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Why Writing Skills Are Important

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Many scholars believe that writing skill is acquired during the formative years. So, one would expect that everyone would be master writers in later years. But this isn’t always the case. Why, writing is a sword and wielding it requires no small amount of practice. 

An art and a skill 

No matter your profession, excellent writing skills can make you an indispensable team member. Imagine having to read and compose company emails without a good knowledge of grammar and semantics. Not that you’ll be employed in the first place, but it can threaten your appointment. Far from the work environment, what about school assignments and projects? How do you report your research work without accurate sentence constructs? Being a vital means of communicating feelings and thoughts, its significance cannot be overemphasized. Even nowadays, job requirements have a necessary skill in common — oral and written communication. On top of that, a study has revealed that excellent writers are likely to be more successful in their chosen career. 


Do not underestimate the potentials of great writers 

Pivotal communication tool 

Meaningful strings of words are essential in daily relationships and transactions. The world is a better place because certain people talk about new ways of living. More importantly, it encompasses our existence — from bonding to negotiating, closing deals, forging new relationships, and so much more. And when it comes to business, know that a poorly worded email is enough reason to lose a potential business partner. 

But it doesn’t always have to be this way. We’ve heard of people who are either too busy or not opportune to refine their written communication skills. What if you could outsource your essay or assignment for a token? The platform, Essaysmatch, offers affordable essay and business writing services. 

Judgment of personality 

Writing quality is often a yardstick for judging your personality. Personal writing samples are enough to determine your knowledge and intellect. Whether in college or at the workplace, decent writers are often accorded some form of respect. Especially if you are known for compelling and intriguing pieces. Eight times out of ten, you’ll probably be selected for college debates and business meetings throughout your lifetime. 

Career planning 

Writing skills, albeit a part of communication, have become a universal deciding factor in college matters. For instance, demand for language certifications, namely GMAT, GRE, SAT, and TOEFL, is increasingly popular across the world. Similarly, applicants are required to write essays or research papers upon applying for college. It is not unheard-of that some candidates who are good at analytics but have bad written communication have been rejected in the past. It goes without saying that excellent communication skills — verbal and written — are important in career planning. Even better, they are pivotal for attaining some form of higher education.

A disturbing trend in the present generation is that the children and youths prefer social media to reading. As long as this trend persists, the number and quality of writers might reduce. Albeit their oral communication might be excellent, but as the second side of the communication coin, you need to master written communication. 


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