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What Does Your Handwriting Say About Your Personality?

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The study of handwriting is termed as graphology or writing analysis. This can be used to access 5000 different types of personality and so is actively used by firms to evaluate the candidates before employing them. It helps in accessing very minute details like your aggressiveness, ego, dominance, confidence and so on. Graphology also helps resolve legal matters by analyzing the originality of any signature. It is also used to check couple compatibility by studying their behavioral traits. Its use in the medical field can also not be denied as it serves as an aid in diagnosis and tracking of disease.

Letter size:

graphologyIf you write large letters this shows that you are an extrovert, people oriented and attention lover. This also means that put up a confident position of yours.

If you write average letters, it means you adjust easily and can adapt according to the needs of your surrounding.

If you small letters, it shows that you are an introvert, studious, concentrated and meticulous.

Spacing between words:

If you prefer wide spacing, it means that you love your freedom and enjoy it. You avoid being over whelmed and crowded.

If you prefer narrow spacing, it means that you fear standing alone and prefer to crows people and be intrusive.


If you don’t slant your letters you have control over your emotions and you prefer to be logical and practical.

If you slant to the right you have a welcoming nature towards new experiences and people.

If you slant to the left, you tend to keep to yourself and generally like working behind the scenes. You may also be an expressive rebellion if you are right handed.

Shape of letters:

If you write rounded letters, then you have a creative approach towards things.

If you write pointed letters, it shows how aggressive, intense, intelligent and curious you are.

If you write connected letters are logical, systematic and a careful decision taker.


If your letter ‘L’ carries a narrow loop, it means that you restrict yourself, and this can even lead to feelings of tension in you.

If your letter ‘L’ carries wide loops, it means you are relaxed and spontaneous, and you carry the traits of self-expression.

Dotting your I’s:

Dots that are put high over I indicate great imagination.

If you prefer slashing over I, it means you are overly self-critical and don’t have patience for inadequacy.

Circles over I show visionary and childish approach.

If you put a dot to the right of I, it means you are detail oriented, organized and emphatic in your words and deeds.

If you put a dot to the left of I, you tend to be a procrastinator.

Crossing your T’s:

At the very top of T means, you are ambitious and have a good self-esteem.

Right in the middle of T means you are confident and comfortable in your skin.

Long Crosses shows your determination and enthusiasm, but it also shows that you are stubborn and have times letting things go.

Short Crosses means that you are a bit lazy and lack any determination.


Open/Closed Os:

Open O’s indicate you are social and expressive and maintain little secrecy.

Closed O’s indicate that you are are an introvert and prefer your privacy.

Lower case cursive “s”:

Round lowercase cursive ‘s’ tells that you are a pleaser and tend to avoid any confrontation.

Pointy lowercase cursive ‘s’ means you are a keen learner and very ambitious.

Wide towards the bottoms’ indicate your low regards towards your career or other pursuits.


Quick writing habit shows your impatience and dislike towards delays.

Slow writing practice shows how organized, methodical and self- reliant you are.


signThe illegible sign shows you are private and hard to understand whereas legible sign shows your confidence in your self.


So now what does your writing say about you?

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