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What to Watch When You’re Home Alone: 15 Cool Suggestions

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What to watch when you’re home alone? This happens a lot of times when we are alone at home. We are too bored, or we have run out of popular series and movies to watch.

Being alone at home has its perks. First of all, you can watch all the stuff that is awkward to watch with family. Then you can watch creepy movies and scare yourself for no reason at all. And the final advantage, whatever you watch, nobody’s going to stop you or judge you.

We have prepared a comprehensive list of movies, TV series, Web series, and also reality shows. We have also added action movies, adult movies, So go ahead and dive into the list of ‘What to watch when you’re home alone.’

1. The exorcist (1973)

What to watch when you’re home alone? As soon as your brain registers the question, the first thing that comes to the mind is some good old creepypasta! It also reminds you of the movie series ‘Home Alone.’

But The Exorcist is probably the scariest movie of all the time. And watching it alone can be a whole different level of bravery. You can challenge yourself to view it.
If you are feeling extraordinarily courageous, then watch it when you are alone in the dark.

2. Bachelors in Paradise

what to watch when you're home alone

This reality show has low ratings. But the romance and drama just make it something to watch when you’re home alone.
You get to see two awkward strangers thrown into a paradise with the goals of falling into love (and even getting married).

If you are single, it will be even more fun to watch because it will remind you why you are single in the first place.

And if you’re in a relationship, then it will just give you some romantic ideas. You can see how they break up, makeup, and cheat on each other.

Obviously, you cannot watch this with your parents or even friends because it’s kind of weird. Everyone’s going to judge you.

3. Two and a half men

We have all watched this TV series at one point or the other. Many Charlie Sheen fans watch the show just for the nostalgia. But believe me, watching two and a half men with parents can be really awkward.

Many things make it not-parent-friendly. The first one being Charlie Harper’s womanizing, disrespectful attitude of the characters towards each other, and inappropriate jokes.

4. 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is probably not that popular, but it is filled with funny moments all the same. There is black humor as well as sexual innuendos throughout the series. And this is precisely what makes it an awkward watch with parents.

Besides, the poor ratings (the show is kind of underrated) will make your siblings and buddies judge you. But the comedy is just cool. Max Black is one of the most sarcastic and cynical character ever.

This is why you should watch it when you are completely alone at your home.

5. Insidious

what to watch when you're home alone

If you are confused about what to watch in the creepy genre, then Insidious may be the right choice.

The insidious movie series has scared many to death. It is slightly less scary than the exorcist. It has a gripping storyline, and it has four parts. You can binge-watch the entire movie series at night.

6. Conjuring

If you want a good story with a decent scare, then you must watch the Conjuring movies. The Conjuring Universe is infamous for bringing Annabelle and Valak into the film. The plot of all the Conjuring movies is related.

The main Conjuring movie also has Lauren Warren and James Warren.
You can binge-watch all the Conjuring movies at night. Or you can do so in the day if you are easily scared. Annabelle will make sure to visit you at 3 a.m.

7. America’s Next Top Model

what to watch when you're home alone

If you just want to watch some exciting photoshoots, model workouts, and fitness, then America’s Next Top Model would be perfect for you.

It gives a whole different level of satisfaction to guess who would be eliminated next. You can daydream about having a professional photoshoot yourself with all those fancy hair and makeup.

You can sit back and watch all the glamorous drama. You can even play the fashion critic as you munch on potato chips in a baggy t-shirt.

8. Game of thrones

Still, wondering what to watch when you’re home alone?

Let’s not forget the series that disappointed us with its eighth season. Some will never get over it.

But it will definitely make a good time killer when you are alone at home. With all that violence, weird relationships, and incest, Game of Thrones is a big no-no to watch with parents or family.

But when you are all alone, you can binge-watch all the seasons on the big TV screen. Go ahead. Nobody can stop you.

9. Scary Movie series

I know! These are probably the silliest movies ever made. If the word gets out, you will be judged and frowned upon.

But come on! You cannot deny that these are fun to watch sometimes.

The movie series has five movies. Four of them star Anna Faris (Cindy Campbell) and other recurring characters like Brenda.

The scary movies just combine a few action, horror movies into a single movie. They are a parody of the originals. The storyline is obviously messed up in the film. The plot and the dialogues and even the situations are highly farcical.

What to watch when you’re alone? Give this unusual package of horror-comedy a chance. You will never be the same again. And on the plus side, you will never be creeped out by horror movies.

Since we are talking about what to watch when you’re home alone, here are some movies that scared us to death! You are sure to get some goosebumps!

10. The Notebook

Okay, so, we’re done with the scary stuff and the adult stuff. But what if you are in a mood something romantic and dramatic? What to watch when you’re home alone?

Well, you can never go wrong with the classics and all-time favorites. And the most obvious choice would be ‘The Notebook.’ Seriously, this movie manages to break hearts every time we watch it. It makes you cry.

And then it gives you the satisfaction that you were a part of it. Seriously, this movie will make you fall in love all over again.

11. Die Hard

How about some action? Because not everyone likes creepy monsters or cheesy romance. You can never go wrong with action.

Some like to make their solitary moments full of adrenaline (because they know they can’t really drive a car off a cliff or enter a room by smashing a window). So what? You can live and relive those adrenaline-pumping stunts through movies!

There can be a wide choice in this category. You can go for Fast and Furious, Terminator or Alien or Predator.

12. Me Before you

A touching yet heartbreaking movie, Me Before You, is an absolutely romantic yet seemingly realistic movie.

A person who is full of life, even undergoing her personal problems and crisis, Emilia Clarke, portrays a warm-hearted attitude towards others who never gives up on her dreams and the ever-smiling face.

And at the same time, though paralyzed from the neck down, Sam Claflin, too, is on the toes (pardon the pun) and tries to mask on his difficulties.

Though a not-so-happy ending, this movie gives everything, from the joys in little moments to doing things one could only imagine, this movie teaches one to live. Just live.

13. Fault in our stars

what to watch when you're home alone

Well, there are a lot of options for romantic movies and series as well. So we decided to include the famous ‘Fault in our stars.’

This is a movie adaptation of the book by John Green. The story is very heart touching. If you don’t cry at the end, then there is something wrong with you.

14. Animated Movies

what to watch when you're home alone

Yes, why not? You cannot watch animated movies when your siblings are around. They will just ridicule you. But when you are alone, you can do anything as you please.

You can watch the Frozen movies or even the corny, glittery Barbie movies. Do it for the sake of nostalgia. No one is around to judge you or disturb you.

Then there is How to Train your Dragon, Beauty and the Beast, Up, The Lion King, Coco, and many more movies.

If you want to know what are the top animated movies to watch, here is a list of best animated film.

15. Your favorite cartoon shows 

what to watch when you're home alone

Yes, when we say cartoon shows, it includes all the manga and anime as well. You can binge-watch any of the cool anime shows like the Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, and even Dragon Ball.

You can go classic with Tom and Jerry, SpongeBob SquarePants, Powerpuff Girls, or whatever your favorite classic is.

But you know what else does this section include? The baby cartoon shows! By that, I mean the Baby Looney Tunes, Oswald, and Dora the Explorer!

You can watch all of these without any disturbance. You can enjoy your absolute solitude with these TV programs and movies. You will find most of the shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So the next time you’re wondering what to watch when you’re home alone, then you know what to do. In addition to the stuff mentioned above, you can also go for YouTube videos.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have more suggestions for what to watch when you’re home alone! Let us know if this list was helpful.

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