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10 Cute But Deadly Animals

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Wondering what the adorable but harmful deadly animals are? Wondering which animals you should avoid? Here, we are going to discuss a few cute but fatal animals and why you should stay away from them.

Cute but deadly animals
Image Source: Klaus Muller, Flickr


Some of us love animals more than human beings, and they do have some legit points to compliment their admiration towards them. We love watching animals doing anything. We love watching them when they walk, we love watching them when they are fighting with their friends, we love watching them sleep, and in a nutshell, we love animals. But, there are animals that are cute and adorable, but they can harm you in a manner that you can even lose your life.

1. Cute but Deadly Animals: Slow Loris

Slow Loris
Image Source: Flickr, Vladimir Buynevich

Slow lorises look cute because of their wide-eyes, but it is illegal in few countries to keep them as a pet due to the harm that they can cause. Slow Loris is known as the most poisonous mammal in the world. Slow lorises are the only venomous primate on this planet earth. 

On April 8, 2012, George Madani, a wildlife biologist, was on a trip to Malaysian Borneo, where he came across Nycticebus Kayan. But his interest became his foe, as the Kayan loris bit his finger, and the result was fatal. In the beginning, it was just distress, but it later turned into an anaphylactic reaction. He experienced pain in his chest and abdomen, swollen mouth, nausea, fatigue, and agitation. Madani was fortunate enough because the location had a clinic to help him out. 

2. Cute but Deadly Animals: Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin
Image Source: Flickr, Heather Paul

Dolphins do have a soft and friendly demeanour, but that does not mean they are very safe, and they do not know how to attack. 

Bottlenose dolphins have about 80 to 100 teeth that they utilize to rip off their prey. Bottlenose dolphins hunt in large groups of about 900 to 1,000 members, occasionally. Does it sound adorable?

Even a snout attack by dolphins can cause severe fractures and organ damage. Dolphins use their intelligence to prey, and they have different techniques. Also, according to Smithsonian, “Dolphins learn different tricks for catching food from one another in a kind of cultural transmission.” Dolphins torture their prey before consuming it so that they lose the ability to defend. 

3. Cute but Deadly Animals: Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog
Image Source: Flickr, Pavel Kirillov

Poison dart frog in comparison to other frogs and frogs, in general, looks stunning, and that is a sign of how poisonous they are. According to National Geographic, a golden poison dart frog, which is two inches long in size, contains enough poison to be the cause of death of 10 adult men. 

Scientists are unsure about the source of the venom that poison dart frog carries, they surmise that it comes from the poisons of plants, insects, beetles, termites, and other substances they consume. The poison dart frogs that are raised away from the native insects and their natural home do not develop any deadly venom. 

4. Cute but Deadly Animals: Pufferfish

Image source: Silke Baron, Flickr

Pufferfish is one of the deadliest, but yes, even after their death. Yes, you read it right. There are very few fish in the aquatic world that is more adorable than a pufferfish, but it is the second most poisonous vertebrate present on this planet earth. 

Thick gloves are highly recommended by fishermen, to avoid getting bitten by pufferfish while removing the hook. Almost every pufferfish carry tetrodotoxin, a particular substance that makes them atrocious in taste to fish. According to National Geographic, tetrodotoxin is more poisonous than cyanide, up to 1,200 times. A pufferfish contains enough tetrodotoxin to kill almost 30 adults.  

5. Cute but Deadly Animals: Elephant

Although elephants are so massive and robust, we humans consider them one of the kindest and behaved animals, because there are some documented movies and other television creations where we have seen weeping elephants after their partner or child dies. 

Image Source: Megan Coughlin, Flickr

Their strength lies in their massive size and pure strength. Every creature reacts when they feel scared and when they receive a sign of attack, the same goes with elephants. But, when an animal attacks, they just sweep of their foot or move their tusk, and that is it for whoever was involved in that accident. It has been said that the aggression and tendency to attack is high in male elephants during their mating season. 

6. Cute but Deadly Animals: Polar bear

Polar Bear
Image source: Susanne Nilsson

I know for you; it is like a polar bear and deadly cannot even co-exist. These adorable, fuzzy creatures that have appeared in cartoons, movies, ads are like a cute teddy and ice bear for us. When these ice bears walk around, swim underwater, or sleep, they look like nothing but a baby doing its own thing. 

These ice bears are the largest carnivores in the continent of North America. Polar bears weigh about 1500 pounds, and if they stand straight, they can reach up to 10 feet. About twenty to ninety people get attacked each year by these adorable looking ice bears. 

7. Cute but Deadly Animals: Anteater

Image by cuatrok77, Flickr

Anteater, this cute and toothless animal, can be harmful. Can you believe it? 

You might find it unbelievable, but these large creatures consume only ants and termites. If you look at it, you might think that their colossal size is their weapon, but their actual weapon is their sharp and powerful claws. If anteater receives any sign of threat, they can cause severe damage with just one swipe of their claws. A giant anteater is dangerous enough to fight fast and aggressive animals like pumas and jaguars.  

8. Cute but Deadly Animals: Swan

Image source: Raphael Quinet, Flickr

Swans are gorgeous, graceful, and they signify romance and romantic imagination. And, just like love hurts, they do too. 

Most of the birds tend to protect their offspring when they are in a problem and about to get attacked by a predator. However, if the predator is too strong, they think twice and eventually back off, but swans do not give up; they protect their young ones till death. Swans weigh about 30 pounds, and they get aggressive if provoked, and they will eventually bite or hit you without even thinking twice. Swans are also known for drowning an enemy if they get too aggressive, so if you do not know how to swim, you better stay away from swans. 

9. Cute but Deadly Animals: Stingray

Image Source: Flickr, Kahunapule Michael Johnson’s photostream

Stingrays are known to be very gentle and polite, and they only attack in self-defence. The stingrays generally occur to the human if they accidentally step on them, in buried sand maybe, then the stingrays to protect themselves flip and attack with its deadly tail, causing harm to ankles and lower legs, generally. 

Renowned ‘crocodile-hunter,’ Steve Irwin died on September 4, 2006, in a deadly accident with a stingray.  According to experts, the positions of Steve Irwin and his cameraman could have startled the stingray, and it attacked to protect itself. 

10. Cute but Deadly Animals: Cassowary

Image by Paul Balfe, Flickr

Cassowaries are the second largest bird present in the universe. They weigh about 58 kilograms with a height of up to 79 inches. These beautiful birds can be very aggressive and dangerous, apart from their behaviour and size; these birds are known for their beautiful horn. Cassowaries are great swimmers, and they have excellent hearing abilities. 

No other bird in this universe could be as harmful and dangerous as these cassowaries. With their sturdy, long legs, which have very sharp and long claws, they could pin down any animal or human. They use their sharp claws to rip off their prey into pieces.

Cassowaries and run up to a speed of 31 miles per hour, and they can even jump to a height of 1 meter. So, it is not hard or impossible for a cassowary to pin you down quickly.

There are a lot of adorable yet harmful animals on planet earth. The exciting things that they make them so toxic are fascinating. Let us know in the comment section, which is the most adorable yet destructive animal, and what is the unique thing about it. – 10 CUTE BUT DEADLY ANIMALS. 

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