A lot of women made an impact on the world of sports, and it continues to influence other women to stay fit in so many ways. Running is one of the sports that women like to engage in. Some of them run for competitions, while others do it to stay in good shape. 

However, they have struggles in succeeding in this goal, especially during red days or menstruation. Imagine how inconvenient it is when you have to run hundreds of miles while battling with cramps, the possibility of leakage, and other discomforts. These are only some of the concerns of every woman when running. 

Fortunately, today, there is beneficial menstrual product that helps women achieve their goals; the menstrual cup. For athlete women, especially runners, here are the things you should know about menstrual cup and how it can make your running routine easier.

menstrual cup

What Is Menstrual Cup? 

Women are already using menstrual cup since 1930, but there are only a few women who use it. However, today, it is already in demand because of its surprising benefits that every woman can take advantage of, especially for runners or those who are into sports. 

It is made from high medical-grade silicone, and it is flexible to use. It comes in different sizes depending on the brand. 

For Daisy Cup, they have lots of sizes that fit women needs, such as small daisy cup which is normally used by beginners and women with low cervix. It works by collecting the menstrual blood instead of absorbing it. It is reusable and can collect the blood up to 12 hours, depending on your flow type. 

What Are the Advantages For Runners When Using a Menstrual Cup?

It Will Not Fall

Running requires a lot of body movement, and women are afraid of running fast during menstruation because their pads may fall, and it is going to be shameful. But using a menstrual cup can give you peace of mind while running because it will not fall, no matter how fast you will run. 

Menstrual cups are being worn by inserting the whole cup to your private area. Therefore, it will hold tight inside, and it will never fall. It will also help if you will choose the right size of the cup and if you will insert it correctly. 

No Leaks

Imagine how shameful it can be to run while having blood all over your favorite running pants, and everyone sees it. You do not want that to happen, and no other women want to have leaks. 

But menstrual cup can avoid this from happening as it can hold your menstrual blood up to 12 hours without leaks no matter how light or heavy your menstrual blood flow is. That is why using a menstrual cup is recommended to women who have substantial activities every day, and it is also perfect to use during work out and running. 


Using a menstrual cup while running will help you to save time. Since it can hold your menstrual blood up to 12 hours, there is no need for you to change it from time to time, unlike your regular pads. It is perfect for women who do long-distance running because nothing can interrupt you even when you have menstruation. There is no need for you to look for a bathroom where you can change in the middle of the long-distance running. 

Safe to Use

You must be using a menstrual product that is safe to use. Many women nowadays suffer from Toxic Shock Syndrome, and it can cause infection down in your private area. When you use sanitary pads or tampons for a long time, it can invite bacteria to stay in your private area and can cause infections. 

Regular pads allow moisture because it is not breathable, and when it is wet, then there is a bigger chance of the inhabitants of bacteria. Therefore it is safer to use menstrual cups, especially when you need to wear a menstrual product for an extended period. A menstrual cup is inserted into your vagina, so it will not cause moist, and your private area can breathe, leaving no chance for the bacteria to stay. 


There are lots of health benefits in running that every woman should take advantage of. Nothing should stop you from staying fit, not even menstruation. By using a menstrual cup, you can run with no worries of leaks or having it fall to the ground. 

Also, it can give you more time because there is no need to change it from time to time. Take heed also that in choosing your menstrual product, you must consider all the benefits that you can take advantage of such as a menstrual cup.

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