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What Does Your Hand Say About You? A Bit of Palmistry!

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You do many things with your hand like write, type, eat, wash, hold, push, cook, and many more. But do you know, your hands can reveal your personality too?

Shocked! Aren’t you?

Yes, that’s true; the lines of your palm, shape, and length of your fingers say a lot about you.

Want to find out more? Just read further.

Lines of your Palm

When you look at your palm, you will see that it has thousands of lines. Each line carries some importance and meaning. There are three basic lines, easily recognizable – Heart Line, Head Line, and Life line.

Heart Line

This line tells you about matters related to the heart, like your emotions and your love life, hence named Heart Line. It faces the top of your palm and starts either from the index finger, middle finger or between them. They vary in length and shape and can be categorized as.

ShortIt shows that you are self-oriented and love to be alone.

Long– It shows that you are partner-loving and often regarded as perfect partners.

WavyIt shows that you have many love relationships but are not serious towards any.

Head Line

This line tells you about how you think; hence, it is named the Head line as it deals with your Brain. It is the indicator of your knowledge and creativity. It can be short, long, and wavy.

Short It says you are practical in nature.

Long– It says you have an excellent memory and longer attention span.

Wavy– It says you are restless, unstable, and have a short attention span.

Life Line

Your life line is the indicator of your health and immunity; hence, named Life line. But it should not be confused with the living span of one’s life. Short Life Line does not mean a short life and vice-versa. It can be short, long, and wavy.

ShortIt indicates that you have the ability to overcome your health problems.

Long– It indicates that you have good health and stamina.

Wavy– It shows that there are some problems regarding your health which can be mental or physical.


fingers - palmistry

Just as your palm says a lot about you, so do your fingers. We can study fingers by dividing them into two categories: fingers’ shape and the length of fingers.

Shape of Fingers

Just as your palm, your fingers also have different shapes. Each finger shape signifies its importance and its meaning. It can be divided based on four shapes-Square fingers, Pointed fingers, Conic fingers, and Spatulate fingers.

  • Square fingers

If the tip of your fingers forms a square shape, you are said to have square fingers. This indicates that you have a realistic approach and only believe in facts. You are punctual and do all of your work on or before time. You are serious about your life.

  • Pointed fingers

If the tip of your fingers is pointed, then it is said that you have pointed fingers. It says you have an unrealistic approach towards life and are sensitive to nature. Also, sometimes you live in a dreamy world and have a hard time accepting something real.

  • Conic fingers

If your finger’s tip ends in a conic shape, then you have conic fingers. It shows you are witty and intuitive in nature. You believe others easily; hence, one can persuade you easily. Often a feeling of confusion rules your mind.

  • Spatulate fingers

If your finger’s tip is broad and flatter at the end, then you are said to have Spatulate fingers. It says you are intelligent, positive, and energetic in life. You are said to have helpful nature and have the potential to become successful in life.

Length of Fingers

palmistry - hands

The length of a finger does not mean an individual finger’s length. It is the comparison of the length of the Ring Finger to the Index Finger. On this basis, it can be categorized into three parts –

  • Ring finger longer than the Index finger

If your Ring finger is longer than your Index finger, then you are charming and magnetic. You are aggressive and compassionate. You have an inbuilt quality of being master problem solvers.

  • Ring finger smaller than the Index finger

If your Ring finger is smaller than your Index finger, then you are confident. You are goal-oriented and cannot be distracted easily. You are never satisfied with whatever you have.

  • The ring finger and Index finger are equal.

If your Ring finger and Index finger are of equal length, then you are peaceful, and also, you don’t like to get into any conflict. You don’t like to be alone. You are loyal towards your relationships and are caring in nature.

So, considers the above facts and look for your personality instead of asking others about it. These are very effective ways to know about yourself. Try this thing at once, and you will surely realize how accurate it is.

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