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Amazing Ways On How To Balance Your Mind Body Soul

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It is a fast-paced, always in motion world today, and we tend to neglect the connection of our mind body soul with each other. We neglect to stop and take a minute to appreciate this connection we have with ourselves.

In the world, we live in, and in the time of technology and development, humans have set a few standards for what we see as a Happy healthy fulfilling life. For some, It’s the materialistic things, like money, a house, a stable job, pretty clothes, and the latest gadgets. For others, it’s their families and their carriers, and stable future.

Amazing Ways On How To Balance Your Mind Body Soul

For a very few arcane people, a happy fulfilling and healthy life means a well-balanced mind, body, soul connection. For them, the body to be in tune with their mind and their mind needs to be in tune with their soul. Anyone tune in tune with the other will cause them much dis-rest and disharmony.

In a true sense, I would say everyone needs this connection. In a world that puts so much pressure on us, we all need to balance our mind body soul with each other. It not only is good for us on a spiritual aspect but it is good for our mental and physical health.

Especially with the current situation of the world, when we all have been put through these testing times.

People might think about what good would this do? and that it is a mundane thing to think that you can have a balanced mind body soul. But it isn’t. The roots of this lie in philosophy and psychology.

See early philosophers thought that our mind was our soul, Psychology was the study of the soul not of the mind or the consciousness, but the soul, which was studied by philosophers. For them, the mind was connected to the body and the soul.

While today the means of the studies and the subject matter of the subject have changed it does not necessarily mean that they had been wrong all along.

I happen to believe we do have a soul, the soul is what makes us feel, have emotions, and have subconscious urges.

And if you do not think we have a soul then you can in the very least believe we all have a consciousness and a subconsciousness, we have desires and urges, and emotions all of which are a part of our brains chemistry. Let’s take this, along with a sense of inner mental peace to be the soul.

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What is the connection between mind, body, soul?

Amazing Ways On How To Balance Your Mind Body Soul 1
A balance between Mind Body Soul is as delicate as balancing stones

If you have pain in your body, then you feel agitated and have a foul mood.

If you are having negative thoughts, you will automatically feel anger or sadness, depression, you will feel more tired than usual on such occasions.

If you fight with someone, you will have too much energy in your body and too many thoughts in your mind.

In every instance no matter which aspect of the three is the main cause of your discomfort it will affect both the other aspects, and cause even more discomfort. This connectedness is the connection of your mind body soul.

In today’s time we give too much importance to your mind and the societal demands, and expectations of others, and in the process to be how others expect us to be or how we want to see ourselves, we forget to do what we desire to do, to be who we are.

This causes a strain, when our mind rules our body and the soul is left behind it causes disharmony in us, in our personality, in our life.

This disharmony presents itself in the form of anxiety, restlessness, depression, social anxiety, unhappiness, heart diseases, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and so many other disorders. Another name for disorders is dis-ease.

Our physical and mental health is literally in dis-ease, our bodies not content and working at their full capacities, our minds full of negativity, and our inner peace all but gone.

How do we achieve a balance between mind body soul?

Now that we have established how important it is to have a balance between the mind body soul, we need to learn how to bring that balance about.

I will point out some ways that will bring some balance to your mind body soul.

Breathing exercises:

A very good way to calm your mind body soul/subconscious thoughts is to do a few minutes of deep breathing exercises daily a few times a day.

The exercise itself is not difficult, just sit straight in a comfortable and relaxed posture, close your eyes, and take a deep breath, Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Do this for 2 minutes at a time, when you feel overwhelmed with thoughts or with your feelings or with the situation you are in.

You can make this a daily routine, do it 3 or four times a day. Give yourself this two-minute break, let your mind and body calibrate itself with its thoughts and feelings.

There are also several breathing exercises apps, videos, and podcasts which will help beginners if they have trouble. Also, you can find other breathing exercises for your health as well, many diseases like sinus can be helped with a deep breathing exercise.


Amazing Ways On How To Balance Your Mind Body Soul 2
Meditation pose

Yes, I know how cliche` but what can I say, it is a tried and tested formula that is sure to work wonders. And let’s be honest, we all love a little cliche in our life.

Meditation, as you all know, is a deep breathing exercise along with clearing your mind of every thought or feeling. It is also a way to harmonize the mind body soul with each other. It stops your thought process, reigns in your feelings, and relaxes your body in a way that will make it feel fresh.

So, It is mental health and physical health booster. For beginners, I suggest to start your day with a five-minute meditation and increase your way as you get better at concentrating on your breathing and keeping your mind blank of all thoughts.

