Finding your personal style is important because what you wear and what you show the world by wearing reflects your personality in reality. So, it is cardinal to figure it out and keep experimenting within the limits so that things never fall off completely.
Always, remember that fashion trends change every week and if you want to adopt something then you can’t simply emulate it. You should be aware of what your style is, therefore, try to add a dash of your originality so that it won’t look like that you just tried to rip off the outfit worn by a trendsetter on the ‘Vogue’ magazine.
Here are 5 main things which will you in determining your style:

Finding some kind of inspiration is vital when you are trying to figure out what your style is. Not only can you figure out how to put outfits together, but it also shows you how to put things together that you would never ever think of.
Sometimes while scrolling through Instagram you might think ‘I have a t-shirt similar to this’ but when you look at the way it is worn and accessorized, you realize that this is something that you never thought of. So, you can get a lot of clothing inspiration from platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

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While scrolling through Instagram, if you come across a very attractive outfit, then make sure that you save it! Because when you feel like you have nothing to wear, you can actually browse through these saved images and figure out how to put things together.

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Always remember that you need to focus on one particular aspect. It might be your neckpiece, footwear, top, lower, earrings or simply a stole. You need to choose one trendy piece which you want to highlight and then accordingly, you can simply put the rest of the basic pieces together to accentuate the piece that you want to highlight.
For instance, you can wear a plain white t-shirt with jeans and pair it up with a classic jacket. Remember that, following trends as it doesn’t show style, so you should rather incorporate a couple of trend pieces to your existing style because it’s not just realistic but also looks better.

Take note of what pieces you wear the most. For instance, if you wear a lot of jeans and t-shirt then you should buy basic t-shirts of impeccable material and also, of course, you need to invest in a very good pair of well-fitted jeans. This is necessary because many outfits just fall apart after a certain number of washes and that is just truly vexing.

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It is definitely true because at the end of the day it all goes down to what you like and what you feel comfortable in. What you like, might not be liked by someone else, but then if you feel good about yourself in it then just go ahead and rock your outfit!

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