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Top 20 Best Outdoor Winter Activities For You &a Your Family

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This is Kritika. A 23-year-old biotechnology student by the day, and a writer/poet 24/7.

Are you looking for some exciting and fun outdoor winter activities? Well, look no further because we are here with a list of the best outdoor winter activities. 

Embrace Your Winters With Outdoor Winter Activities

So, the winters are here. Do you love winters? If you do, you would know how much fun it is to be outside during the cold season. And if you don’t, do not worry because you will fall in love with outdoor winter activities after going through this post.

For some people, winter means lazy cozy indoor days. But you will miss out on all the fun if you stay indoors during the winters. Because winters demands to be enjoyed outside. When is snow is coming down, it is time for you to go outside and play.

There are so many outdoor winter activities for kids and adults to do as the winter fun kicks in. As the winter season hits, you should make a winter bucket list and do all the things possible.

Yet as the winter holidays start, kids spend much time indoors mostly. But it is time for that to change, and we are here to inspire that change because we have this ultimate list of 20 fun outdoor winter activities that you can enjoy all winter long.

So, let’s get you active outdoors this winter.

Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors During Winters

Well, it may sound warm, cozy, and better to spend winters indoors in your bed covered in blankets, watching your favorite programs with a cup of hot cocoa, but to your surprise, spending time outdoors has mental and physical benefits.

It is often misunderstood that being out in the chilly winters will cause illness, but it is not true. If you and the kids put on layers and stay safe, being outside can actually turn out to be beneficial to your health.

Helps us stay active physically

As there are so many fun winter activities, engaging in some will certainly help us stay active physically. That way, you do not even need to exercise because the classic outdoor winter activities force you to full physical involvement.

Boosts vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins that we need. And the most natural way of acquiring vitamin D is by soaking it up from the sun. While that is not much possible during the summers, because the sun is too strong then, but is very much possible in the winters.

Helps at cutting down calories

For those who have goals set on cutting calories, well, here is the perfect chance for you. Indulge yourself in some heavy outdoor activities and see your calories burn down.

Fresh air helps beat the seasonal affective disorder

When you spend most of your time outdoors during the winters, the fresh air makes you feel better. It is an effective way to beat the seasonal affective disorder.

Being involved in any fun outdoor winter activity automatically makes you feel lighter and better.

So, basically, it is all about a better mood and a chance at experiencing nature in a different way.


It is time to check out the list of outdoor winter activities that we have made. Just keep in mind that some of these activities might not be available for you, depending on where you live.

Because this list contains a general view of outdoor winter activities, try whatever is feasible for you, or maybe take a trip somewhere else to enjoy the rest of these fun outdoor activities.

20 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

1. Do Some Snow Paint (Snow Graffiti)

Snow painting is such a fun activity for the kids. Firstly, you do not require many materials, nor do you need to be very crafty.

All you need is to be as creative as you can. And, of course, a few supplies to paint, such as food coloring, spray cans, brushes. Adults who like to paint can do this too with their kids. Just fill your spray cans with a few drops of food coloring or watercolor paints with a little bit of water and go crazy.

Build shapes, and then color them or color whatever you like. No rules here.

2. Play in the Backyard/Playground

If you have your own backyard, go out there with your whole family and do anything you like. Maybe set up an outdoor picnic, cook some delicious food. Or start up a snowball fight if there’s enough snow around.

If you don’t have a backyard, go to the nearest playground or local parks with your friends, build a snow fort, maybe. Or look for fun ways to enjoy in the snow.

3. Winter Bonfire

By: Yo Mike/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Well, bonfires aren’t just a summer thing. You and your entire family can enjoy a warm winter bonfire while you plan to enjoy the outdoors.

Hurdle up, dress warm, or get some blankets and comfortable chairs, lit an open fire, and enjoy a small family picnic with your favorite foods.

Tips: How about getting hot dogs and hot chocolate? Seems like a fun idea.

4. Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing
By: Schramroyal/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Fishing is an all-season activity; however, fishing during the winters is a super fun thing to do. Fishing in a frozen pond is an exciting way to fish.

But remember, ice fishing is not for everyone because you have to be very careful of the ice; if it isn’t thick enough, you can fall through. This is why it is both a fun outdoor activity and a dangerous one.

For fishing, you will need a few things like assorted ice jigs, a bucket, ice auger, ice rod, and reel, skimmer.

5. Go Creative

By: Jody/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

When there’s fresh snow, there’s nothing better than being creative with it. Get your artsy side on, and build snow castles, a snowman, or make snow angels.

Or even better, create a snow maze.

6. Ice Skating

Ice Skating
By: Paul Taylor/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

One of the most fun activities in the winter is ice skating. Gliding in your ice skates around an ice skating rink or frozen pond can never go out of style.

Choose what you would like to glide over, an outdoor rink or a frozen pond, and go gliding. This is so much fun.

