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10 Of The Best Remote Learning Resources

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Several online learning resources are available in case of a dire situation where it is difficult to attend a school or during school closures. During these sudden school closures, one of the most convenient sources of learning and teaching are remote learning resources with free access granted to everyone.

The options in choosing the best remote learning resources are difficult but not impossible. You can review these resources on your own and opt for the online learning resource that meets your requirements.

I have compiled a list of remote learning resources that are popular and helpful in several cases. Though it is to be noted that this is not an exhaustive list, you can search for more remote online resources by yourself too.

Let’s Look at Some of the Popular Remote Learning Resources:


Remote Learning Resources

Google Classroom is one of the popular resources that is used for remote learning. It offers free services that allow the teachers and students to create an almost similar environment to a physical classroom.

It is easy to keep track of assignments and material shared with the whole class. It saves time and also helps in saving paper as the assignments are submitted online.

Google Classroom is simple in its functioning and easy to use. With a simple code, the students can join the classroom, and the teachers can create a classroom.

Google Classroom helps you keep everything organized. Whether you are a teacher or a student, it requires efforts to organize the study material. But through this remote learning resource, it is easier to organize and track your progress.

All the assignments are visible in a different bar, and the study material shared with the whole class is accessible by everyone through the main page. This is also one reason the communication between the teachers and students is better and not disrupted because of the absence of a physical classroom.


  • Khan Academy

Remote Learning Resources

Khan Academy is a great platform for both teachers and students to explore different subject areas and methods of learning. Teachers can keep track of the student’s performance and make the lesson plans accordingly.

It is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide education all over the world, free of cost. They have different courses of different levels that students can access easily from anywhere and at any time.

Students have the ability to learn at their own pace at Khan Academy, and there is no hurry or rushing through the course. Students can study slowly, understanding each and everything, and then move forward with the rest of the course.

Trusted experts and subject specialists monitor the content provided by Khan Academy. They cover levels from K-12 and early college. They have different subject areas like math, science, grammar, arts and humanity, economics, and computer. They also study material available for the preparation of SAT and LSAT.

Khan Academy specifically helps with solving maths problems and math-related queries. Many students have benefitted greatly through Khan Academy in the subject area of math.


  • Spiral Math and ELA

Spiral Math and ELA is an online store, especially for teachers. They provide review worksheets for different subjects, which can act as homework or classwork for the students.

For example, 2nd grade math morning work/Spiral review distance learning packet, 2nd grade Morning work/ ELA Spiral review Bundle/ Printable and Digital Included, and more. They have subjects like Arts and music, Science, Social studies or History, and more.

Remote Learning

They offer workbooks for grades 1-12, not just the 2nd grade. Although, this material is offered at a price and not free. They are at a reasonable price and also very helpful in teaching. Both digital and printed materials are available.


  • Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a global platform that provides curated content, helpful tools, and resources included. They try to incorporate elements of the modern classroom and have the content available anywhere. Teachers can access the content from anywhere, at any time, and through different devices.

They have award-winning textbooks, lesson videos, and other resources that help make the work for teachers a little easier. They can manage the assignments and the class assessment through Discovery Education.

Other mediums are included in making the app more accessible, like Microsoft, Google, Google Classroom, Canvas, and more. Data management is also simple as it keeps track of student’s progress and the student roster of classes.

Through this platform, teachers can gain professional development and great curated material for teaching. The content is not only curated but aligned to the standards of different grades and subjects.

It focuses on matters of the present world and gives importance to the present issues and events. The available content is diverse in nature and applicable to all the students around the world.


  • Izzit

Izzit is an online learning resource that offers free of cost high-quality and curated education material to educators and non-educators or anyone who wishes to learn or teach.

It provides free access to great educational videos, guides to help with teaching, current event news, quizzes, and more. Current events are talking about the present events and news around the world. It helps in keeping the students updated on the present conditions around the world.

There are teachable moments which are basically direct lessons with to the point explanation. As a new feature, it also helps in the professional development of teachers.


  • CommonLit

CommonLit is a website providing reading materials of high quality to teachers and readers. They provide text like poems, articles, stories, historical documents, and more.Remote Learning Resources

CommonLit gives the teachers a complete guide on teaching the students. It provides a set of text, questions, and topics related to that text. The questions are prepared for discussion in the class. They provide a way to start a debate in the class and have an intellectual discussion about the text.

There are different levels and tools included in the set, different accessibility levels for each student. There is an option of text-to-speech that reads the text out loud. There are translated texts and texts in languages like Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and more.

