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10 Cool Games to Improve Presence of Mind!

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Are you looking for some best games to improve presence of mind? Well, you came to the right place.

Let’s first try to understand what we mean by ‘presence of mind.’ The presence of mind means attentiveness if, explained in a nutshell. But, the presence of mind has lots of other factors like focus, attention to details, calmness, sensibility, quick decision-making, etc.

If you are still confused about what presence of mind exactly is, here are some examples for you!

This article is not only about games that are played through electronic media, i.e., video games and mobile applications games but, also brings light upon games that can be played indoors and outdoors. Yes, the classic way!

As technology has evolved so much, the younger generation is more inclined towards video games rather than games that require physical movements or critical thinking, which is fine anyway, because games are not pointless these days.

Playing games online or offline is known to reduce anxiety and cope with stress. They also improve memory and concentration. Playing games enhances brain power and boosts processing speed.

So, let’s begin our quest to find out the best games to improve presence of mind.

5 Best Video Games to Improves Presence of Mind!

In this section, we will take a look at the five best video games and mobile applications that are readily available online and are known for improving the presence of the minds of players.

1. Lumosity

Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind

This is a game that focuses on memory improvement of the brain, as it has over 50 sets of puzzles that are specially designed to promote brain activities, like memory boosting, increasing attention span, focus, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving, etc.

Well, that was a long list! And we are impressed. This game tops the list and is also among one of the most recommended games for improving the presence of mind.

Lumosity is available in the form of an application, and one particular fact about this app is that it is not designed for any specific age group; all age group of people can play it and get benefitted.

2. Minecraft

Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind

Minecraft is another old and one of the most popular games of all time, as it released in 2009. It’s a sandbox game, where players have the choice of creating, transforming, and even destroying their environment as per the situation.

There is a creative mode option in this game that allows players to explore their mind maps while increasing mental exercise. Apart from all these benefits, this game already has a huge fanbase.

Minecraft is a kind of game that can be played by people of all age groups, as it is believed to improve your brain health.

3. Cognifit Brain Fitness

Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind

This game is beneficial in training your mind and increasing your cognitive skills. It consists of some fun and exciting brain training programs which are available in large numbers, giving you the freedom to choose according to your need.

It is advisable to play this game for at least 10 minutes every day for better mental health.  Cognifit Brain Fitness is also believed to have validated 23 cognitive skills from enhancing focused attention to visual perception.

This game is a must-try for all those who are looking for the best games to improve presence of mind.

4. Civilization

Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind

Civilization is quite an old game, as it released in 1991 and is easily available for free on all kinds of platforms. It is a turn wise strategy building video game.

This game is not recommended for all age groups. It is mostly suitable for teenagers and young adults. And, this game has lots of series, and its latest launch happened in 2019 and released the 6th part of the game series.

Apart from developing skills like planning and strategizing, Civilisation is believed to be one excellent example of educational video games, as it encourages players to think intellectually and make small societal decisions that affect their world (virtual) and economy.

5. Dakim Brain Fitness

Best Games to Improve Presence of MindBest Games to Improve Presence of Mind

Easily available for download on PCs, iPads, and macs, this game has to be mentioned in the list. Dakim brain fitness application is designed especially for the senior citizens starting from 50 and moving forward.

As old age prevails, the brain cells start decreasing, which leads to reduced working memory power. It is advisable to play this game for 20-minutes every day.

Dakim Brain Fitness game is medically approved for the old age group as it some first brain-building activities with really cool and fun factors like humor, colorful images, music, and movie clips from the 1950’s era, to remind and re-build those memories.

5 Best Games to improve the presence of mind!

Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind

In this section, we will explore some board games and outdoor games to improve presence of mind.

1. Chess & Monopoly

Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind

Chess is an intelligent board game invented in around the 6th century, which is played on a white-black checkered board with 64 square in 8×8 arrangement. It has knights, king, queen, pawns, etc.

Each character has a different movement pattern, and you are supposed to defend your king, but also have to make a plan for defeating the opponent’s king, without losing much of your people.

Chess players are automatically assumed as smart, because this game requires lots of thinking, analyzing the opponent’s moves and then re-thinking your move.

Monopoly requires strategizing and decision making at every step, the young generation may not be aware of this mind-bending, but fun game, but people born during the ’80s and ’90s must have played this game.

Learning to make decisions from a young age helps you a lot when you grow up because adulthood is all about making wise decisions.

2. Scrabble

Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind

Scrabble always manages to be on the list of best games to improve presence of mind. As scrabble requires your attention, it needs all your focus and concentration even when the other player is wondering what word can be made next.

Scrabble was invented back in 1938, and it not only helps in improving the presence of mind but also helps in expanding vocabulary, spelling, strategy, and teaches you the art of bluffing.

Similar is the benefit of playing Sudoku or crossword as both these games require putting pressure on your brain. Sudoku is something that a lot of people find difficult in solving and understanding the trick it needs, but it’s worth trying!

3. Jigsaw puzzle & Rubik’s cube

Best Games to Improve Presence of MindBest Games to Improve Presence of Mind

We all must be aware of the jigsaw puzzle, as it was a fun brain game. There were lots of tiny pieces of cardboard that required to be put in the right place to form a big picture.

Now, this game can be frustrating for many, but children enjoy this game. Also, it keeps them thinking and busy. Did you know that jigsaw puzzles were invented in 1760, which is nearly two and a half centuries ago!

Rubik’s cube is also suggested by many to be an excellent mind-boggling game. It was invented in 1974. It is a colorful 3-D cube with small divided cubes (4×4 or different sizes) that you rotate to form a solid color on all six faces of the cube.

It requires a good attention span, focus, and strategy, and lots of time for beginners. There are professional Rubik’s cube players as well. Overall, it’s a good game for improving the presence of mind.

4. Card games

Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind

Card games are not played just for fun or pastime, but you can play card games to improve presence of mind. And, there are infinite ways of playing with a set of cards, sounds fun, right?

Card games like rummy, mahjong, UNO, etc. do not only help you in socializing but also improves your patience and concentration, and it is also beneficial in boosting visual memory.

A card game also promotes logical thinking and improves math skills, which will always benefit you in your life.

5. Team sports

games to improve presence of mind

Team sports are often considered as one of the best games to improve presence of mind.

Because in a single-player sport like golf, swimming, dance, skating may add up your skills list, but if you play alone, and there’s no one for guidance, it won’t help you much in expanding your mind’s horizon.

Team sports like basketball, football, cricket, volleyball, etc. involve many players, it teaches you discipline, promotes critical thinking, focus, swift and sensible decision-making.

Having a theoretical idea of the game is not enough. Still, when you become an expert in both physical as well as in the theoretical aspect, you become a deadly combination.

In other words, try to get involved in all kinds of sports, may it be video games, board games that can be played indoors, or outdoor games.

There is always something to learn, so when life gives you an opportunity to be a part of games, always try to take it!

There are lots of other games that help improve the presence of mind in people. We have selected some best options for you!

May it be video games, indoor or outdoor games all are invented or developed not only for fun and time pass, but there’s always another purpose and benefits related to that.

You can check out some other cool games here!

This was an article on ‘Best Games to Improve Presence of Mind.’ If you have anything to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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