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Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP

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I am a Mass Comm. graduate, love to click-write-post. Currently a fresher,and an explorer by nature.

What are some of the things that should change in the Indian society? In our day-to-day chores, we are so preoccupied with the loudness that we almost overlook these common facts that need a change RIGHT NOW! We need a change in our political system, government laws, and the practical phases of our lives.  


Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 1

Top 6 things that should change in Indian Society

Here are 6 facts, beliefs, habits, and thought process that needs to change in Indian society for the progress of mankind and humanity.

1. Stop anti-valentines day messages and quotes

Every year in February, our FB profiles and Twitter walls get flooded with anti-valentines day messages and quotes. This year, I witnessed the same thing, but this one post made me really angry or rather ashamed of people who are spreading such lies. The message was- Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 2

I mean, how can people be so careless and adamant that to support their hatred against V-DAY, they spread such filthy rumors. Rumors about our unsung heroes, who fought against the Britishers and sacrificed their lives, to ensure us a happy and sound sleep, free from the slavery and shackles of the BRITISH RULE.

It’s okay that you don’t like V-DAY or you think it to be an OTT day, but please, for the sake of God, don’t spread such rumors, especially on such delicate issues. Respect the martyrs, and don’t make a fool of them.

2. Lame and unrealistic TV SERIALSIndian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 3

TV serials and their unrealistic portrayal of things in Indian society should be stopped now. I mean, for how long the same old scrips will drag on? What are you trying to portray, that leaving your career, your aim, and running after your love is the ultimate life motto? Or falling off from the cliff and coming back after some months is real? Well, our Indian Television needs a heavy makeover of their thought process.

A small town career-oriented girl falling for a rich brat, not able to marry the love of her life because her best-friend loves the same guy, and she decides to ruin her married life by creating unnecessary problems ( Bidding adieus to her so-called career, which was once the main aim in her life), and the vamp who keeps peeping through the door and overhears conversations and duh! Nobody even notices it.  BLIMEY!! 

Please come up with realistic ideas instead of themes like naag couples giving birth to Chaudhari naggins ( How are they born- as humans or snakes),  or the ideal bahu acting insane and getting electric shocks to save her mother-in-law. How are these things even possible?

Enough of this over-the-top acting, cheesy scripts, and dialogues; please spare us! Take a look at those Pakistani serials that are based on social issues with a definite ending. At least they don’t portray the regular saas-bahu concept, neither do they provide us with false beliefs like- RUNNING AFTER YOUR LOVE IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR CAREER!

3. Stop scaring your child in the name of Hostel and Boarding SchoolsIndian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 4

“Look, son, if you don’t behave and do your work properly, we will send you to boarding school.” And thus, the child started having this stereotyped and false notion about Hostel and Boarding school that disobedient kids are sent there as a form of punishment. It is a typical thing in Indian society that hostels are punished, punished, and only punishedBLIMEY!

Hostel and Boarding schools are really good and teach one to lead an independent cum disciplined cum interestingly motivated life. My younger brother was sent to boarding school at a very young age. And the *breaking news* is, he went there on his own accord, not as a form of punishment.

It’s a request, stop scaring children in the name of hostels, ghosts, spirits, and even GOD, don’t give them these unnecessary and false notions about these things. By doing this (scaring them), you are making them judgmental about certain concepts and beliefs. This should change.

4. Divorce-More of a publicity stunt than a personal issueIndian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 5

Yeah! You read it right, and divorce is more of a publicity stunt in Indian society than something serious. In reality, real-life couples have become obsessed with the reel life couples that almost end up following them without even giving a second thought. The rate of divorce (especially in India) has increased rapidly in the past few years.

Reasons- miscommunication, lack of freedom, trust issues, and no compatibility. But, I have a question, can’t these issues be solved? Where is the love that once blossomed like a beautiful red rose?? I know roses are beautiful, but they have thorns too, but we don’t stop buying or liking them; instead, we cut all the thorns and throw them far away.

Life is not a Bollywood tale, it’s reality, which has ups and downs, but every sky has a silver lining.  Look for solutions, and life will become easier and happier.

5.Log kya kahenge (What will people say)

As Sir Chetan Bhagat said- Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 6

We Indians (EXCEPTIONS are not examples) are over-hyped and inscrutable at times. If a girl is working late at night in a BPO, then OMG! that girl is doing something wrong. We become so obsessed that we forget what we think.

Yes, she is doing wrong; she is working hard days and nights to ensure a healthy and secure future for her family and herself.Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 7

If a boy starts driving OLA or UBER to earn his living and not be dependent on his parents anymore, then – “Aree, have you heard that Mrs. Banerjee’s son is working as a driver now? I wonder what their financial condition is”.  “Breaking News” is not working there because of his family’s poor condition, but to earn his living and be independent.

Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 8It’s a message to all budding artists and all those who aspire to be independent, don’t pay heed to what your Samaritan neighbor in the Indian society has to say. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and move ahead. Once you become something, they will stop talking about you

6. I can sleep English, I can drink English, I can eat English, ENGLISH, ENGLISHIndian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 9

“My son Rohan can’t even speak a word in Bengali or Hindi. He only reads English novels and likes English movies”. Haven’t you heard this? Well, I have.  It’s very shameful that children of our country are unaware of their mother tongue.

We have this notion that speaking in our mother tongue will make us look “uncool,” and English will make us look “branded.”  This must be changed.Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 10

Teaching your child the value of English is good, but not teaching them their language is bad. Like really bad. English is indeed a widely accepted language throughout the world, be it in interviews or any official meeting; English vocabulary is needed.

But parents, please, do teach your children the importance of their mother-tongue. Indian society needs to be broad-minded. Speak with them in your local language at home, give them books to read, make them listen to all kinds of music. Remember-Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 11

So, these were some really practical facts that must be busted out of Indian society. These points mentioned are my views and thoughts, with no personal intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. 

You are free to add more points to it, use #6practicalchange_icytales, and share your thoughts with us.  Don’t forget to share my article if you enjoyed reading it. Indian Society: 6 Things that should change ASAP 12

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I am a Mass Comm. graduate, love to click-write-post. Currently a fresher,and an explorer by nature.

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