The subjects and skills included in CommonLit are English-language learning, English language arts, Critical thinking, and Social Studies.

CommonLit provides a free account and free access to all the students and teachers. It is connected to Google Classroom, making it easier to keep track of students’ progress and information.


  • 826 Digital

Remote learning resources
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826 Digital is an after-school website platform that shares resources with teachers. It is a great tool for writing exercises and methods of writing. The subject area it specializes in is ELA or English Language Arts, Communication, and creativity.

It is a program especially for writing and helps provide extra writing exercises from the already designed ELA syllabus for the school year. Teachers can use this platform to make the students think creatively and out of the box.

They can encourage students to write on various topics in the form of either poetry, story, essay, or any other writing form. Through STEM activities, teachers can also give lessons on how to write for subjects like technology or science.

Even though students do not have access to the said platform, the teachers can still download and share with the students through Google Classroom or Google Drive.


  • NCDPI/ North Carolina Remote Learning Resources & Information

NCDPI or North Carolina Remote Learning Resources & Information is digital teaching and learning platform. It provides instructional resources which help in managing online learning classrooms.

It allows the teachers to explore their professional development options given by NCDPI and other sources. It also has advice about remote learning practices and different types of remote learning resources.

It also gives information about mobile devices and internet connections related to online learning. Problems with connectivity in the case of the internet are very common; NCDPI provides different resources that help solve the problem and continue the student’s learning without any disturbance.

It gives the educators a chance to explore different resources, share resources with others, and see the available resources shared by others.

NCDPI gives access to several literary books or textbooks of different subjects, provide with instructions and other supplementary options for students with disability.

NCDPI aims to make the experience of virtual learning or online classrooms as comfortable as possible. And to convey as much information as possible in a proper manner.


  • Edulastic

Remote Learning Resources
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Edulastic is an online website that helps in-class assessments and assignments. It already has more than 80,000+ standard aligned questions that the teacher can choose from. Teachers also have the option of making their own assignments.

There are just demo tests, prepared practice tests for different subjects like math and science, and practice assignment questions. The teacher or the educator can decide which options to select and easily share with the students for assessment.

Edulastic makes the diagnosis of each student’s progress easy and helps in keeping track of everyone. It also provides a space for teachers to form their structured feedback and advise students on how to improve.

Each student is on a different level of learning, and Edulastic helps fill up the gaps in education and allows the students to grow. There are different math questions made for each level, phonetic instructions according to the student’s ability.

They also have various tools to make distance learning easier and simple. Teachers have access to tutorial videos on how to make use of Edulastic so that they can easily get the hang of the website.

Edulastic has access to link the documents and assessments to Google Classroom or other sources like Clever, Canvas, SIS, Microsoft Office, and more.


  • TED-Ed


TED-Ed is an amazing platform with an abundant collection of educative videos that inspire and encourage creative thinking in learners. It is a great initiative on behalf of TED for youth and education purposes.

TED-Ed helps in sharing a variety of videos on different subjects throughout the world. The videos serve the purpose of helping the students, teachers, educators, and parents make at home or online learning easier and more fun.

TED-Ed encourages creativity and deep thinking. It presents videos on different random topics and subjects, which makes one think about it. The teachers can create their own questions through the videos and in TED-Ed style.

Remote Learning Resources

They can help the students share their own ideas in class and develop their sense of thinking and meaning-making.

Even parents can use this platform and encourage the children to watch new videos and do a deep-thinking exercise for any of the videos.

There is a range of available subjects on the website/App—for example, Business & Economics, Design, Engineering & Technology, Literature & Language. Mathematics, Psychology, Social Studies, Philosophy & Religion, and the list goes on.

There are options in the filter through which the student can search for their specific subject and grade level. They can select the content type, the duration of the video, and subtitle options.

It is a very convenient source of education and enriches students’ minds with new knowledge and new thinking. It is not only available online on the website but also on devices like mobile.


Above mentioned remote learning resources are not limited. There are thousands of more resources that you can make use of to make online learning better.

These resources have free access, but certain resources might charge money for either complete services or specific services. The prices should be reasonable and affordable.

These remote learning resources not only help in studies but also give the students continuity. So that, later on, when they have to move to a physical classroom, they won’t feel too disconnected.

These remote learning resources help the students, teachers, and parents understand online education and understand the process of remote learning. These resources make the work easier and efficient for not only teachers but also the students. The parents can obtain help in how to tackle the education problems of their children.

Online education is getting attention and becoming more popular. People often opt for distance learning, where these remote learning resources can be of big help. At-home learning is not something new, but it wasn’t as popular as it is now.


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