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10 Best Museums in Phoenix

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Phoenix shelters many art museums that preserve and protect western art and culture.

The finest visual art and artifacts are beautifully displayed in all the Museums in Phoenix. It throws light on the historical past and the innovative future of the native Americans.

A visit to the youngest city of museums will fill up your vacation with memorable events and recollections of the past.

Best Museums in Phoenix

Museums in Phoenix lays down different perspectives for the audience to see the world in new insight.

1. Phoenix Art Museum

The entrance of the Phoenix Art Museum one of the elegant Museums in Phoenix
Phoenix Art Museum

The distant puzzling history of the world is clubbed and exhibited at Phoenix museums to read an interesting story.

The biggest visual art museum in Arizona, Phoenix Art Museum, established in 1959, is a store-house of the past collections from across the world.

All year long, this museum exhibits the wonderful art of the world from different centuries.

More than four hundred national and international exhibitions have been displayed for the millions of people it has received since its establishment.

The Phoenix Art Museum presents more than 20,000 objects which belong to the mysterious past.

They have varied exhibitions ranging from Old Master paintings to the American West’s art, iconic fashion to contemporary Latin American Art, and historical objects from Asia. The galleries keep flourishing with exhibitions after exhibitions every year.

Phoenix Art Museum has made alliances with various agencies to provide an excellent platform for budding and advanced artists to demonstrate their artwork.

2. Musical Instrument Museum

Musical Instrument Museum
Musical Instrument Museum

Music is the tune of our soul and the instruments that strings it is found in the Museums in Phoenix.

The largest music gallery is the Musical Instrument Museum, also referred to as MIM, which commenced in 2010. Around 8,000 musical instruments related to ethnicity, folk, and tribal music are beautifully displayed, which complements the cultural aesthetics from across the world.

MIM is one of Phoenix’s unique museums because it depicts the wide diversity in culture, art, and music worldwide.

The Artist Gallery of this musical world gives a glimpse of Ravi Shankar, Elvis Presley, Carlos Santana, and many other well-renowned artists.

A trip to the Geographic Galleries of MIM takes you through the five different sections of the world.  They are categorized as Asia and Oceania Gallery, Africa and the Middle East Gallery,  Europe Gallery, Latin America Gallery, and the United States Gallery.

3. Arizona State University (ASU) Art Museum

ASU Art Museum
ASU Art Museum

The Tempe campus of Arizona proudly situates ASU Art Museum in Nelson Fine Arts Center’s contemporary building, which architect Antoine Predock designed.

Phoenix’s best contemporary art museum is the ASU Museum that deals with ideas and facts of innovation and discovery.

ASU Art Museum is a permanent collection house of 12,000 objects. The multiple galleries exhibit contemporary art, which accentuates the historic and contemporary prints of American and European and crafts, new media that highlights the American ceramics of post-World War II. The Latin artists and their methods of portraying modern and contemporary America are depicted in American and Southeast Art.

The educational outreach at the ASU Art Museum aims to provide a way for the audience to experience the artwork’s sentiment.

The best part of this museum is, visitors can purchase objects identical to the original piece from the gift shop.

4. Heard Museum

Heard museum
Heard Museum

The world-renowned list of Museums in Phoenix is endless, and one of the best world-class museums in Phoenix is Heard Museum.

Heard Museum was opened in 1929, and ever since, it thrived on receiving worldwide recognition for its fine collections, striking exhibitions, unique festivals, and educational programs.

It attracts attention for its traditional and contemporary art and culture based on American Indian of Southwest.

The exhibition is a major source to review the past concerning art and ethnicity, and this museum has been collecting and preserving ancient artifacts.

As a result, the galleries are bristling with native American paintings, fine arts, drawings, photography, prints, and sculptures that intrigue the tourists. More vivid artifacts are presented to gain a deeper knowledge of their history and culture.

Furthermore, to perceive a different outlook of the fine arts of the Southwest American Indian, Heard Museum has formulated rules for the native American artists and tribal communities to work together.

5. Mesa Contemporary Arts Center


In downtown Mesa, the fine arts exhibition zone is at the Mesa Art Center, recognized as the Mesa Contemporary Arts Center Museum in 2005.

The international award-winning and largest Art Museums in Phoenix comprise five staggering galleries, 14 beautiful visual art studios, and four grand theatres.

The astonishing galleries of the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum exhibit the juries’ unique contemporary art and the globally famous artists.

