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10 Best Dublin Library To Study In

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Located beside the British Isles, Ireland is a country that is famous for its unique accent, folklore, rich culture, old-school architecture, and greenery. This beautiful country is a great place for tourists to visit and enjoy the local lifestyle.

The Irish capital Dublin is a very charming city. It finds detailed mention in James Joyce’s critically acclaimed book, Ulysses. Dublin is also home to important academic institutions like Trinity College, University of Dublin, University College Dublin, and others.

The capital city of Ireland is also famous for its beautiful and character-rich architecture. This can be seen in the libraries, some of which are quite old. These wonderful bookhouses are spread over the city of Dublin and offer a great refuge for the book- lovers, academics, and people who like to spend their time reading something in an interesting and intriguing surrounding. This article will help you find the best Dublin library.

Visiting one also offers us the chance to physically interact with books and manuscripts, which sadly is becoming a rarity these days with the rise of electronic gadgets, e-publications, and screen addiction. Something has to be said for the sheer joy one discovers afresh when opening a good old book in the flesh. It ensnares the senses from the texture of the paper to the printing and, if one is lucky, the woodcut illustrations and the smell of old pages.

Luckily for residents of Dublin, the wonderful town has some very interesting book collections to visit and spend time studying and perusing wonderful pieces of literature in.

Here is a curated list of the best libraries to be found in Dublin, Ireland.

What Makes Library A Good Place For Studying?

Photo by Anetta Yawlik, Unsplash
Photo by Anetta Pawlik, Unsplash

When it comes down to it, most libraries are good places to study in. However, certain things elevate a study space from good to great. Surrounded by books and readers, one can concentrate better and remain committed to studying and getting work done.

Of course, all this depends on the individual studying and their preferences. There are some important things which help create a mood for studying.

A Dedicated Studying Section

Firstly, the library should offer a dedicated study space; if not, it has to have a quiet atmosphere that is not distracting for people. The study area should be properly separated from where other events like literature shows, reading club meetings, and lectures occur as they can be distracting. However, some people also prefer to study in a lively area, which can be somewhat subjective.

A Good Location

Location and timings are important. The library should be open most days of the week and must be located at an accessible address, not at the outskirts of the town. Visiting hours must be long enough for people to sit and get their reading and studying work done. Additional restaurants, cafes, and bistros are also a welcome amenity.

A Competent Staff

The staff should handle many visitors and be friendly and helpful to call on, approach, and ask. Support from the staff is important for being hospitable to the differently-abled visitors as well. Facilities also should be equipped to be friendly to contact and accessible for the differently-abled.

Proper Resources

Online learning resources, archival resources are great services to have in places to study and research, especially for researchers and scholars who may find a great use for them while engaging in study. Probably the most used of the resources is the collection of books, and regarding this, the bigger it is, the better. A great variety of books can be an important draw for students, academicians, researchers, and the general public.

A Systematic Catalog

A proper catalog should be maintained to enable people to locate their books quickly, and this catalog should be updated regularly. This lets people easily search for their required books and not waste precious hours wandering around.

10 Best Dublin Library To Study In 1
Photo by Aaron Burden, Unsplash

The Top 10 Best Dublin Library

Reading books has become a great hobby for many people worldwide, and important public institutions have come up to cater to this demand. A library is a frequented haunt for book lovers, researchers, and even writers and students.

1. Trinity College Library

10 Best Dublin Library To Study In 2
Photo by Hannah May, Unsplash

This famous library was established all the way back in 1529 and has grown over the years. It comprises six buildings within the Trinity College campus itself. It is also unique for the ‘legal deposit’ status it possesses. This means that all books published in Ireland must have a copy deposited here. This ensures that the absolutely immense collection keeps on growing.

This place is also famous for its marvelous architecture, which the reading and the academic public greatly admire. It is accessible for staff, university students, cross-institutional readers are allowed. Graduate readers, however, only have access to reading privileges.

2. National Library of Ireland

10 Best Dublin Library To Study In 3
Photo by Elisa Rolle, Wikimedia,

This is Ireland’s national library, established by the Dublin Science and Art Museum Act, 1877. The main collection comprises books from the Royal Dublin Society. From 1997 onwards, the place collected all materials related to Ireland to maintain a proper record; This is a reference library, and books can only be perused since they are not lent to readers. This place has a great archival collection as well.

3. Rathmines Library

This institution was built in 1913 with the aid of American millionaire Andrew Carnegie. This was the first public library at Rathmines and was established at 53 Rathmines road but was shifted later on. The place offers a collection of 35,000 books for visitors to browse, including audiobooks and DVDs. It retains the reading desks and original floor plans earlier and references past and present local writers.

4. Deansgrange Library

Deansgrange is a great modern facility for both children and adults; it has a good collection of books. Apart from that, visitors can also access online content by computer. Books can be pre-booked here, and free internet access is also provided. Deansgrange also has several events held throughout the year. The entire facility is wheelchair accessible and has other amenities like parking and public restrooms as well.

5. Ballyfermot Library

It offers one of the best local collections in the city and is spacious, and maintains a well-stocked collection of books, including newer publications. The library also has children’s collections, laptops, wifi, accessible toilets, and even a recording studio. Ballyfermot holds regular talks on local history and organizes exhibitions, events for children and adults. Ballyfermot library is located on Ballyfermot road and is closed only on bank holidays.

6. Central Library

This is a popular haunt for book lovers with a wide range of facilities like a children’s selection, meeting rooms, study spaces, and a music collection. It holds workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and children’s activities regularly throughout the year. It is also well known for its wide collection of books, offered in different languages and good DVDs. It is located on Henry Street and has very helpful staff according to the visitors.

7. Marsh’s Library

This is another popular library in Dublin and dates all the way back to 1707, when it was established. This place has a good collection and conducts many exhibitions and activities for members of different age groups. It has a wide variety of audio-visual resources as well. It is child-friendly and offers child play services, and holds events for them as well. It is located near St. Patrick’s and is in the heart of the city.

8. Blanchardstown Library

Blanchardstown has a dedicated reading space and a children’s play area; free wifi and paid printing services are also available in this library. Membership for a library card is free and only requires ID proof to attain. Books, DVDs, and audiobooks can be lent for up to 3 weeks, and it has a good collection of all three of them. Free language courses are also available here.

9. Dublin City Library and Archive

dublin library
Photo by Dublin City Public Libraries, Wikimedia.

This institution serves as the largest library authority in Ireland. It offers amenities like free wifi, a music catalog, designated study areas, a creative studio, a large archival section, and a local studies section. E-books, magazines, and other online learning content are also available at the library. It hosts programs like lectures, teaching, and exhibitions all year round. The institute contains detailed archival information relating to Dublin since 1711.

10. Dlr Lexicon

Dlr Lexicon is a modern library for adults and children. The library has audiovisual collections, general and local history sections, archives, meeting rooms, reading spaces, 100 study spaces, an art gallery, an auditorium, and a cafe. The impressive state-of-the-art facade is environment-friendly and a must-visit for scholars.

dublin library
Photo by Stephen Judge, Wikimedia

This article tells you the ten best libraries to study in Dublin. Here is a website with links for other similar places in Dublin. Do you have a different list of the best places to study? Do you agree with this list, or would you make some changes? Let us know a few of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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