Without You…A Poem About Losing Someone You Love

Without You...A Poem About Losing Someone You Love 1

Love, the abstract force that makes the world go round. One’s life may fall apart. But despite insurmountable odds, we continue to fight because we can win the hardest battles, if that is the cost we need to pay for reuniting with the one we love. Love, in all forms, is one of the primary reasons we humans live. But what if life ruthlessly snatches away our loved one from us? Can there be anything worse than that? The light of our life is put out, without a warning, leaving us in abysmal trauma. This poem here attempts to capture everything that such a person feels, when life comes to a standstill, because their reason to live is gone…

Without You...A Poem About Losing Someone You Love

Without you

I am tired of holding back my tears…
I am tired of pretending I don’t care.
How can I stop my heart from shattering…
Every time I see that you’re not there.

What do I do with my heart that is bursting-
Your laughter still rings clearly in my ears.
I shiver & shudder at the mere thought of it.
Without you-how will I survive all these years?

I can still feel like I’m in your embrace.
I can still feel your loving, healing touch.
I reach out my hand, hoping to find you.
You’re not there, though I need you so much.

I scream out your name, with tears in my eyes.
I still hope that my love will bring you back.
Your face still haunts me, but you’ve gone too far.
Nothing can heal me-for it’s you that I lack.

Without You...A Poem About Losing Someone You Love

They know nothing of what hides beneath my smile;
They think I’ve moved on ’cause you’re gone forever.
They don’t know how I miss the light of my life.
And none of them can replace you, for me-ever.

You were the one who was always there beside me.
With you in my arms, there was no need for words.
You were the one whose smile lit up my life.
But without you, it’s just endless pain that hurts.

What would I not do to have you back in my life?
I would drain every drop of blood to see you again.
Torture me, and rip out my heart from my chest.
All of that will be more bearable than this pain.

Without You...A Poem About Losing Someone You Love

No matter how hard I try to forget you…
I still feel your presence; you’re looking out for me.
But please know this, even though you’re gone forever…
After all this time, you still have all of me.

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