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All About 13 Top Of The World Hikes

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What could possibly beat the adventure and thrill that is involved in climbing the top of the world hike. Probably nothing? Parallel to the idea of a mainstream and monotonous vacation plan. For something that would guarantee a dose of adventure and satisfaction after a climb.

These are the places that are scattered all around. With some patience and passionate research.

You can’t only find them but also conquer them someday. Discover the reasons as to why these places make it to the top. Also discover some exotic views that are worth every pound of energy.

Top Of The World Hike For You

1. Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong

Totally loved for its dreamy location of Disneyland. The town’s metropolitan structure here is some highly underestimated. Feature of Hong Kong which has been left untraveled by most of the tourists.

The Dragon’s Back quickly makes it to the top of the world hike as a natural wonder we will disclose. The hike can be long for some.

It is totally worth the time and the efforts as with each step to come a bit closer to the splendid view. That waits on the top. The slow escalation of the ground scene below becomes more enchanting with the increase in height.

The distance can be much but is simple and plain to climb.

Leaving only a path to walk the whole of the area is covered with greenery making the sea its perfect backdrop.

top of the world hike

2. Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park,

Located in the San Joaquin Hills. The place is a part of the Orange Country in California. It has one of the top hikes in the world. The Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park is not always a place to hike.

Is also visited as a regional park. Very few people take up the challenge and have the audacity to climb this almost bereft hike.

The place offers horseback riding and a spacious parking lot along with being home to several animals.

The hike is steep at places, but a Mediterranean climate prevails all over the place. The best time to opt for this place would be anytime when the sky is clear.

Visiting the place during march and December can cause a problem due to excessive rain. Staring right from the parking area, the hike only stops when it reaches the top’s panoramic views.

It’s only a one-day hike. The trail extends to the Laguna hills giving an opportunity for mountain bikers to explore.

3. Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Canyons, ridges trails, mountain biking paths, and some of the most extreme hikes. All make it  for the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park to feature as the top of the world hike.

Experts prefer this area to showcase their skills and polis them as well.
One of the most loved hiking spots and off course as the most dangerous.

Also an extreme one in the Orange Country. Even beginners try their hands at it.

The area is a protected and reserved one with many. Not for profit organizations working relentlessly towards preserving and maintaining it.

Hiking events are also organized in this area to increase its importance. This makes people aware of what kind of natural beauty it contains.

The Alta Laguna Park that is also located in southern California makes up for the same level of adventure. Hike at the Laguna Beach adds to it.

top of the world hike

4. Trans Catalina Trail, Catalina Trail

Make your plan to hike the Trans Catalina trail located on Catalina Island. The 38.5-mile trails are surrounded by lovely camping sides and ethereal mountains.  This makes the hike all the more interesting and absorbing as the top of the world hike.

Sites like the Avalon Canyon, the Silver Peak, and the Hermit Gulch Trial all await you. As you gradually make your way up the trail.

There would be places that would give you great views. Leaving the views of the ocean down the top. An exotic variety of cactus could be found growing extensively in the entire area in patches.

5. Pennine Way, United Kingdom

Hiking a snow-covered path with the light warmth of the sun motivates you. With each step is something that is considered to the best top of the world hike. The Pennine Way, located in the United Kingdom, is just the same.

The pain levelled path is long enough to tire you out. You can make it with all the enthusiasm till the end.

This hike is also one of the most time-consuming. It is also the most long distanced hike on the entire Top of the world hike list. With an average time of 3 weeks, it becomes hard for most people to cover.

With changing weather, the conditions can change from favourable to worse within minutes. Handling such a climate along with maintaining the zeal and spirit. To climb is what it takes to complete this enormous top of the world hike.

top of the world hike

6. Camino de Santiago de Compostela , Spain 

Coming straight down to the deserted area from the freezing cold one. We land here in Spain with our next mention of the top of the world hike. You would always find some hotels and lounges to stay in.

To make the whole experience more authentic and close to the earth, people usually opt for monasteries that cross their way.

The path can be stoned and deserted totally bereft of any vegetation except for some dried shrubs and cactus.

7. The Basho Wayfarer, Japan

Starting from Tohoku and ending at the Temple of Yamadera. This hike in the beautiful and cultural city of Japan would be the most exquisite one. Covering places like the Hiraizumi and Dewa Kaido.

The trails of this 11-day long hike is something that can’t be compared when it comes to culture and nature.

Being  a land that is blessed with superb quality of flora and fauna. The Basho Wayfarer would present a best picture of it.

8. Mount Toubkal, Morocco

 The fully instructed and monitored hike is carried out in a group. With a coordinator who is well experienced and trained in this field.

The path can be slippery and challenging. Moving forward in all the conditions should be the affixed motto.

When opting for this Moroccan hike courage and strong will power is all you need. More than any physical strength.

Carry all the items of necessity with you and strictly adhere to the instructions given.

9. The Great Wall of China

The magnificent Great Wall of China is lying all there to be conquered as the top of the world hike.

 With stairs and a nicely paved path, China’s great wall is always crowded as a tourist destination. Opting for climbing the great wall of China would prove to be a strenuous but rewarding workout.

top of the world hike

10. Bwindi Forest, Uganda

Forest hikes are something that you should definitely be trying out. With the guidance our top of the world hike list.

Assume the role of a wildlife TV show host and explore the magnificence in a fascinating way. 

This could be cherished for a lifetime. With small groups, a coordinator takes you all the way through this forest. This makes you witness nature by making you a part of it.

Sticking with the group and paying attention is mandatory. When climbing this one of top of the world hike. As the forest is dense with venomous insects.

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11. West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island

Giving you more options to choose from in the same hiking genre of forests. We have the West Coast Trail at the top of the world hike in Vancouver.

Paths such as a rope bridge that remains covered with trees. They form a canopy on top. Try their level best to make your hiking trek much enjoyable and explorable to an extent.

Prior reservations are made for the year at the beginning of the year itself.

Only a few number of people are able to make up and successfully register themselves for the trip. Since the number of people that are allowed at a time are fixed by the authorities.

12. The Lycian Way, Turkey

Rising gently from near a lake the Lycian Way in Turkey. Would take you to the top with an exotic expedition as the top of the world hike.

You can modify your hike easily on your own. Since the whole hike takes 11 days to complete significant time is required, which is not possible for every tourist.

Professionals and people who want to opt for hiking and mountaineering as career options, usually travel the whole.  Some enthusiasts with an adequate level of fitness also perform extremely well.

The views are truly mesmerizing and captivating with the power to capture hearts.

These are the recommendations from our side for the top of the world hike. Considering the varied fitness and stamina level. Extreme mentions have also been included so that we do not miss out on any one of them. There is ample choice on the list of top of the world hike for everyone to satisfy their quest.

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