Whatsapp is Killing Minds!

Whatsapp is Killing Minds! 1

When Einstein wrote his famous transformation equation, he wasn’t thinking about making nuclear bombs. Alfred Nobel invented dynamites for mining and quarrying, but the piggish human race used them for terrorist purposes. Everything in this world has two sides, one positive and one negative. The use of Whatsapp is no different.

WhatsApp is a trending app to simplify our lives, but like all products, its excessive use can turn against the human race. The messaging app that started as a boon can turn into a bane if not used carefully. It is killing the minds of people. Do you agree?


The arguments in favor:

A Saudi man divorced his wife after she ignored his Whatsapp messages. The husband complained that his wife spent all her time on the Whatsapp messaging platform. Due to the addiction, she even neglected her children.

– The youngsters are getting addicted to the messaging platform like other addictive substances. It is more of an addiction rather than a convenience.

– People are not using the messaging platform for connecting with friends or relatives instead, and they want to show off their presence on the messaging platform.

– The start, as well as the end of the day, happens with Whatsapp. And, if people don’t find any messages, they begin to feel low.

Youngsters have resided to Whatsapp rather than outdoor activities and physical exhilaration. Hence, resulting in obesity and abnormal development.

– It has catastrophic consequences concerning its recent upgrades of “blue ticks” and “last seen.” It has also now become more of a status mark with continuous DP changes.

–  People are so occupied with Whatsapp that they are unable to differentiate between real and factual relationships.


The arguments against:

– WhatsApp has created awareness and has refreshed our minds with the help of its videos, pictures, and joke sharing abilities.

– Many people who are introverted and lack self ­confidence find it easier to converse through WhatsApp. Hence, it is an excellent platform for people to develop their conversational skills and become extroverts.

Some people are not involved in any work, and such people are only addicted to Whatsapp, not anything else.

– Whatsapp has allowed school and college friends and distant relatives to come and connect at one place.

– In a world where people don’t have time to meet friends, the app has allowed people to share their problems with friends on the messaging platform.

– It is now even used by many firms and organizations for sharing important information among their employees. If used properly, Whatsapp can help generate new business opportunities and close the existing deals faster.


Technology is neither a vice nor virtue; our paradigm defines how we use it. Some make their world better by using the app, and some make themselves more isolated after using this app. If used in a judicious and balanced way, it will lead us towards advancement, whereas excessive usage can be dangerous.

WhatsApp is a mere piece of technology and should never be prioritized over healthy social relations.

In the end, humans are smart enough to decide for themselves.

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