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11 Reasons Why a Teacher Thinks You’re an Ass for Loving a Girl

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11 reasons why a teacher thinks you’re an ass for loving a girl

1st Reason: The General Perception

The general perception of adults of today’s society anywhere around the world but especially in India is that none of the men below the age of 25 have the age or experience such as themselves and so cannot judge who is the right partner for their future. They believe that the critical evaluation process they take up to choose a bride is the only way humanly possible for two lives to bond, and hence the youngsters do not need to have a say in the matter. And as you see, this a mutual happening for a teacher’s understanding of students having relationships, especially guys.

2nd Reason: Education is foremost; everything else is a distraction

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The one thing that all teachers believe alike is that the purpose of a student’s presence in a school or university is just his education and nothing else. Especially in India, not only is the idea of love alien in an educational institution, but also any male or female student caught in a precarious situation is questioned quite thoroughly, with their first point of argument being, “You have come to this institution only for education and nothing else.” This I say with personal experience.

3rd Reason: No Understanding of love

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In today’s world, the idea of love is foreign to many teachers and students alike. No one has a true understanding of love, and the depth of the tying commitment one has to a person he loves. So when a teacher truly objects with the belief that the guy’s feelings are illusionary, it’s good on his part, else he is just an ass.

4th Reason: His life is tiring and boring!

Well, the best reason there possibly could be is that the teacher’s life is so tiring and boring that he boils with envy and rage that the students in his class are doing a better job of it being so young while he being an “experienced” person was better off watching porn rather than expecting some action at home!

5th reason: Has a taboo crush on the girl

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Getting to the serious part here, one more reason the teachers hates the guy for loving a girl is probably because of various reasons like losing sight of his age, etc., he has his eyes set on the girl. Beware, these people might have some serious psychological disorders and could be very intent in getting the “ass” out of the way for his future with the girl.

6th reason: Disgusted by age


Some people have their age and hormones out of sync, and hence even after crossing a certain age, they are wishful. Hence, they get disgustingly envious when a guy is in love or dates a girl.

7th reason: General disapproval

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Sometimes it so happens that you are never in the good books with a teacher or professor. Hence, even if she is not especially interested in the student’s lifestyle, they place the guy under severe scrutiny just because he is doing it. And the rest could go to hell for all they care.

8th reason: Misunderstanding

Some people have a way of exaggerating things and creating misunderstandings. Like in the case of Indian professors, most of them, if they see a guy going out with a girl, they drag it so far as if the guy has already done the “unthinkable” and the girl is 9 months pregnant. Suppose the girl is stout by any chance; who knows, they might even want a pregnancy test out of her.

9th reason: Maintaining Rep on the outside


What people think about us outside the borders of our homes is very important to every person, especially in our country. But to teachers and professors, it is on a whole different level. They mold like foxes to the majorities say, be it in support or dismay, it all depends on the guys’ luck.

10th reason: The guy is actually an ass

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Sometimes the professor tends to be right, and the guys actually end up being a low-life asshole who is just using girls as his playthings for whatever purpose it serves. In today’s society of rape and discrimination of women, it is not hard to imagine.

11th reason:


Think up now. I have racked up my brain enough for it. What do you personally feel is the reason?
By: A. Vijay Bharadwaj

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