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When Indian Actors Refused Hollywood Opportunities.

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People always aim to rise above what they do, so do actors. When a Bollywood actor/actress gets to act in a Hollywood movie, it is always a great sense of achievement, and the actor gets global exposure. But what we are about to discuss here is altogether different. Here is a list of the various times when Indian Actors Refused Hollywood Opportunities.

1.Akshay Kumar and Dwayne Johnson Untitled Project.

Akshay Kumar, the biggest action hero in India, was asked to act alongside one of the Finest Action Hero Dwayne Johnson. Still, Akshay Kumar always wanted to stay in Bollywood, and he stuck to act for movies made only in his country, thus turning down the Offer.

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2.  Ronit Roy In Zero Dark Thirty.

One of the Finest Television and Film actor, whose intense acting abilities are to be complimented. He himself must not have imagined an opportunity like this. However, when he was offered this job, Ronit was busy with his ongoing commitment to “Student of the year” and let the offer pass by.

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3. Priyanka Chopra for Immortals.

One of the finest actresses in Indian cinema and an International singer Priyanka Chopra. Her career took off brilliantly. She was offered a role in immortals, which later Frieda Pinto took over due to her prior commitments to  “7 Khoon Maaf”.

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4. Irrfan Khan for Interstellar.

Irrfan Khan, who stepped into hollywood with an Oscar Winning movie, “Life of Pie,” later was asked to act in the movie Interstellar where he had to play Matt Damon’s role. As Irrfan Khan had already signed for “Lunchbod” and “D-day,” he couldn’t Shuttle to and fro for the movie. So He decided to let the Offer move.

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5. Hrithik Roshan for Pink Panther 2.

Absolutely Amazing Physique and his killer look have always given him that Hollywood attire. He was Offered the “Vicente” role in the movie, which he turned down with no hesitation.

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6. Dilip Kumar for Lawrence of Arabia.

A versatile veteran Actor from the late 60s was offered the Sherif Ali role, but Dilip Kumar had turned it down.

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7. Shahrukh Khan for Slumdog Millionaire.

King of Bollywood was Offered a role in Danny Boyle’s movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” but King Khan had turned it down as he thought it wasn’t the right role for him, which Anil Kapoor later took up.

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8. Deepika Padukone for Fast and Furious 7.

Deepika was offered a role in the most amazing action Series, “Fast and Furious,” but due to her ongoing project           ” Happy New Year,” she had to turn down the offer.

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As crazy as it may seem, these actors stuck up for Bollywood at such crucial times. Some of them dropped down the offers due to other commitments, while the others out of respect for Bollywood. Either way, all we want them to know is that we as viewers are extremely proud of them for making the Indian Entertainment Industry as popular as it is today.

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