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Why You Should Set Up a Live Casino?

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Today, people seem more connected online than in the real world. From shopping to work and entertainment, almost every aspect of human reality is digitized. Gambling is no exception, given the multitude of platforms with virtual slot machines and poker rooms. To users, this means games are available 24/7. To entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity to gain profit by serving millions of people.

Not only are do such platforms and mobile apps bring convenience and accessibility. They often include social features, adopting certain aspects of Facebook and the like. Learn about poker game software, for instance. Thanks to the technological advances of the past few decades, casino players may now connect with friends in their favorite games. 

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Social iGambling is defined as the range of games that may be downloaded or played online on different devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs) or social media networks (e.g., Facebook). This includes lots, video poker, keno, bingo, and blackjack. As the owner of a virtual casino, you can add more social features by adopting the following:

Free Coins

Digital gambling platforms have to offer a free mode so that players can hone their skills before betting real money. This only makes sense and attracts more users to the site. One of the most salient features of a social casino is free coins that allow users to play free of charge. These may come as daily or bi-hourly bonuses, rewards for leveling up, etc. 

Social Features

In a social casino, players may send invitations to friends and play together. It is also possible to send each other coins as gifts, and ask others for coins when your own reserve is running low. Basically, there is a social community integrated into the platform with casino games. 


For a social casino platform to be popular, it needs to offer the most in-demand games. Poker tables and slot machines are no less popular online than in land-based establishments. The broader the range the wider the potential audience. 

Where to Start

If you are thinking of launching your own social gambling site, there are two options. You could either find developers yourself and task them with crafting a new product, or you could opt for a turnkey solution from dedicated suppliers. 

Companies that offer package solutions and have been in the business for at least a decade, such as EvenBet, deliver results faster and can be trusted. You may need to pay the license fee and regular shares of gross profit, but you will be spared a lot of hassle. Here are the main aspects to look for:

  • successful launch of similar projects in the past;
  • partnerships with gaming content providers like Everi, IGT, etc.;
  • expertise in the integration of loyalty systems into the game;
  • profound knowledge of gambling laws concerning virtual platforms and professional guidance offered to clients. Licensing may involve overwhelming amounts of paperwork unless you have an expert to consult.

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