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Which Stream is Better Science or Commerce?

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Which stream is better science or commerce? Let’s put this out straight – it all depends on what you want!

While some would have got it all figured out, for the rest, it’s ambiguous. There are plenty of people who regret taking a career path after diving into it, so a very debatable topic indeed, Therefore, you should keep a bunch of things in mind before making the final call.

We here shall see in detail as to which is better. Though it depends on your interests mainly, we get to the nitty-gritty to help you understand and excel in your career.

Which stream is better science of commerce?

Let’s take a look at every detail in each field and move on to find out which is the right one for you. There’s a lot you must know because I made a wrong decision as I wasn’t aware of the depths of it. Thus, try not to end up in the wrong field.

Course of Study

Based on the subjects, which stream is better science or commerce? Before having a closer look at the subjects, question yourself as to which subjects you liked the most in your tenth grade. Whether you liked Biology, Physics, Mathematics, or you liked Economics because you will be studying the in-depths of these subjects depending on what you choose. Under science, there are two options – medical or a non-medical stream.


Science subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as mandatory. Biology, if you wish to pursue medicine. Computer Science/Electronics if you want to take up engineering.

Combinations are P.CM.B, P.C.M.C, P.CM.E, P.C.B.H(Home Science)

Commerce subjects – Accountancy, Business Studies, English, Mathematics as mandatory subjects. Economics and Statistics are optional.

Combinations are C.E.B.A, H.E.B.A, A.B.M.S

Difficulty Level

Let’s take a look at the difficulty level of the subjects to the question of which stream is better science or commerce. Alright, so numerous people tell science is quite challenging, thus only an intelligent student can take up the course. That’s not at all true. The subjects are too technical in science, where one has to remember a lot of formulae and diagrams.

Science vs commerce

That doesn’t mean it’s difficult, but extra efforts are required. If you’re intrigued to know about the science behind everyday things, then you know which is better. Commerce, on the other hand, is quite tough too. The endless calculations in accountancy can be quite vexing. The subjects are more general.

You get to know the depths about the stock markets, how a business functions, the economy, and more. It’s about what you read in newspapers every day. So, if you’re someone who likes crunching the numbers, commerce is an ideal option.

Options after 12th

After your 12th grade, a science student can take up Engineering, Medical, or Architecture. Under each one of them, there are several sub-branches. So, which stream is better science or commerce?

Engineering – Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Electronics, Civil, Electricals, and more

Medical – Bachelor’s in MBBS, Dental, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, and more

Science vs commerce

After 12th commerce, you have numerous options to choose from. B.Com, B.B.A, B.M.S, B.B.S or you can take up reputed certification courses like C.A(Charted Accountant), C.S(Company secretary), C.M.A(Cost and Management Accountant) they are some of the toughest exams to crack but with persistence and dedication, it’s simple.

You can also take up diploma courses after your 12th. There are plenty of interesting courses under that.

Higher Studies

Now, which stream is better science or commerce with respect to higher studies? Here is a broad view of what you can study further after your bachelor’s. Though it’s not mandatory, pursuing higher studies gives you a thorough knowledge of your subjects, and hence you can excel in your career too. You can gain work experience after your bachelor’s and then do your masters or complete your studies at one go and then start working.

Higher studies after engineering – M.Tech, M.S, M.B.A, M.Arch, M.D

Higher studies after commerce – M.B.A, M.Com, C.F.A, US C.P.A, C.A, C.S

higher studies

Nowadays, an engineer is taking up M.B.A, and a B.Com graduate is pursuing M.B.A in Data Science. So, you have no restrictions at all. If you’re curious enough and have a learning attitude, you can master anything.

Since technology is gradually ruling several fields, there is a huge demand for Blockchain, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning. So, you can see the M.B.A colleges incorporating these subjects in their curriculum lately. However, there is also a huge demand for Charted Accountant and Financial Analysts in the market too.

Thus, analyze thoroughly what you like and if the job related to your interest will be in demand by the time you complete your studies. It’s up to you to decide which stream is better science or commerce.

Career Options

When it comes to career opportunities, which stream is better science or commerce? There is an ocean of career options in each field. It all depends on how good you are at your subject.

A Computer Science Engineer can get job roles like Computer Programmer, Application analyst,  DataBase Manager, Mobile App Developer, Software developer, web developer, data scientist, and more.

A B.Arch graduate can work in design firms, consultancy companies, work as lecturers in Universities or take up interior design too.

which is better science or commerce

A Commerce student can work as an Accountant, Auditor, Consultant, Tax Accountant, Sales Analyst, Stock Broker, Financial Officer, and more.

A Medical student can set up their own clinic if they do not wish to work or pursue higher studies.

There are plenty of options available and it all depends on what you are specialized in. You need not be good at all the subjects. If you’re interested in one, focus on that more, try to pursue masters in the same for a better knowledge, and work under that. People tell it’s hard to get a job, well, it all depends on your knowledge and interest. If you’re thorough in one domain, you would definitely get a job once your graduate.

Average Salary

which stream is better science or commerce based on salary? You might have heard that science is better because once you take up engineering, you can start earning large amounts every day. Well, it might be true to an extent, but again it depends on how well you know the subjects and crack the interviews. If you’re good enough, you will be paid well. It applies to commerce graduates too.


While most of them take up an M.B.A, few of them start working right away. Either way, you will be earning a well once you gain experience.  Ever since start-ups became the talk of the town, a large number of students are trying to set up their own ventures. If you’re interested in business and have an excellent idea, you too can do that.

Coming to the average salary, an engineer can earn anywhere between INR 3.5 Lakhs to INR 8 Lakhs per annum. As your experience increases, the salary increases too.

A commerce student can also earn anywhere between INR 2 Lakhs to INR 8 lakhs per annum. A Charted Accountant is paid well and with experience, it’s more. An MBA graduate is also paid well if graduated from IIM’s.

How to Choose the Right One

Now, which stream is better science or commerce, you might find one-half of people saying science is better as you get a well-paying job and lead a fulfilling life while the other half might tell you that commerce is better as it is hassle-free. It is essential to analyze in high school as to which subjects you like the most.

Some students would know exactly what their passion is and which career to take up at a very young age. Other students discover their passion with time. It can be in their early 20’s or late 30’s. It’s alright even if it’s too late. But, try to evaluate yourself early so that you don’t waste years studying and working for something you don’t like.

which stream is better science or commerce

Pen down the list of things you like and you don’t like. Check out the career options in them. If your interests and goals are aligned, then that’s the path you have to take. Working in a domain that makes you wake up with enthusiasm is all that is needed to lead a perfect life. Hope you have got a clear picture of the question, which stream is better science or commerce.

Also, you might have heard people telling if you’re an introvert, this job is better for you and if you’re an extrovert, you better take this path. Well, that shouldn’t matter at all. Pursue what you like and in the journey, it teaches you and shapes you to become better.

Final Thoughts

If you take up science, you might tell science is better and if you take commerce, you might tell it’s definitely easier and better. But, both are poles apart and hard to come up with a conclusion. If someone asks, which stream is better science or commerce, I would tell both are good in their own way. All it takes is a little research and love for the subjects to excel in every field.

There have been fascinating stories of how an engineer made it to the IIM’s or left his job to become a stand-up comedian. There are also stories where a commerce graduate, about to complete Charted Accountant quit to pursue Writing as a career. So, we hope you get the point here. Whether you find your passion at a young age or after years, there is always a way to do something you love in life.

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