7. Go For a Winter Hike

By: Movement Spontaneous/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Hiking is always fun, no matter what season. But winter hiking is something special. You can hike a mountain or snow-covered forest.

8. Go Winter Camping

By; Cindy Smart/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

One of the best ways to spend time with friends and family is none other than camping. It is a great way to enjoy the best of the winter months. And camping in the cold weather is the best of all.

Put up a tent, get a sleeping bag, some blankets, lit a bonfire too, and have an amazing night.

9. Soak in an Outdoor Hot Tub

Hot Tub
By: Rush Adventures/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Well, make your winters more fun and relaxing by soaking in an outdoor hot tub. You can either visit any outdoor spa resort nearby you or, best, if there’s enough space in your backyard, install one.

Get the much-needed sunlight, enjoy the warm waters.

10. Go For a Nature Walk

When you are fully exhausted of all the fun things, try something simple. Just take a walk. Most of the places look beautiful during winters. Go around, take a look, get close to nature.

11. Ski Your Way

By: Cyril Gros/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

There’s no better way to enjoy the winters than taking a ski trip with your friends or family. Take a trip to any ski hill that offers the much-needed thrill and excitement and stunning views, of course.

You do not have to be an expert in this, and even beginners can try their luck. You need to find the right hill for you.

12. Celebrate the Winter Solstice

It is time to start a tradition, and what’s better than the Winter Solstice itself? The Northern Hemisphere marks the first day of winter, having the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

This tradition celebrates the change of the seasons and welcomes winter wholeheartedly. So get your family together, get outside, set up a table, maybe decorate the space with Christmas lights, and eat dinner together.

13. Go Sledding

By: Good Livin/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Sledding is the most popular winter sport. Kids, young children, adults, everyone enjoys it the same. Because who wouldn’t love gliding down a hill on a snow tube or a sled?

Find a hill nearby covered in snow, or you can even build a slope of your own for the kids if there is enough snow around you.

14. Outdoor Workouts

This is for the adults. Most of you must do some workout to stay fit and healthy. And workouts are usually done indoors.

This winter, let’s change that. Go outside, maybe to the backyard, and start your workout regime out there. Sweating it out in the cold will definitely feel different.

15. Fly a Kite

Flying kites
By: Ian Holmes/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

If you think only summers are ideal for flying kites, then you are wrong. Although the winter winds are chilly, they are great for getting your kites to touch great heights.

If you love flying kites, this is something you can do. Also, kites up there make the dull grey winter sky look bright and beautiful.

16. Go for a Night Hike

Night Hike
By: Movement Spontaneous/Flickr @all Rights Reserved

It gets dark early in the evening during winters, and that offers a great chance of an exciting night hike with your friends.

As soon as it gets dark, head out on a known trail and experience what the night brings. Night hikes bring a whole new level of excitement, as you can clearly hear the sounds of things even from a distance.

Carry a flashlight with you, as it can get a bit scary when it is too dark out on the roads.

17. Host a Winter Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun for the kids. And hosting one in the winter will eventually force the kids to spend more time outside.

They will get a better look at the outside.

18. Try Ice Bowling

Ice Bowling
By: Michigan Tech/Flickr @All Rights Reserved

Ice bowling is a fun activity to keep yourself engaged. Bowling has always been a popular activity among kids and adults, so make it a bit more interesting by adding the ice element to it.

All you need are some frozen water bottles filled with water and a balloon filled with water to make the ice ball. You need to freeze the balloon too.

Once it’s all frozen, set up the bowling lane, and you are good to go. Or visit an ice bowling center and be the ball yourself.

19. Make Drinks To Stay Warm

Hot chocolate is the most common drink for the winter. This winter, try something new. How about apple cider?

Apple Ciders are great to keep yourself warm and make it; you only need a few ingredients. The steps are quite simple so that anyone can make it.

20. Make Room for a Winter Festival

Most cities and towns organize winter festivals; if you haven’t attended any so far, maybe this year is the time for you.

Winter festivals offer a great chance for outdoor families to meet new people and celebrate together. They have all sorts of activities to enjoy.

Ending Note

Well, this is all that we have on our curated list of the best outdoor winter activities. But remember, fun outdoor winter activities do not have to end here. There’s so much more you can do in the winters.

Depending on where you live, these outdoor winter activities will always change. So, look around you and make the best of what you have got. And if you need something more, find the best destinations to spend the winter months.

So, get your snow boots on, cover yourself in good layers, and be ready for some fun outdoor play-time. These outdoor winter activities will definitely bring the best out of you.

Stay energized, stay healthy, stay warm, and beat the chilly winters in a fun way. Let us know which of these outdoor winter activities you are going to try for sure this year.

And if you have a bucket list of your own outdoor winter activities, do share that too.


Whenever you are going for any of these outdoor winter activities, always take safety measures and check the weather forecast.

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This is Kritika. A 23-year-old biotechnology student by the day, and a writer/poet 24/7.

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