This Arts Museum sets up various art workshops, volunteer Docent programs, and lectures presented by professional artists for art lovers. The visitors appreciate the exceptional exhibition of visual art and live performances.

Traditional media’s contemporary art is collected in different forms such as ceramics, jewelry, prints, and.d more.

Artists and donors have greatly contributed to the expansion of the Mesa Contemporary Arts Center.

6. Arizona Capitol Museum

Arizona Capitol Museum
Arizona Capitol Museum

Arizona’s transformation story from a Territory to a State is narrated in Phoenix’s museums through various artifacts, events, programs, and exhibitions.

Arizona’s territorial government’s previous residence was converted to a museum known as Arizona Capitol Museum when it emerged as a State in 1912.

The detailed history of politics, government, social as well as culture is featured in this museum.

Arizona Capitol Museum is situated in the 1901 part of the State Capitol Building, which belongs to the Arizona State Library and Archives of Public Records.

Governmental buildings surround the Museum, Arizona Legislature in the forefront, and the Executive Tower behind.

More than 20 contemporary artifacts of the previously owned Arizona Capitol State have been preserved in this museum.

Visitors dig deeper into the past of Arizona through historical artifacts, public events, and activities exhibited and organized by the Arizona Capitol Museum.

7. Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve

Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve
Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve

Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve is one of Phoenix’s excellent museums situated on the Hedgpeth Hills. It gives insight into the centuries-old cultural history of the Southwest Native Americans.

In 1980, an archaeological survey conducted by J. Along with the Northern Arizona Museum members, Simon Bruder led to the discovery of around 1500 prehistoric petroglyphs carved by Patayan, Hohokam and Archaic people on nearly 600 basalt rocks.

The Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve, previously famous as the Deer Valley Rock Art Center, got recorded as the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.

Since 1994, this fascinating history museum is conserved by Arizona State University.

A quarter-mile trail takes the tourists to 47 acres site to read the carvings of the cultural and social past of the years-old natives.

8. Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

One of Phoenix’s unique museums, Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park, is located on the ruins of 1500 years old Hohokam.

It unravels the Hohokam and the southwestern tribes’ hidden treasures and gives a guided tour across the prehistoric mounds and the canal irrigation system’s extraordinary past.

The former president of Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society got acquisition over the Hohokam village of Pueblo Grande and, in 1924, assigned it to the City of Phoenix.

The indoor gallery is a perfect guide that takes you through the glorious canal history, and the adjacent archaeological park shows the canal irrigation system.

The ethnic heritage of Phoenix comes alive as visitors explore the exhibitions of ancient jewelry, pottery, and designs that highlight the lifestyle of the native tribes.

In 1964, the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park expansion was recognized as the National Historic Landmark.

9. The Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science centre
Arizona Science Center

Museums in Phoenix are full of curious past, but the Arizona Science Center is one mind-spiraling science world formulating vivid imagination.

Summer is best enjoyed with more than 350 permanent hands-on exhibits, which provide an interactive and memorable experience.

The audiences receive hands-on learning through various exciting events, including the Dorrance Planetarium and The W.O.N.D.E.R. Center and a five-floor elegant IMAX Theatre.

The electric, mechanical and electromagnetic displays are for the visiting audience to experience the world of science.

Along with kids, adults to get engrossed in the best museums of Phoenix exploring the science of body and mind along with its striking scientific work.

Experience the scientific ideas and logic of nature to the modern digital world through this wonderful museum’s exhibitions.

10. Children Museum of Phoenix

Children Museum is engaging amongst the museums in Phoenix that is solely dedicated to children since 1998. This museum is a few steps away from the Arizona Science Center, downtown Phoenix.

The three-story grand museum offers 300 plus exciting experiences for kids. The variety of interesting and unique mind and physically energizing games keeps them on toes.

Children Museum has its focus centered on the early development of children from infants up to 10. It presents emotional, cognitive, and physical development-boosting hands-on exhibitions.

This museum is a special space reserved for kids that exhibits a noodle forest, fort building area, miniature market, child-sized cafe, and many more interesting activities.

Children Museum is a perfect open-ended and innovative place for a day out for the kids to learn, experience, and explore more than any other museums in Phoenix.

Phoenix, Arizona, will surprise you with its wide collection of marvelous museums. All the Museums in Phoenix are worth a trip as it takes you past the rich cultural history and the ancient treasure.


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