5 Old-School Bollywood Couples Who Proved That Love Is Eternal!


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Love is mighty. It is powerful. It awakens, transforms and heals life. It gives a deeper meaning to everything. Love knows that someone will always support you, someone who will hold your hand and walk with you through every situation. The security that love gives is incomparable. Lucky are the people who experience true love.

The little fights, apologies, trying to get a small smile on your beloved’s face, these are the little expressions of love.

Here are some Bollywood couples who proved that love is eternal. They showed the world that love is grand and it can face all odds.


The golden couple met at the Pune Film Festival. After that brief stint, they met on the shooting of ‘Guddi’. In an interview, Jaya said, “I was impressed by him as he was Harivanshrai Bachchan’s son, and soon this blossomed into love.” During that time, Jaya was an established actor while Amitabh was still struggling. On the sets of  ‘Ek Nazar,’ the two fell in love, and it blossomed when ‘Zanjeer‘ became a big hit. Amitabh proposed to Jaya, and they got married. They are an inspiration to all the couples out there.


When these two gorgeous personalities became a couple, millions of hearts broke. Hema was cinema’s “Dream Girl“, and he was the “HE-MAN” of Bollywood. Their love story blossomed on the sets of ‘Tum Hasin Main Jawan’.  After facing all odds, they finally got married. Hema finds Dharmendra to be the most romantic and most good looking man. She says that her love for him has never changed. She loves him just as much as she did when they first met, if not more.


The love story of the ‘tragedy king’ Dilip Kumar and the ‘golden girl’ Saira Banu is worthy of a film saga. She had always been a big fan of Dilip Kumar, and marrying the crush of her life was a dream come true. The couple got married despite the 22 years age gap. Their love was insurmountable. They remain to be one of the most cherished couples of Bollywood.



The story of the ‘chocolate boy‘ and his love: Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. They are one of the most adored couples of Bollywood. They had sizzling chemistry in movies, and soon it transpired to be a hint at the reality of their lives. At first, they were not inclined to be with each other. But soon, little teasing and enjoyment turned into love. The age gap between the two is almost 7 years, Neetu Singh being the younger one. Their marriage was the most-awaited and extravagant event in Bollywood.

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A relationship that emerged from the ashes. They met on the sets of ‘Do Bigha Zameen’. Nargis Dutt was in a relationship already. But that relationship did not go well. Soon Nargis’s life took a turn when she met Sunil on the sets of ‘Mother India’. During the shooting of a fire scene, an accident occurred, and Nargis was trapped in the fire. Sunil Dutt, like a hero, jumped amidst the flames to save Nargis. This incident kindled the love between the two. They showed the world that love is indeed powerful.

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These couples have proved time, and again that love knows no bounds. Nothing can stop love. It has been truly said that once we fall in love, we meet anger with sympathy, hatred with compassion, and cruelty with kindness. Love is a blessing from God, his way of saying that He is with you. So cherish the love of your life and witness heaven on earth, as these blessed couples did.

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