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What Should You Do In Case Of A Cyber Crime ?

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Any crime that is committed by the usage of internet connections or computers is known as cyber crime, cyber crime is not just hacking or stealing someones social identity. Cyber crime involves aspects like injecting malware into devices and systems, blackmailing, bullying, spamming, stalking etc.

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If you are a victim of cyber bullying, stalking, unauthorized email access, malware etc. Follow these steps :

  1. Talk to an adult and make him/her aware of your situation
  2. Evidence to prove that you are a victim is very necessary, hence keep texts, emails etc as evidence
  3. All social media platforms these days have the option of ” reporting” so report the incident or the person on the social media platform and if you are aware of the person exploiting your privacy  you can make use of the block option and block the person from having access to your social media profile.
  4. if the situation escalates and you are unable to find a solution, you can always seek help from a professional or even report the crime to the cyber crime branch of your city or country, they will definitely track down the criminal as well as restore your privacy.
  5. In Case Of Malware:  you can do nothing from your side, you will have to seek help from a professional and also use the help of an authorized and trusted anti-virus to restore the status of your device and to save your data from being accessed by dangerous criminals who can easily misuse and manipulate it.
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If you are a victim of online fraud, follow these steps:

  1. If the crime is being committed right at the moment and your security might be in danger, you should call the police department right away.
  2. If the crime is associated with any of your bank related necessities then contact your bank immediately and make them aware of your situation so that they can take preventive measures to ensure your financial security.
  3. If the situation escalates you should immediately contact the cyber-crime and fraud department that is available in your city.


Preventive measures that you should take to save yourself from being a victim of cyber crime.

  1.  Have a trusted anti-virus software installed on all of your devices.
  2. Do not visit sites or download files that have a chance to compromise your security.
  3.  Backup up your device data regularly.
  4.  Keep your device updated.
  5.  Keep different passwords for different social media platforms and make sure all your passwords are unique and strong, involve capital letters, numbers and symbols to your passwords to make them more secure.

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