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Mistakes That Teens Make When They Reach 18

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Adolescent is the age period when teenagers either get out of control or remain the same, virtuous person, especially when they reach 18. At this age their fate and character make them choose one of the routes- evil or noble. Those who follow the route of evilness are prone to bad company, bad habits and unacceptable attitude towards people. The ones who opt for noble one, are always praised and appreciated by all. At the age of eighteen parents have to be their child’s friend rather than a mother or a father, to guide him or her at the right time.


In spite of several warnings and guidance, teens at the age of eighteen tend to make most common mistakes, which they regret their entire life span. The following are a few mistakes teens make at the age of 18:

  • Improper Diet- Teens often prefer fast food and unhealthy food over nutritious food. When they discover that they have gained a huge amount of weight, they directly go on a strict diet. This imbalance of diet at the age of 18 is the most common mistake that every teen makes.
  • Egoism- When teens reach 18 their impulsiveness and egoistic nature increases age by age. They get so engrossed in this character that their ego makes them cross their limits to satisfy their status and personality in front of everyone. They lose control over their high temper and start meddling around with people who challenge their ego.

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  • Imbalance of Resting Period- Adolescents are so prone to smartphones and laptops that they prefer waking up till late night and sleeping at that time when people usually prefer waking up and greeting the sunrise. It creates a misbalance between regular and an inappropriate time period. Most of the teens even forbid themselves from taking a proper sleep of at least 8 hours.


  • Leisure- Most of the teens of today waste their time in leisure. They prefer hanging around with friends rather than focussing on their career. It leads to a drastic change in their results.
  • Blind Trust- Teens, are so sensitive that they trust any of their friends blindly. They fail to recognise the difference between a good and bad company and often get cheated at the end by their artificial friends.

Therefore teenagers must be careful about their surroundings, especially at the age of 18. Remember parents are your first well-wishers, no one else in this entire world can guide you better than them.

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