I started with 5 minutes, and my concentration broke at 3 minutes max when I started so do not be disappointed if that happens it is normal. Now after 4 months I can do it up to 10 minutes.

Again you can get help with meditation guide apps, videos, and podcasts.

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A Gratitude Journal:

Amazing Ways On How To Balance Your Mind Body Soul 3
A gratitude journal

What is this you might ask? And those who know what it is might be scoffing at the idea, but it is a great way to make yourself see the good in your life and feed positiveness to your mind. It brings a positive balance to mind body soul by feeding positivity to the and soul, ultimately feeding positive vibes to the body.

A gratitude journal is one in which every day you write down the things you are grateful for in your life, be it your family, friends, the job you have, or anything that makes you happy.

You can start your day by writing things you are grateful for or end it by writing all that you were grateful for in the day right before you go to bed.

This lets you see the good things in your life, also it reminds you that you have things that others might be craving. Everything you write in this journal is something you cherish and this makes you forget the bad things in your life, the troubles you are facing, leaving your mind in a calm state, and your soul happy, which ultimately rashes your body.

Doing it in the morning helps with facing the rest of the day with a positive mood and attitude and doing it in the night helps you sleep better at night. You can decide the time better according to your needs.

Connecting with nature:

Amazing Ways On How To Balance Your Mind Body Soul 4
Hiking, camping, walks in the Park

This whole world is connected. The roots of the trees are connected to the earth and the animals rely on the plants for food. So, why are we human beings away from it? A connection to nature connects the mind body soul as well.

A way to help your mind body soul to be connected and balance them is to get connected to nature. This reminds you of the fact that you are but a humble part of this vast world. It brings you inner peace of sorts to know that the world and nature are bigger than you and your problems.

This can be done in many ways, going on a hike, going for a camping retreat, can do all this, well then a simple thing to do is find a park or a garden with green grass and walk bare feet for some time. This grounds you down quite literally. It also connects you to nature, brings peace to your soul and mind and the fresh oxygen helps your body.

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Cut off technology:

Amazing Ways On How To Balance Your Mind Body Soul 5
Family time, board games, books, and no technology

Here, it is the. The way that everyone was fearing. Technology is toxic if used too much. It’s a simple fact, a fact we all try and deny because we are so dependent on technology.

But fear not I am not telling you to go completely off the grid, I mean how would you read more of the articles we publish. So, all I ask is to cut the technology for a day or two once a month, that is all.

That one technology less day will do wonders for your mind body soul balance. In that one day, you can connect with your family, make it a ritual or tradition to spend a day with family members and no technology, talk, play board games. Read a book not on your laptop or Ipads or kindles but a paperback book. You know the ones we use to have way back, the ones collecting dust somewhere in the house.

This one day will make you realize that you are not completely dependent on technology and it will connect you to yourself, your family, and your friends.

It will bring refiles to your eyes, give you a break from a hectic life, and relax your body and mind, and your soul will be happy to be able to spend some time with itself, bringing consonance to the mind body soul.

Yoga and exercise:

Amazing Ways On How To Balance Your Mind Body Soul 6

Another great way to balance your mind body soul is to do any kind of exercise you like: aerobics, pilates, running, jogging, yoga. There is a myriad of exercises out there to choose from.

The exercises will help your body gain strength, flexibility, and feel fresh. It helps your mind to focus on something other than negative thoughts and feelings give it time to recuperate and to gain a new determination. Exercise helps your soul to feel fresh, when your mind is focused and body fresh, your soul will inadvertently be content.

So make a routine of weekly exercise, or daily exercise but do make routine. This will keep your mind body soul balance steady and help with any sort of day to day disharmonies.

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Follow Your Passion:

Do you use to paint, sing, or dance, maybe you use to write. But you don’t anymore because you do not get a chance, you do not have the time.

Well, make time. Make time to do all that you felt happy doing. Even if you are utterly hopeless at it. Paint on weekends, sing while working, cook new dishes every week, Dance while cooking or painting. Write down whatever you want to save it in your phone notes.

All of these give you happiness, relax your mind, frees your body from stress and fatigue. It brings a balance to mind body soul in a way that reminds what it was like when you were a child and had an ingenious perspective of the world, a simple and naive mind, and a happy content soul.

So, follow your passion or hobby and you never know, it might turn into something big like in this lockdown, my passion for writing got me my internship through which I can deliver this article.

So, I hope all the aforementioned tips will help you in bringing your mind body soul in balance and help you find harmony between them. Finding a euphony or rhythm that beats perfectly connecting your mind body soul is a challenge.

It is a challenge that can help you live a better happier life, which is mentally and physically healthy as well. So, try the tips and let me know if you found your euphony.

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