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Which Helmet Goes Best With a Yamaha Virago?

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The Yamaha Virago is a capable cruiser that many riders love. Getting the most out of any bike involves picking out the right motorcycle aftermarket parts, accessories and riding gear for your ride. This includes finding the best motorcycle helmet. If you own a Yamaha Virago or plan to buy one, you may be wondering which is the right helmet for your needs.


Qualities of a Great Helmet

The best helmet for any bike should be safe and comfortable. The primary purpose of all riding gear is, of course, to keep you safe in the event of an accident. In the case of a helmet, it can also keep you warm and dry during harsh weather.

For cruisers like the Yamaha Virago, safety isn’t quite as severe of an issue as on a fast street bike. Nonetheless, it is still important. A full-face helmet is usually advisable because a large portion of crashes involve a face impact.


Comfort on cruisers is important because their primary purpose is to let you sit back and enjoy the ride. Additionally, you likely want something that will keep down the wind and road noise to a reasonable level. Air-flow, especially at lower speeds, is also paramount if you ever want to ride on a warm day.


In addition to comfort and safety, looks are also important to most people. The best motorcycle helmets fit the rider’s and the bike’s aesthetic. While your own style is a personal choice, the classic looks of the Yamaha Virago have a clear charm to them.


The ShoeiNeotec 2 Modular Helmet

If you want a great helmet for the Yamaha Virago, you can’t go wrong with ShoeiNeotect 2 Modular Helmet. It is a full-face modular helmet which provides the safety and rain protection of a full visor but can be flipped up for comfort.


The helmet is DOT-rated for safety and made from strong, durable materials. It features a dual-layer EPD liner that helps ensure effective impact absorption. The face shield pivot system is built front stainless steel and feature a strong locking system to keep everything in place.


If you ever find yourself struggling with the sunlight, the helmet features a sun visor that will offer immediate relief. A series of vents help keep the helmet cool while maintaining surprising noise insulation. The cheek pads are also specially designed to help manage noise for more comfortable riding.


In short, this is a comfort and safe helmet with classic looks for a full-face design. It is the best all-around choice for riding a Yamaha Virago. Of course, you may have another helmet that suits your personal style better. Fortunately, there are plenty of good cruising helmets out there.


Get Geared Up

Whether you need excellent gear or the best OEM parts of Yamaha Virago, riding is more fun when you are properly equipped. Before you go for your next ride, check out some of the incredible accessories and parts available for your bike. Riding is more rewarding when you have everything you need. You’ll be glad you looked.

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  1. Great insights in almost every review. Just owned a bike recently and I was wondering which helmet to pick. At least I found this article helpful. Keep up the good work!


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