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Why Socks Are Males and Shoes Are Female?

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Did you ever realize that there can be an analogy between socks and males?

Well, here it is!

Socks are less talked about and here are some reasons why they resemble males and why shoes are females: –


How often do you hear someone talking or even mentioning that they have to buy new socks? Seldom, very seldom! The same is the case with men. They work all day long and are rarely appreciated at home. On the other hand, consider shoes. One often talks about wanting to buy new shoes and would rush to get them. Besides, socks are purchased as a supplement to the shoes and not vice versa. Women are often appreciated by the men or the children of the house for the delicious food they make and for squeaky-clean work they do to keep the house clean.

2. Cared less about

Men are said to be the stronger sex and therefore, they are often taken for granted. Men are supposed to be more independent and active than women. They are often left alone to study and work. Men can never be raped, molested or hit! This is not the case with women. There are several rape cases reported every dayMen often accompany them, men. Shopping, walking on the road, when sick or sad, etc. Women are always accompanied. Socks are left to lie at some corner of the house and are worn even when torn. Socks are washed infrequently or irregularly and are never ironed. Shoes, on the other hand, are dusted and polished and receive the utmost care. They are given to the cobbler even if the soul moves a

3. Quickly replaced

If socks are torn or worn out, they are quickly replaced with another pair. This is not the case with shoes. Shoes are mended and repaired as many times as possible. The same is the case with men and women. If a couple breaks up, the girl has another proposal within a week due to her Facebook post. The guy, on the other hand, continues through the grief and pain of the breakup. Consider the couple as a pair of shoes and socks. The socks are thrown every third month, whereas the shoes last for about a year.

4. Suppressed

The socks are often suppressed and dominated by shoes. People go to buy shoes and take socks as something complementary. No one would even know five companies that make socks whereas, on the other hand, the list of shoe companies would go on and on. In the same way, everyone would know how a woman feels and would come to lighten her load, but men have to suppress their feelings and are not supposed to share it according to society. They are never asked or comforted if they are sad.

5. Less attended

Shoes have hundreds of designs, colors and patterns, but what about socks? There are maximum two or three patterns and if the luck is good five. Colors are also limited. Same goes for men and women. Women have an array of clothes to wear, from sarees to dresses to western. On the other hand, men are confined to either a pant and a shirt or a t-shirt or dhoti with a kurta.

What I am trying to say is that many times men are neglected, and women are highlighted. There are also times when exactly the opposite happens. I am not saying that is either good or bad. I am just saying that they are treated unequally which should not be the case. Both men and women are humans and deserve equal opportunities. Respect everyone, whether it is your shoe-wearing girlfriend or your sock-wearing brother! Equality is serenity!



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