELFIE8 Things We Girls Say And Do 7We don’t need any occasion or reason to take selfies, we just need a good light along with a good space, and then *CLICK CLICK* *POST POST* (Look who’s talking, ME, I post selfies like…..;) you know it right..)8 Things We Girls Say And Do 8
But, you know what, after a long day, we love to look into the camera and pose with a smile or pout, because these simple things are the ones that keeps our mind, body, heart and soul  relaxed.


I can go on and on and on with the list! But, no matter how much confused or messed up we look or behave, if we decide something, then we, with all our heart and work hard will make it happen.8 Things We Girls Say And Do 9

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I am a Mass Comm. graduate, love to click-write-post. Currently a fresher,and an explorer by nature.

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